Maison Armand Jonckers | one-off pieces, designed and crafted by hand

At Baranzate Ateliers during Milan Design week 2022 I came across the work of Maison Jonckers, and it was a small plate on a zink ton that caught my eye before seeing their immense lamp hanging from the ceiling.

Through solid expertise and a recognizable identity, the Maison Jonckers conceives exclusive works, bringing together precious metals and minerals with the technical sophistication of colored resins, to offer a continuously renewed and original poetic universe.


These works involve a kind of alchemy: the search for a point of balance between the original raw material and the human touch. The characteristic engravings of Armand Jonckers’ creations form part of a process related to etching, but border on a primitive aesthetic.

Maison Jonckers’ creations are diverse but exclusive; the House only produces one-off pieces, designed and crafted by hand.


Two generations of designers

For over five years, Alexandra and Grégoire revisite and highlight their father’s work, the artist sculptor Armand Jonckers, through new creations at the frontiers of design and art. Particularly attached to the experimental dimension which reinterprets techniques developed several decades ago, they bring a new dynamic and instill their distinctive signature which nevertheless remains imbued with this DNA characteristic of Maison Jonckers.


Metal Celeste: This luminous sculpture brings together a set of several forms made of welded metal, which intermingle and evoke the shapes of rock crystals they contain.

The welded threads recall the design of the characteristic engravings of the Maison Armand Jonckers
text Maison Armand Jonckers

Arte Piatti: A collection of very exclusive plates made of cast bronze and glass. I was told they were made exclusively for a restaurant

images vosgesparis / product pictures by Maison Armand Jonckers