Black clay incense holder & Rope incense | Shop Update

Last week I added some Black clay incense holders to the shop. I first saw them on Instagram and I immediately loved the minimal design, next to a beautiful black patina that, as I learned later, is achieved naturally during the process of bisque firing.

All holders are handmade by a single person in Kathmandu, Nepal. As you might imagine, I had to keep one for my own use as well. And I am so happy I can admire his work everyday. In another post I will share more of the process! The raw appearance and handmade feel perfectly fits my home ánd my shop collection, and even if you don’t burn incense everyday it is a beautiful minimal and decorative object for your home.


Many of them already found their way to your homes, I am so happy and grateful for your enthusiasm
thank you! 




Rope incense

I love to use them with our new Rope incense which is available in different scents and colours. In Nepal Rope incense is burned directly on the stone floor. Rope incense is a purer form of incense than other types of incense as you are directly burning the plant in powder form.

Burn the Rope incense directly on the plate or use the small round clay stand to hold your Rope incense or regular incense sticks. Our regular bamboo stick incense can also be burned directly on the plate, please always keep an eye on your incense when burning.


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