3 Travertine accessories for your home


Travertine is still going strong and lots of seventies coffee, dinner tables found their way back into our homes. I really love how travertine is also used for different smaller accessories and collected a few of my favourites.

I previously showed you a lot of beautiful new books, in my opinion one of the best styling objects at home. Have a look at how I styled the books at home here: Styling with coffee table books The ‘Equi bookend’ made out of Travertine stone beautifully complements our styling. A versatile bookend also available in marble, designed to subtly assist or counterweight our books and magazines. Equi can be placed in several different ways, and can even be used as a sculptural element in its own right.



Sculptural, enticing and stylish candleholder in Sandstone and Travertine. “The Offset” by Kristina Dam is not only a sculptural piece but also used as a candleholder…. Love it!

Another beautiful travertine accessory is the centrepiece pictured below by Belgian Dôme Deco, one of their new travertine home accessories.