Vaucluse Residence by Studio Brent Lee

Taking you to the Vaucluse Residence today. I really love the style of Studio Brent Lee and have covered several of their projects on the blog, linking some under this post for you. This is one of their latest projects, and inspired by a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor. The design achieves this by incorporating floor to ceiling wooden sliding doors that recess into the wall while opening up the adjacent spaces as one.

Like many of my favourite projects of the studio, the house has a subtle palette that plays with numerous textures ranging from travertine, lime plaster, oak, linen and lime slurry brick with accents of darkened aged brass and green plant life.


Off-white lime slurry brick walls cover the exterior walls and where there are large openings they continue indoors to further enhance the blurred indoor outdoor atmosphere. Monolithic forms shift throughout the interior spaces breaking up the spaces while changing ceiling heights and balancing between an open-plan and segregated layout


Images courtesy Studio Brent Lee

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