5 facts to remember when looking for the right sofa

Oh my…. such a struggle to find the perfect sofa, being it one of the most expensive and defining furniture pieces in our home makes the choice even more difficult. Most of us also have to save quite some time to buy a sofa of a few thousand euros, the pressure is high and the choice is enormous.
Every sofa has a few pros and cons, sometimes the seat is too deep, then the sofa is too bulky or I simply find it boring.
What I did find out during all this time at home is that I mainly use the couch to chill, watch a movie or have a power nap. The seating depth, which was the deciding factor for my current sofa (the Stockholm by Bolia) seems less important if I honestly look at how I really use a sofa. Comfort and a luxury feeling seem way more important at this moment and of course it has to fit my home. If only we could try out sofa’s at our homes before deciding.

Something else I also gave up on is drooling over a Living Divani or Mario Bellini sofa, pictured below, I simply do not have that much money to spent on a sofa! I also stopped looking for curved sofa’s, really love them but seeing them everywhere now I think they became too trendy and almost mainstream in a bad way and will bore me really soon. When it comes to choosing the right sofa I wrote down five points I thought were important for me personally to remember when choosing a new sofa… scroll further!

Eyeswoon Mario Bellini sofa by Nicole Franzen
© Nicole Franzen

5 important facts to remember when looking for the right sofa

– Lounging and the possibility to make different arrangements.
– Light in color, different whites and beige are favourite.
– A piece with an open end is a favourite.
– A separate square module to slide on could also form the open end.
– The possibility to form a corner sofa or two opposite each other.

Looking at my personal wishes, a modular system or sofa with additional items to enlarge or rearrange the setting,  is what I should look for. Choices, choices, not my strongest quality! Nevertheless, I have found a number of sofas to choose from let me know on Instagram what you think. On Instagram I also had a questionary some time ago and you gave me lots of suggestions, thank you! You can find 3 stories with them in my latest ‘home highlight’ you might need to click through a bit.


Saba pixel sofa


I first saw the Pixel Sofa by Sergio Bicego for Saba during Milan Design week where I also made the first picture. Italian design featuring a series of elements that can be freely combined, thanks to an exclusive connector created by Saba Italia. In this way the arm- and backrests can be removed from the bases to form endless new arrangements. The feather-padded seat cushions feature special quilted covers which highlight the limitless possibilities for mixing the fabrics in the Saba collection to create a new and unique sofa every time. Thanks to the distinctive shape of the back- and arm-rests, the overall width and depth of the sofa are surprisingly small, without penalizing its handsome good looks.

The covers are fully removable, which in my opinion is always a plus, especially with white sofa’s. I have always dreamed of a kind of an island in the middle of my room. I only have one large wall in my living, lots of windows on two sides and 2 other small pieces of wall. This kind of sofa would do the trick, but might become to big in my 23m2 room.


Ferm living Catena Sofa


Catena sofa by Ferm Living

A more loose fit with the Catena Sofa by Ferm Living, I remember testing it at imm Cologne last year year and how comfy it was, like most modular sofa’s lots of possibilities and different modules with or without armpits, I particularly love the open end of this model. Something I find difficult when looking up sofa’s is that often the back of a sofa is not shown in catalogues or on the website.

Jax sofa HK Living


The sofa above and below is the Jax from HK Living I really like as well. It is a bit formal but the curves are beautiful and it looks like a comfortable couch.


Jax couch by HK Living


Mags sofa by Hay


A long time favourite.. The Mags sofa by Danish Hay, here in a soft version, high or low armrests can be chosen, lots of different fabric and leather. What I remember and did not liked about this sofa by then was the low seat, something I now would love more than when I was looking for a higher seat and a sofa with high legs.
Montis Domino18 sofa


Also first spotted at imm the Domino 18 by Dick Spierenburg for Montis, another modular system with endless possibilities and beautiful fabrics.