Bennet Schlesinger lamps

Previously I wrote a post about the home of Danielle Bernstein, If you had a look at the video you might have seen the beautiful little lamp on her kitchen island. After some research, and rewatching the video while trying to catch the name. I found the maker of the lamps and his Instagram account I am a huge fan of the lamp pictured above!

Bennet Schlesinger created the lamps with the aim of creating dynamic and original lighting solutions for the domestic setting. Through years of artistic pursuit, Schlesinger developed this unique process to create art and design objects that breathe warmth and light into a space.

Shades are all handmade and unique, fabricated out of bamboo and paper.

All items are unique and handmade, due to the nature of the natural materials, exact dimensions cannot be guaranteed. Lamp fixtures are all brass and UL listed hardware. Lamp bases are high fired stoneware