Where elegance meets robustness | Kana

I recently came across the beautiful furniture collection by KANA and it was a real must show you moment for me! The collection is handmade in Belgium and Italy with natural materials. Inge Lagae’s designs are inspired by her travelling the world and the people she has met and worked with. Above all, however, she is amazed and energized by beautiful materials and the handicraft from different cultures, like the French and Italian traditional ebonists and the architects and artists who have crossed her path.


KANA Collection

The Kana collection is manufactured by Belgian and Italian workshops, known for their tradition of handcrafted high-end furniture. Quality, timelessness, and durability are important to KANA. Exclusive species of European oak, such as French oak, swamp oak and silver oak, are often combined with steel or brass look steel. Some parts are made from solid wood, some parts are realized in thick veneer, applied on block panels.
I selected a few pieces from the collection for you to see on the blog, more of the collection can be found at the KANA website.


Japanese  daybed Yoishu

In 2020 owner Inge Lagae met French textile designer Isabelle Yamamoto. Their common love for Japanese culture has led to the collaboration on the Yoishu daybed and the Yoishu Bench and armchair for the KANA collection.

The Yoishu series represents a unique fusion of tradition and contemporary design. The sleekness of the minimalist design is given a soft edge by the choice of materials. Isabelle Yamamoto’s hand is evident in her exquisite crafting of the vintage hemp pillow and mattress.



Float by Inge Lagae with

The diagonal positioning of Float’s legs, handmade in noble oak varieties, creates the illusion of a floating top. This massive feat of minimalism invites dining rituals fallows you to celebrate dining rituals up to 12 guests.



HIKU by Inge Lagae

Hiku finds its inspiration in the Japanese tea ritual. The low circular table invites you to connect and share. It evokes simplicity and strength. Tables of different heights and materials can be combined to form a harmonious whole. Isabelle Yamamoto created the optional zabutons (Japanese floor cushions) in vegetal-coloured vintage hemp for a beautiful wabi-sabi decor. The Hiku table is available in different kind of woods and dimensions.






All images courtesy Kana with thanks