A new concrete tiles collection by Gypsum

When visiting Brera during Milan design week, Agape is always on my list of places to visit as the different collections are always spot on and especially the new tiled corners always catch my attention .

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023 Gypsum presented X and X, the new collection of three-dimensional concrete tiles at the store. I previously showed you the tiles I fell in love with last year, and I still am! Have a look here to discover what is my last year’s  favourite: Gypsum concrete tiles at Agape Today however, I would love to show you the new Gypsum collection as seen at Agape last April.


X and X collection

X and X is a collection of three-dimensional concrete tiles that captures the linguistic element of ribbing and reinterprets it in decorative terms. Thus, it is a tribute to 20th-century concrete architecture and its masters. This collection is especially dedicated to vertical coverings, resistant to dirt and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Images Gypsum