First issue of New Era Magazine | Styling with books Part 2

New Scandinavian magazines and books at New Mags

Part two of this weeks ‘Styling with books’. As you read in my previous post: Styling with Coffee table books I love to use books in my styling at home and teamed up with New Mags, the magazine and books shown in this post are also from this cool online store. With their excellent collection of coffee table books and magazines they are really worth checking out. Next to retailers, you too are welcome to shop at the online store. Yesterday I talked about Graanmarkt 13 and gave you a sneak peek of the book, store and apartment in Antwerp.

Today I love to show some more of The New Era Magazine, a new and beautifully crafted print publication focusing on Scandinavian interiors, design, art and craft. New Mags has different of our favourite Scandinavian magazines in their collection as wel as different accessories to display your books in the best way possible.





In the first issue they visit the homes of a number of nordic creatives such as the celebrated artist Anton Alvarez, the architect Andreas Martin-Löf and interior designer Lotta Agaton. They portray a modern farm inspired by the sustainable timber dwellings of the Sea Ranch community in San Francisco and a stunning forest retreat built entirely of wood.

After a year coloured by lockdowns and travel restrictions the first issue of TNE also explores design in a time of crisis and trends and tendencies to be expected ahead. Are you curious yet?




Styling with books


written in collaboration with New Mags
pictures © vosgesparis