Lotta Agaton interiors X Layered

Lotta Agaton, launches her first collection of furniture and a series of carpets with Swedish producer Layered. The collection includes a sofa and lounge chair as well as different carpets and a padded bench. Last time I met Lotta in person was at Domotex. And like many others I love her style and work for several Scandinavian and international brands over the last years. 


Lotta Agaton interiors furniture and rug collection

Not only Lotta’s first collection but it is also the first time for Layered to create a collection of furniture and rugs in collaboration with an artist. A muted, minimal and elegant collection in neutral colours and a neutral design all designed as sustainable as possible – from materials to design.

When Lotta Agaton was first approached by Layered to undertake a furniture and rug collaboration, she was hesitant. Having only designed project-based single pieces in the past, she was well-aware that furniture production is a profession all its own. And yet every time she went to source furniture and rugs for her projects, there were always pieces that were missing.

In a slightly selfish move to satisfy her own desire for chunky rugs and simple yet high-quality furniture, she agreed to the project. An opportunity to experiment with different materials and create all the pieces she’d been searching for but never could find.

Chunky rugs and soft Sofas 

A fun period followed, in which Agaton and Layered explored the expanses of a universe in which soft respite and welcoming luxury prevail. Chunky rugs to pad your bare feet upon. Sofas to sink into. Pieces to encourage that timeless sense of home, and above all else, comfort.

And they are comfortable. Imagine a sofa made of cushions only, irresistibly oversized. And even though the armchair and loveseat may appear a bit stiff at first glance, they are anything but. Cozy and cushy, they support the lower back by rounding off precisely where it feels the best. An inviting, welcoming collection that provides the perfect building blocks for a place to climb in and cuddle up.

Neutral colours and minimal design

Designing the collection in the neutral colors characteristic in her own studio – white, beige, neutral, gray, dark brown – contribute to this timeless essence.

And although the color palette and overall design may be minimal, the proportions are what set this collection apart. Each rug contains a different structure – from super chunky braids to stripes – while the sofas are shaped in a style all their own, one square, one nothing more than cushions tied together.