When metal becomes furniture

For years I had a mirror with metal studs in my hallway, but with the brass the few brass details, like my Anour Lamp and the unique brass coffee table. The mirror just does not match anymore. There are a few mirrors in brass I love, from brands like Gubi, Menu and Frama.

I also still remember the mirrors at the rooftop of Muuto in Copenhagen. But I prommised you brass this week. And De Castelli really is a brand that knows how to make furniture out of metal, showing you three mirrors from their collection. Also have a look at the beautiful Brass Bookcase from my previous post: A Brass bookcase by De Castelli


Mirror Frame

Frame by Antonela Tesei, is a mirror wrapped in a deep metal bezel.


Mirror Riflesso

A collection of wall-mounted mirrors that celebrates the virtues of simplicity. Characterized by the essential, complete form of the circle, Riflesso is distinguished by the thick brass and iron frames that outline its reflective surfaces, delimiting rings of different sizes to hang alone or in groups.


Syro Mirror

The Syro Mirror echoes the organic silhouettes of the entire Syro collection, translating them into mirrored surfaces that, surrounded by thick iron and brass frames, mimic the natural outlines of petals. In a mix of chromatic effects obtained from various metal treatments, these multifaceted shapes can be arranged as desired, on their own or one next to another. The organic nature of the collection is thus amplified, revealing the multiple ways they can be combined on the wall, to surprisingly dramatic results.