Bags and Pottery by Taiwanese Kamaro’an

In 2018 I visited Ambiente fair. Although I was really ill and forgot to add some make-up the days I was filmed and worked together with the fair and it always feels a bit awkward to be in front of a camera, I really enjoyed it. I made a few blogposts about my discoveries and some brands I am still in touch with.

Kamaro’an is one of them I found them at ‘Fresh Taiwan’ where the work of different designers from Taiwan was showed. Inspired by Taiwanese indigenous culture, Kamaro’an explores natural materials and delicate craftsmanship through simplistic designs. Each of their products is crafted by skilled indigenous weavers.

Bags and Pottery

The brand fell in love with chubby vessels and for SS22, Kamaro’an  developed four bags and four pottery vessels, They have mutually echoing shapes and weaving techniques, and intercommunication functions — Some can be carried, and some can be stored.

Kamaro’an: “In recent years, we walked through the eastern lands slowly, to record dozens of artifacts and observe the archetypes among them. During the observation, we found that the gourds are used as water bottles and seed storages — the oval bottom, double-layered belly, and woven handles — affect the shapes of pottery and rattan ware.” 


images courtesy Kamaro’an