Norm Architects x Basao Tea Lounge

Norm Architects created Basao Tea Lounge. One senses an instant change in pace, when the bustling cityscape is replaced by a calming acoustic. As natural light filters through from the outside and highlights the subtle colours and rich textures of the carefully selected materials, the space feels warm and welcoming.

Just like the many scents of tea are vibrant and natural, so are the materials that make up the store, and combined with a subtle storytelling as well as a curated architectural framing, the space feels rooted in its local surroundings.

Merging not only tradition and contemporaneity, but also retail, café and rituals of ancient tea ceremonies, the new tea store encapsulates the entire encounter and experience of BASAO tea – honouring quality of life in the simple things, pure and meaningful daily amenities. Recently Norm Architects also designed a cup to pour their authentic tea in to.

Basao Photography: Jonathan Leijonhufvud