Jute rugs for your home by Armadillo & Co

Working closely with Domotex, the leading trade fair for floor coverings over the last few years, I have seen thousands of carpets. See some of my posts for Domotex. I am really happy to have re-discovered Armadillo & Co through one of their photoshoots I came across, as I really love their natural rugs.

At my own home I have two pure wool rugs, a small Indian I placed in front of my kitchen cabinets, which actually is a little bit too small but I have such fond memories of visiting the designer during a Spanish design tour



The other rug is the huge wool white rug I had in my kitchen for winter, this one you have probably seen here in my living room where I made a few pictures of it: A new rug for my home, and wow it gave such warm feet. I painted the original concrete floor so you can imagine without floor heating, I definitely need a good rug in my kitchen during colder days. 

Jute rugs

After looking closely at the collections of Armadillo & Co. I am curious to see how much isolation a jute carpet from the Terra, River or Sahara collection would give. I ordered a few samples which I showed you on Instagram. I am not sure if jute is the kind of carpet for my home but I will keep you updated. The fiber’s of the Jute showed nuanced variations in shading that result in a lovely, organic texture that is said to soften up over time and easy to maintain. 


Terra is an earthy everyday rug reminiscent of the grounding sensation one feels when traversing a path of sand, grass and soil. Handcrafted from fine jute, undone sophistication permeates the loose flat weave, which is elegantly finished with a tousled fringe.



One of our best-selling styles, Sahara is incredibly robust thanks to a double layer of jute woven into an effortless knit-like texture. Soft tassels on either end lend a tactile touch without overpowering smaller spaces. 



Woven by hand on a vertical loom from thick yarns of hardy jute, our easygoing River rug echoes the gentle ripples and eddies of its namesake waterways for an aesthetic that balances authenticity with simplicity.

 Pictures courtesy Armadillo & Co