Contour Sculptures by Kristina Dam at 3 days of design

When in Copenhagen visiting Kristina Dam I got a sneak peek of  her latest sculptures. The ‘Contour Sculptures’, which come in two sizes,  were beautifully presented in one of the rooms of the Copenhagen  apartment.

The process of creating these pieces came from a workshop with Danish artist Katrine Blinkenberg. With Katrine as a guide, a series of sculptures was created in plaster by hand. The plaster is poured into giant balloons and then shaped based on the pressure to which the plaster is exposed during the drying process. The result is organic shapes that are both engaging and charmingly exaggerated.

This sculpting method has been carried out for centuries, notably by famed Danish sculptor Bertel
Thorvaldsen, first creating sculpture in plaster and then re-creating the piece in more precious,
durable materials, including marble, travertine, or sandstone.


Limited edition Contour Sculptures

Kristina Dam selected two sculptures and decided to produce them in sandstone in a limited
edition run of only 100 numbered pieces. Kristina Dam Studio always works with high-quality, natural
materials; taking a malleable material and transferring the shape into something harder and more
permanent is one of material refinement. This is essential to Kristina Dam Studio’s ‘sculptural
minimalism’ philosophy.

Definitely a design to remember! Contour sculptures will be available from January 2024.


Images 1-2 vosgesparis made at 3 days of design // All other Kristina Dam