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Back home from Hannover and Domotex, the first trade fair of 2023! I had a few amazing days at the fairground, meeting new people and brands who presented their collections. No need to explain, if you are a regular visitor of my blog, but for you who is new to this fair. Domotex is the world’s leading trade show for floor covering with exhibitioners and buyers from all over the world. There are talks by leaders and influencers in the industry, interesting news and case studies and exhibitions by designers and universities. And ofcourse rugs, lots of rugs!

Social Media team

And then there is us, a small social media team that over two days cover our most interesting finds on our Social Media channels and blogs. While others were involved in seminars or panel talks. Travelling and working together over the years. We created a solid experienced and creative team, and real friendships, something I cherish and am grateful for.

So here is a roundup of things I think are interesting for those who were not able to visit the fair and to give you an overall impression of Domotex 2023. I also would love to share news of the brands I love and previously worked with and some of the rugs that caught my eye. On my Instagram you will also find a highlight with all stories and videos I made at Domotex 2023. Also have a look at my Domotex Pinterest album here you will find all my images in the coming days. Thanks for having me Domotex! 


One of my favourites as seen on Domotex 2023 – by Unlimited Style rugs from India

 Beautiful Browns

If I look back at the fair and what immediately caught my attention were the colours! What I love of visiting fairs is that after a few hours there is always this first feeling of something I keep seeing. A kind of gut feeling, you could call it a trend. And once the feeling is there I love to document it, next to an overall impression.  It was the colour Brown in all its varieties from deep dark brown to almost oker brown and terracotta I noticed a lot.

I collected several photos of brown and partially tufted rugs, think of a variation of plain flat-weave sections with patterns in different heights. The carpets I loved the most were from Moroccan brands, and I will give you an impression of them in my next Domotex article on the blog.

There was so much to see and so many beautiful brands with the most special handcrafted rugs. As I do not want to overload you with images on here, you can find all images I made in my Domotex Pinterest album

Mood spaces

Curated by Holly Becker, Mood Spaces showed Five Trend stands from International Interior Architects based in Germany. Each designer showed us current furnishing trends in combination with carpets in a small setting painted with the Eco-friendly luxury interior Caparol Icons paint. Visitors could get an impression on how to use carpets in their home, combining colours and patterns.


Crafted emotions by Sebastian herkner with rugs by M2Rugs


Space on earth/ earth in space by Peter Fehrentz with rugs by Kymo


Dialogue of hidden values by Studio Mark Braun with carpets and textiles by Kvadrat


Dialogue of hidden values by Studio Mark Braun with carpets and textiles by Kvadrat


Sensory Design by Decor8 with rugs by Lyk Carpet

Sensory Design by Decor8 with rugs by Lyk Carpet

Sensory Design by Decor8 with rugs by Lyk Carpet

Colourful Nature by Studio Besau-Marguerre with rugs by Reuber Henning

Carpet award nominee and one of the winning designs by Sebastian Herkner for M2Rugs

Carpet design awards

The Carpet design awards are always worth having a look at when visiting Domotex. At this competition for Outstanding Carpet Design I always find a few favourites. Here you can see this year’s winners


Carpet award nominee

Carpet award nominee

In my opinion Presentation is key and you don’t need much to give any stand a home feeling as beautiful showed by Belgian brand Verbatex


Some other favourites ….

Khyber weavers from Pakistan

Khyber weavers from Pakistan


Kirkit rugs from Istanbul

New addition to the Moon collection Kirkit rugs from Istanbul

Boden schätze exhibition

It is always interesting to have a look at the work made by students of academies. At Domotex we could see an impression of the individual steps by textile design students of the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart. From the creative process, moodboards and drawings till finished carpets created in close collaboration between the students and the company Tisca,


Frankly Amsterdam at Domotex

Green Collection

The theme of this years Domotex show was Floored by Nature and the Green Collection showed lots of examples on sustainable flooring, a topic I previously wrote about for Domotes 2019, Have a look here:  Sustainable flooring at Domotex , and new innovative materials for flooring.


Written in collaboration with Domotex fair
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