Furniture, lighting and homeware pieces in terracotta

Simple, honest and drawn from the earth, terracotta is one of the world’s oldest art forms. A fundamentally pure material crafted from fire and clay, it has been used in homes and art as far back as 24,000 BC and yet still feels current today. Driven by a desire to explore the design potential of this timeless, natural material in a contemporary setting.


Collection 02 by New Volumes

New Volumes has launched Collection 02; an eight-piece collection that challenges our preconceptions about a product we’re intimately familiar with. Each participating designer was challenged to craft a unique furniture, lighting or homeware piece using a single material – terracotta.


Echo side and coffee tables in terracotta

Thomas Coward, who started New Volumes has created robust Echo side and coffee tables with a revolving carousel of voids that draws on the history of classical Greek architecture. A contemporary exploration of classical form that celebrates the history and legacy of this natural material.


Meanwhile his curvaceous Cove chair is made up of two negative shapes sitting on top of one another – one that lifts, one that supports.  Have a look at the various designs of  the Collection here: Collection 02

Images courtesy New Volumes