Washi placemets and coasters by Poj Studio

Poj Studio introduces Washi Placemats made by Tete. A local artisan based in Kyoto who started pursuing working with washi paper five years ago. She crafts tableware, tea utensils, fixtures, tissue boxes, and more using washi – diversifying and expanding its use in a modern home. Poj Studio is proud to support her on her journey to become a full-time washi artisan.

With these Placemats a touch of unique and organic textures are added to any table setting. With a waterproof coating, they are not only beautiful but also practical.

Each placemat is crafted with leftover material of a larger washi paper, carefully and intentionally layered to create a subtle yet stunning patchwork. Therefore, each piece has a character of its own, where the colors and patterns may vary. Available in deep rich tones of black and brown and light airy tones of grey and beige.





Poj Studio

Poj Studio introduces authentic Japanese craftsmanship and how they fit into our life and homes to help keep dying traditions alive and to help revitalize tradition.

Poj Studio: “We see the beauty in high-quality products that tell a story, a story about you, the craftsmen who made it, and the Japanese way of life. In bridging Japan’s artisans with the world, we hope to share the essence of simple luxury and help keep generations of tradition alive.

With an ecosystem that cycles around raising awareness through the stories we tell, tying demands for real Japanese crafts to the craftsmen who make them, and investing in the next generation, we’ve created a sustainable way for craftsmen to continue their work.

Delivering on our core values of being ethical, functional, lasting and sustainable, POJ Studio is a story of connection, of time, and paring down to the importance of personal touch.” Read more about the Studio and its founders here


All images courtesy Poj Studio