Sculptural artworks by Anette Hallbäck

Anette Hallbäck is a Swedish Artist and Interior Designer who I found on Instagram. I find her work really inspiring and would love to introduce some of her pieces to you. More works can be found at her website.

Through her art Anette explores colors and subtle patterns from Nordic nature as well as the Scandinavian heritage of minimalistic design. With a strict attention to detail and an experimenting mindset towards combinations of materials, her work balances a generous palette of impressions with a personal inclination towards the simple yet refined.

Anette’s artworks are defined by sculptures and three-dimensional minimalist patterns that makes each artwork unique and individual. The patterns are given simplistic and descriptive names in line with her sources of inspiration.


text via Anette Hallbäck
Styling Sundlingkicken
Photo Osman Tahir Studio