Obscura collection by Colin King for Beni Rugs

I have seen many rugs over the years at the different fairs and especially during my work for Domotex over the last five years I had the opportunity to really step inside the world of rugs. When it come to rug design I really love how a new generation of designers is bringing some of the traditional brands into the future by designing a new look and feel next to their traditional design, without losing the original craftsmanship. And no doubt that I am a huge fan of Beni Rugs

This last year Colin King has been named as Artistic Director at large at Beni Rugs and releasing three distinct collections for Beni rugs. Each of the collections aims to expand the visual language of the Moroccan rug while showcasing a reverence for the traditional techniques and materials that define the time-honored craft. Have a look at the previous collections of this year by following this link: Spoken lines by Colin King for Beni Rugs at Alcova | Milan Design week 2022 and have a look also here at this beautiful collection form last year: Broken Symmetry Beni rugs x Athena Calderone




I really fell in love with the brand after their latest collections, including this last one: ‘Obscura’. A new collection designed in partnership with Colin King, in which mysticism, magic, shape, and shadow collide. Featuring 9 new, dream-like hues. Hand woven to order in Morocco from the softest, highest quality wool.


Images courtesy Beni Rugs