An ornamental stone centrepiece by Frederic Saulou

Not that much physical is happening these days in Design land and I thought it was a good moment to look into the little archive of interesting design and designers I have collected over time. It actually became me quite large as I keep saving images, while new collections and press releases come in at the same time. One day I love to make a post about new collections and other days I feel more like showing you the designers I found myself.

I love sculptural design and pieces of natural materials like stone, clay or beautiful fabrics. Lunar, an unique centrepiece by Frederic Saulou ticks both boxes, comes in a limited edition of twenty copies and is a beautiful combination of stone and brass. More info about Frederic, his work and projects at Frederic Salou
Stone centrepiece

stone centrepiece

images courtesy Frederic Saulou