A metal partition wall in a minimal home

One of the articles I got emailed most about lately is the one where I show a wooden room divider: One size fits all room divider in Oak It shows that many of you are looking for ways to close off areas in your home, while maintaining optimal light and contact with the other spaces.

A good example is the use of this metal partition wall between rooms in the house designed by Zachit Tshuvu  that I showed some time ago. The staircase is still visible here, but a ‘wall’ has been placed and the space can be used optimally without the resident getting the idea sitting in the hall or under the stairs. The light flows beautifully into the sitting area from all sides

Since Zachit has shared her designs with me, I think the way she uses metal and the artistic banisters to be one of her strongest points. Especially the combination with the the simple clean white walls is something that really appeals to me. See the whole house here: A gentle dance between warmth and minimalism by Zachit Have a look at this home with the beautiful bannister too: A monochrome home with soft and natural materials


Architecture and interior design : Zachit Tshuva
Photography : Hgar Doppelt