A kitchen in oak, linoleum and Jura Grey marble.

The picturesque Copenhagen neighbourhood kartoffelrækkerne, originally build in the 19th century as labourers’ quarters, is today an attractive location with single-family townhouses. Built in three levels, these homes have a relatively small floor plan, making development of the interior rather challenging. While planning a complete renovation of their house, customers of Danish Nicolaj Bo initially intended working with an IKEA kitchen solution. They were however quick to realise that a more custom solution was required and got Nicolaj Bo to design their kitchen and bathroom.

The kitchen is made up of a kitchen island with sink and stove top, as well as a cabinet wall that is discreetly wrapped around the house’s inner contour. This allows the kitchen to transition over to a wardrobe along the reverse side; a hidden cabinet holding cutlery and glasses is set in towards living room, and built-in radiator covers contribute to completing the feel of the space.

The material and a light colour are maintained throughout, in mushroom linoleum. For the tabletop, a light Jura Grey stone was chosen which harmonises beautifully with the pastel colour of the linoleum. Not only is the space utilised in the most optimal fashion, but this well-integrated solution brings all the ground floor’s functional requirements together, thus creating a unified and serene aesthetic in the home.

images courtesy Nicolaj Bo