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If, like me, you love to style corners in your home, a number of beautiful coffee table books cannot be missed. Some books here at home are favourites and are always on my small bronze table in the living room. They are the perfect basis for a number of objects that I like to look at or use often, a candle, a lamp, beautiful ceramics. Everyone one of us has a number of favourite objects to put on the coffee table and combined with books an instant atmosphere is created in the whole room.

When New Mags asked me to team up with them and see some of their books and give them a place in my interior, I didn’t had to think twice. New Mags is an online store specializing in coffee table books. I literally found many of the books that had been on my wish list for some time in their extensive carefully curated collection of coffee table books and magazines

Styling with Coffee table books | New Mags online store


New Mags & Styling with Coffee table books 

I am still really happy with the 5,5 meter bench in my living, it is so versatile and not only offers an extra seat, there is enough space for styling objects and books.
Like me, New Mags see books as beautiful design objects. Of course you buy books mainly because the subject fascinates you, but when using them in your styling, things like size and color also play a role. New Mags put a lot of effort and expertise into finding the most aesthetically pleasing books. From colours and illustrations to material and size, it has to be right. This way they offer you something that is unique and different from others.
Let’s talk books and visit some beautiful! I made a selection of interior and cooking books, both a passion of mine, which I love to show you this week. I thought it would be great to start with the beautiful book  Graanmarkt 13




Graanmarkt 13 coffee table book
Graanmarkt 13 is a multi-floor concept store, restaurant, and hotel/event space in a renovated townhouse in Antwerp. It is considered a mecca for timeless quality in cutting edge contemporary design, fashion, and gastronomy.
Each floor of Graanmarkt 13 expresses the visual minimalism and carefully curated sensibility of its founders, Ilse Cornelissens and Tim Van Geloven. This beautifully illustrated book, created in collaboration with Rosa Park and Rich Stapleton, editors of the cult lifestyle magazine Cereal, is a celebration of the vision that Graanmarkt 13 embodies.
The authors, whose understated aesthetics make them ideal partners in telling each floor’s story, explore the evolution of this very personal project, including the renovation by renowned Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen, and the choices that support the founders’ underlying dedication to craftsmanship and sustainability.
Graanmarkt 13


I visited Graanmarkt 13 for the first time a few years ago on a press invitation and got to meet all the beautiful people behind the concept like architect Vincent van Duysen, the owners and we sat at a delicious vegetarian lunch prepared by chef Seppe Nobels.
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The store is a place where established fashion, interior and beauty brands meet their cutting-edge, emerging counterparts. Tim and Ilse select everything themselves. Each object in the house has passed under their eyes and through their hands. Sourced on their travels around the world, some items come from personal meetings or collaborations with creators. others just find their way to the store. All collectibles are things to treasure for years to come. Graanmarkt 13 doesn’t sell trends, but objects for life.

Graanmarkt 13


Graanmarkt 13


Graanmarkt 13



Described as Graanmarkt 13 best kept secret, the luxury apartment with hotel service is available for short and long stays. Its majestic, traditional townhouse has been renovated by renowned Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen. The top floor used to be the home of founders Tim and Ilse, but is now open on reservation for all.

Written in collaboration with New Mags

Pictures via Graanmarkt 13 // first two pictures ©vosgesparis