Sliding panels for a patio

Sliding panels and Linen curtains

While searching for new window ideas for my home I keep my eyes open for all kinds of solutions. If you wonder why you rarely see a shot taken towards my patio, it is because the wooden blinds in my living room are mostly broken.

They lasted a good 10 years, a leftover from when IKEA photographed my home for their 23rd and last IKEA family live magazine.  Not long after that I started dreaming of open spaces and a Masterplan. Something that worked out pretty well with a twenty m2 kitchen as a result.  For those who are new to the blog, let me explain!


Masterplan 2.0

Looking back at my home in the magazine it was a mix of industrial, beach look and french chic. I clearly made a mix of all the styles I loved, and looking back I see way to many (different) things.  

Meanwhile my style developed. I created a new masterplan 2.0 . I can say I am almost there although my fantasy sometimes takes over.  Where I completely change the layout of my home or build something new. Like as you might know, recently in my kitchen.

I still love to find solutions, paint walls and make small changes myself and the idea of an ever evolving home.  I think the colour of the walls and floor and the beautiful table by Studio straf is a good example of the ideal look for my home. Read the post I earlier wrote about Studio Straf and their tables here: Morphe table collection by Atelier STRAF

Studio Straf table

Linen curtains and bamboo blinds

Just before breaking my shoulder I started a new kitchen project, something that clearly was on hold, and I still have to work really slow.  So I concentrate on finally finding solutions for the broken blinds. Again there are lots I love, but linen curtains and bamboo blinds are now definitely in my top list.

In my bedroom I have a few antique and original moroccan shutters, something that I really still love as well, but I also feel it is time to let go of these. This week I received samples with different curtain options and hope to make a definite choice.  Picture above by Atelier Straf.

Sliding panels for a patio
Sliding panels

While searching online I came across Sliding panels for a loggia, and I must say I really like these! I can even imagine them on my own patio covering the 5,5 meter long wall of my living. Now that would be something different right! 

Loggia sliding panels seem like a great and elegant solution to prevent the effects of direct sunlight on warm days, yet you can slide them almost completely open in the winter or in day time. I would use them as a curtain to prevent look in and privacy but with the climate getting warmer I imagine some homeowners would really appreciate these to keep the heat out. I haven’t really looked into prices but I thought you would love to see this idea as much as I did. Looking for ‘sliding panels you will find lots of options. Pictures of the sliding panels via Bostore

Sliding panels

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