Handmade rugs for unique interiors by Belgian JoV

It is the first day in what feels weeks, I woke up with a cloudy sky and a fresh breeze today! While my mailbox is slowly filling up with news and events from my favourite brands it feels good to be back after a small Summer break. I can’t wait to immerse myself in design again and show you all the new finds I’ll come across.

While browsing through the collection of MisterDesign I discovered the rugs of JoV  and as you know I really love rugs. For three years I had the pleasure to work with Domotex the world’s leading trade show for floor coverings that take place in Germany. I’ve seen hundreds of different rugs and yet I still love getting to know new brands. Find out the design philosophy of the brand and hear where they find inspiration that led to their collection of rugs.

JoV Rugs

Looking into the collection JoV, I realized I had came across their work while making plans for this years Salone. Unfortunately I did not had the chance to meet them in person. JoV manufactures beautiful Design rugs and is always open for exceptional collaborations, inviting external artists to collaborate. “As we lock eyes with these influential designers from all over the globe, one-of-a-kind rugs are brought to life” JoV says.

The result is a collection with unique pieces of  hand tufted rugs in a traditional way. Add to that aesthetically strong designs, a vast range of colours and pure quality materials. Their experience results in rugs of exceptional quality, with thoughtful patterns, exciting colour variations and refined natural textures. All JoV rugs are handmade in Europe, using materials of the highest premium. JoV sources their materials across the world, carefully selecting the best quality and the most eco-friendly suppliers.


JoV Archie

The JoV Archie Rug is part of the ‘Nostalgia collection’, a collection that makes you long for moments from the past. With this collection, JoV wants to stir up positive feelings from the past by using patterns and colors from that time to reappear in the carpets.

The Archie Rug has a powerful and playful pattern in retro colors that evoke a vintage feeling. For this design, three different materials have been combined in one yarn, all three of which add their own unique strength to the carpet. The linen is the solid basis, the wool gives the rug a soft feeling and the natural silk provides a subtle shine, giving the rug a beautiful luxurious look.




Also part of the Nostalgia  collection is ‘Island’, made of a rich blend of wool and natural silk in one single high-quality yarn. Natural silk, has a beautiful shine and is very soft. The longer pile has been hand cut to accentuate the fluffiness of the carpet. The combination with the very low and tight loop technique makes the design more playful.




When we think of retro design, bold prints and bright colors are popping up in our minds almost
instantly. However ‘Forma’ has a real minimalism look and to me it almost has a Japanese feel with the lines drawn in different directions. The thick yarn is tufted dense in different directions with a hand carving technique to create lines and levels in the design.



Nature as common ground – Landshapes collection by Studiopepe for JoV

For JoV, the common ground of every vision and every rug is Nature. Something I really understood while looking through the catalogus of the Landshapes collection by Studiopepe. Jov: ‘Nature provides us with the finest raw materials, such as wool, natural silk, Belgian linen, mohair, and cotton. With its sophisticated colours, muted shades and soft textures, Nature is also the main source of inspiration for every design’

‘Landshapes’ is a momentum where organic textures meet a graphic approach. Studiopepe brought a new wave of inspiration with Landshapes, a collection of artful rugs — hanging wall pieces included. For this collection earth’s most fascinating sceneries are conceptualized into three contemporary and organically shaped Landshapes pieces. From a cohesion of fields to a mountain range, and a warm day and night interpretation.