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stone objects Lacuna shape

I already showed you one of my favourite Travertine objects for the home by Kristina Dam the other week: 3 Travertine accessories for your home As a fervent lover of all things sculptural for years it is great to see so many people embracing new shapes for their home. Although many big brands jump on the wagon, the original makers and artist will survive and still be there when the hype is over. And their objects will still be found in my home. You know when you really love something right!

Using design objects in various shapes and materials from the collection by Kristina Dam is a great way to start decorating your home with modern Vases, Candleholder and Sculptures. I really love stone and ceramic having a smooth chalky surface combined with the raw of the base, the Lacuna Shape is all up my alley.

Lacuna shape
Lacuna Shape
block sculpture
The smooth sandstone plates of the Block Sculpture lock seamlessly into each other forming this sculpture
Monolith vase


Monolith vases made of grey stoneware. 



offset candle holder
The Offset Candleholder is no ordinary candleholder, but rather a sculpture also capable of holding a candle. A graphic and bold designed piece of accessory.
images courtesy Kristina Dam