Artisans discovered in Paris

In Paris for the Trend lunch with imm, read the six trends here: six interior trends for imm cologne 2022 I also met my friend Elisabetta from Italianbark.  We travelled and worked several times together after meeting in Helsinki a few years ago: Hello from Helsinki design week After lunch we had a walk and a drink together. We visited Ogata, which I showed you on the blog already here: 48 hours in Paris and also strolled through the Marais and visited a gallery I had not visited before.

At Empreintes, a French craft concept store.. [ did you noticed most stores stopped calling themselves a concept store ] the work of several designers was on display. Located rue de Picardie, the street connecting the effervescent rue de Bretagne to the shopping alleys surrounding the lively Carreau du Temple, Empreintes spreads over 600m ² in a sunbathed four-story building.


Yann Marot

I always love to discover new craftsman.  At Empreintes I especially loved the work of woodworker Yann Marot from Aup, France and his Black rope bowls. Visit his Instagram to see more of his work: Yann Marot 


“Already as a child, Yann Marot enjoyed the experience and atmosphere of his father’s workshop on the family farm. He was drawn to craftsmanship, but initially studied engineering. Degree in hand, he lasted about two weeks in that profession before setting off on a path towards his true passion: becoming a woodturning artisan. “The profession very nearly disappeared but has been redeveloping since the 1980s and 90s. Now there is a symbiosis between artistic turning and traditional woodturning for furniture,” he says. When asked if it’s necessary to learn both techniques, Yann, who is also a devoted teacher, says, “it’s better to have more than one arrow in your quiver”. words by Michael Angelo Foundation


I wish I had made some more images at the store, but it was really warm inside and with the obligated masks to hot to really take time and discover more…  I snapped a few other images of work that caught my eye below.



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