Bringing colour into my home with Yumeko bedlinen

I really love this time of the year and always feel so inspired to change things around when the first glimpse of Spring is in the air. I love my home and its latest changes, I still need to work on some major details though, to be honest there are a few, think new curtains or changing that couch, not because it is too old but because I want a lighter overall look.
I would love to be able to make some quick decisions, but a new couch or curtains are not the most affordable changes and with the many options and brands around I want to choose wisely for each room.
I haven’t changed a lot in my bedroom lately and thinking about repainting, using a beautiful chalk paint or bringing it back to a bright white space. I am a bit done with accent walls and something needs to be done as soon as I can move my shoulder again. Also in this room curtains are still an issue to decide on!


Bringing colour into my home

Something I am also thinking a lot about lately is on how to bring a bit more colour into my home. There aren’t that many colours I like to be honest, I love it to be overall light and just introduced some browns and beiges as you know. Same for my bedlinen and bedroom where I mostly use grays and beiges.

Time for a change! I searched for something that would match the dark flooring and as I secretly really love pink I thought the fastest update towards colour was to change the bedding and therefore I chose a beautiful Duvet cover in pale pink cotton percale by Dutch Yumeko and I really love it!

Fair trade and sustainable

Known for its ultra soft and beautiful products without chemicals and animal suffering, Yumeko is considered to be one of the leading brand in the field of eco and sustainable bed and bath products. By offering sustainable alternatives to bed and bath, they want to make our life more pleasant and comfortable and the world a bit cleaner and fairer.
Yumeko creates an ecological bedroom with three pillars: – Ethical trade- Organic cotton- Sustainable materials. The brand works to provide the best and most natural raw materials. Within their collection you will find everything from bedding, comforters, towels, pillowcases, sheets and bathrobes,  all with an organic or fair trade label. By searching all over the world for the most beautiful and durable natural material they are able to deliver a top quality at a fair price.
Looking for more sustainability in their lives and in the business world, the brand was founded in 2010 by two Dutch guys. Fun fact: Yumeko is a Japanese girl’s name consisting of the words Yume and Ko. They mean “dream child” or “dream girl”, very appropriate for  what Yumeko does.


Choosing bed linen and pillows

Back to my own room, I love the minimal look and colour of the duvet cover, it beautifully matches the dark floor, the black and brass details and the wall art. I did not experience the look and feel of cotton percale before but I really love it and can’t wait to buy some more pillows in different sizes and matching colours for an even more luxurious feeling.

All Bed linen comes in different materials to choose from in the most beautiful colours from white to sandy naturals, to stone and linen and deeper dark colours such as pine green and indigo blue. Indigo blue has been on my wish list for some time as well, and I think it would look great with the dark floor and perfect for later in the year. There are so many colours and combinations to choose from, have a look here to see for yourself: Bedlinen 

Written in collaboration with Yumeko – Amsterdam