Shaping atmospheres with Vibia lighting

When it comes to lighting, there are a number of factors that are important to me when choosing a lamp for my home. Like most of you, I am really visually orientated and because of that the shape is perhaps one of the most important reasons whether a lamp design attracts my attention at all in the first place.

Vibia is a is a lighting manufacturer based in Barcelona and a great example when it comes to stylish shapes and beautiful materials. In a huge stand at Euroluce 2023 held in parallel with Salone del Mobile, during Milan Design week earlier this year they beautifully showed their different Design lamps and I love to introduce one of my favourites to you on the blog.


Vibia at Euroluce 2023

Design lamps by Vibia

When I look around my own home, I immediately notice that most lamps perfectly fit into the monochrome color palette of my interior. Here and there you will find a fabric lampshade in white, and also the bronze, and to a lesser extent, some golden details. I guess by now you will know that in my house you will not easily encounter a bright colour accent. Colour you will find in books and magazines, in a single summer blouse or jeans and in the kitchen, where the exuberant colors of fruit and vegetables are always present.

The Design lamps by Vibia tick all boxes! The holistic view of lighting in which, in addition to light, materiality, composition, use of space and people are central to their designs. This brand perfectly fit my ideas of a minimalist home where beautiful shapes and monochrome colours are used to create a soft calm space using the perfect lamps.


Vibia Flamingo 1530

Vibia Flamingo

The Vibia Vibia Flamingo The Vibia Flamingo Hanging Lamp is a design by Antoni Arola. The design owes its name to the bird that inspired Arola. With the design he wanted to radiate a feeling of weightlessness and translated this into a hanging lamp in eight different models with the same concept, each with a unique look.

I personally am a fan of diffused light. Not too bright and dimmable and where the lighting can be adjusted to the use of the room.

The Flamingo lamp uses methacrylate in combination with an LED light source that shines on it like a spotlight. This creates an atmospheric light. The fixture in which the light source is hidden is available in four different colours: graphite, white, copper and gold. A real design lamp that can be adjusted to your own preference in order to optimally fit into any room.


Vibia Flamingo 1510

Written in collaboration with MisterDesign – Images by Vibia