An intimate guesthouse in Andorra | Casa Vipp

Five years ago, the Vipp Shelter marked the first chapter in Vipp’s different kind of hospitality venture. Read all about my visit to the shelter here: The Vipp Shelter – A minimalistic getaway
In collaboration with local design consultancy Bau Studio, Vipp has created its seventh! destination and first guesthouse outside of Scandinavia. A traditional stone house found in the Andorran mountain region. Historically used to store grains or cattle, the building in the heart of Andorra la Vella’s old town now welcomes design-savvy travellers in a contemporary home-away-from-home setting.


Peeping into the characteristic porthole windows that in the 1950s turned the small house into an avant-garde building of its time, the eye meets a lodge-style setting fitted with a serene Scandinavian design sensibility brought forth by the Vipp collection.

Unfolding on the first floor of the 100m2 two-story duplex is an open kitchen connected to a dining and living room with a fireplace, a guest toilet with laundry facilities and a small balcony. Ascending the custom metal staircase guests access the bedroom and large bathroom with an open shower and a freestanding bathtub. Book your stay  at Casa Vipp 


Project by Vipp | Promoter: RAW Dwelling | Interior design: Sandra Riera | Styling: Julie Cloos Mølsgaard | Photos: Irina Boersma