Respect. The New Tisca Collection

Ever since meeting the team of Tisca back in 2018 during my first visit at Domotex  I loved their work. And after visiting their factory in Transylvania  together with our Domotex team, my respect for the brand has only grown. Not only do they produce amazing wool and sisal rugs, all workers at the factory were so kind and proud of their work, and it was a great trip.  Have a look here: Travelling to Transylvania with Tisca  And ofcourse I am still super happy with my own carpet at home: A new rug for my home | Tisca Olbia Collection


Respect Collection

Every single fiber in our new Respect Collection is an ambassador of our responsibility: to our planet, to the people involved, and to their home. This is in short how Tisca describes the journey to their new Respect collection, and to be honest they couldn’t choose a better name. After years of development, Respect has evolved from a bold vision into a manifesto that can be understood and inhabited for generations.



Tisca: “There is so much that needs to be learned and perfected through constant practice. With the Respect Collection, we made no compromises and followed this journey further than ever before. See it. Feel it. This is what it feels like doing the right thing. Made with the highest standards of craftsmanship under fair conditions. Recyclable down to the last fiber. That’s what we call respectacular.”

This curated collection focuses its choice on the best options in terms of creating your unique piece. And you can also rely on Respect when it comes to ethics: the entire collection is certified with the strict GOTS label* The geometry of the collection goes far beyond rectangles and circles. Master spatial challenges with complete freedom of form. Available in seven different colours and 5 structures Tisca manufactures your unique piece in any desired format and any conceivable shape!