Lokalt – A modern traditional craft collection by IKEA

No doubt our lives ánd how we decorate our homes changed over the last year. Not only are there things we all miss, but there has certainly been an awareness of how dependent we have become on the import of goods to keep society going. This back to basic feeling, the longing back, and now even more appreciating nature and everything that is handmade has influenced our way of decorating.

More and more we see original utensils as decoration in our homes. Water and oil pitchers, vessels and ceramics bowls are a favourite, just like anything made out of materials such as banana fiber and bamboo.
Ikea teamed up with four young contemporary designers from Amman, Delhi and Bangkok who worked together with local artisans and local traditions to create the new limited collection Lokalt. A collection perfectly fitting the common trend.  I selected a few items of the collection.

LOKALT collection is produced by social businesses in Jordan, Thailand and India. Every cushion cover, rug, basket and bowl is handmade by skilled artisans and creates work in regions where it’s most needed.


THINKK design studio

Sharing meals and dining together is an integral part of Thai culture. It brings family and friends together. With that – and the rich Thai history of ceramic artefacts – as a starting point, Thinkk design studio designed a set of dishes, bowls and vases.



kalt - A modern traditional craft collection by IKEA


kalt - A modern traditional craft collection by IKEA



A soft, graphic wool rug with black threads that run out from the long sides is woven by hand by Indian women. Local traditions, skilled craftsmanship and modern design in a beautiful combination.


kalt - A modern traditional craft collection by IKEA


A banana fibre basket and lamp shade, hand-braided
by women artisans working
for Industree*
, an Indian social
business with a clear purpose –
to provide long-term livelihoods
where it’s most neededLokalt can be found in stores from June 2021