Frama L’Auberge, a hidden universe


Impressed by the latest project by Frama CPH, I thought of these early Summer days where we all start to dream again about traveling and exploring beautiful places. The perfect moment to show you Frama L’Auberge where Frama envisions a surreal, ever-evolving hotel that displays a hands-on approach to design. Paying homage to Frama’s creative history, products of nature have been thoughtfully cast to represent new forms.

L’Auberge reveals a hidden universe where texture and palpability are at the center of the creative process. A hotel that instils a calming, daydreaming, and reflective state of mind seeking out the anomalous and unexpected. An ode to secluded islands with natural structures where raw imperfections are both recognized and welcomed.  


A place for self-discovery and reconnection

A place for self-discovery and reconnection, where ideas start to flow and dreams take form, the serene bedroom presents a place for self-discovery and reconnection. A personal sanctuary where motion and stillness find their balance, favoring a state of contemplation and introspection.

Surrounded by a landscape of infinite sandy dunes, the L’Auberge suite reveals a charming remoteness. Geometric openings carved into walls and ceiling allow guests to experience the rhythmic course of nature and its elements. At the same time, interior and exterior become one as light envelops the space with its ever-evolving presence.


Adjacent to the room, the bathroom is an open yet intimate space in which natural materials harmoniously blend with their landscape. Wood and stone shaped into smooth, fluid lines frame a space for relaxation while setting the backdrop for a multi-sensory experience.

The outdoor lounge area suspends guests in time as the evening develops and the dazzling sunlight begins to fade. Gathering around the table and staring at the infinite horizon. The scene allows for boundless imagination — a setting for ideas and co-creation.

“L’Auberge represents a new creative attitude, a need, and a behaviour. A place where reality merges with the infinite power of our imagination and architecture blends effortlessly into nature.”  Text by Frama