An intimate meeting with Ark and Friends

While looking at the work of different artists at the site of Ark and friends, I came across the exhibition “Ett intimt möte”, an intimate meeting, curated by Annaleenla Leino. An organic but at the same time modern initiative to invite and inspire the visitor of Valvet, where Ark and friends is located, to peel off the layers, put the filters aside and just let things be the way they are. 


A calm serenity

Ark and Friends: “to explore this meeting that has created so much fear and emotion during the last six months. To dare to mingle as designers, people and partners. Partners in a society that becomes stronger together. In a world that needs empathy, compassion, security and closeness (perhaps not physically, but definitely mentally). An intimate meeting invites you into a calm serenity and an atmosphere that in its silence says that it will all be ok.”


Photography Mike Karlsson Lundgren