Dry Studios in Stockholm

It was only the third time I visited Stockholm last month. I took me some time as I only visited Stockholm in 2014 with our former Blogtour team. Super fun sponsored tours, we used to organise, visiting the different cities of our tour members. For a few years we traveled from Stockholm to Spain meeting and working with some of the best brands in the industry.  A year earlier I attended one of our first ‘Meet the Blogger’ conferences in Stockholm, an initiative by a Dutch pr office bringing bloggers from all over Europe together.

This time I visited Stockholm on my own to visit The Stockholm Furniture fair and Stockholm Design week. I visited the fair with Niki of My Scandinavian home, where also Stefan (Trendstefan)  gave several presentations. Being from Stockholm he also gave me the best tour along the different showrooms after the fair. I stayed in the same hotel as some years ago and had a list of must see showrooms and stores prepared, sadly I also forgot some.


Dry Studios

A few minutes walking uphill from my hotel I first visited Dry Studios A studio I had been looking at for years on Instagram and wrote about before. Dry Studio works within different creative areas with a focus on design, interiors, furniture, objects and graphic prints. They design and produce interiors, furniture, items and graphic prints.

Whenever visiting a town like Stockholm, I love to find these beautiful and creative places, the places of which you say made your day. For me personally if I am able to find one or two places like the Dry Studio Store in this case. My trip already feels successful and I don’t need much more. These are the places I love to find inspiration on a trip to Stockholm. I made a few snapshots which I hope will give you an impression of the beauty I found at Dry Studios and their new Desk 01. Enjoy!