A beach villa project by Bora Braçe

Let’s close this week with a 3d render project I really loved receiving this week, thank you Bora.  Project ‘Nautical is designed by Bora Braçe, an Architectural Designer/ Visualizer from Albania. She describes her style as eclectic with a minimalist base, meaning that it’s a double layered experience starting with a minimalistic outline. Adding the second layer on a subdued dose of eclectic elements all the while exploring their connection to each other and to the overall composition.

I am always looking to stay curious she says; The integration of experiences is all encompassed by research regarding every aspect of a design. Starting from utilization of human proportions and behaviours, interplay of textiles, patterns, furniture, lighting, lines and rhythm into re-imagining any environment in all of its delicate details.

Nautical, a 3D beach villa project

The project is called “Nautical” which is Bora’s version of a beach villa project being redesigned. The concept embroils an immersive and youthful retreat keeping in mind the coastal design narrative. Materials used in the interior invoke a feeling of ease and create a ‘quiet statement’ through the use of wood, micro-cement and marble textures.

The fireplace gives a feeling of calmness through its soft curve all the while taking center stage. The black leather vintage armchair and the floor light conjure a contrasting relaxation moment to the serene surroundings with a hint of drama. The entrance and kitchen is elevated atop a platform which brings it in line with the courtyard entrance with walnut wood shingles used as a backdrop.

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