Yoonede exhibition in the most aesthetic and raw space | 3 days of Design

‘Step into a space created out of a human heart and an aesthetic mind’ the press release said. And when I visited the the Yoonede exhibition it was exactly that what I felt stepping inside the apartment in an old townhouse in central Copenhagen. Maaria Repo kindly showed me the whole townhouse, including the private spaces above the exhibition apartment.

Visiting Yooned was truly one of my highlights of visiting 3 Days of Design. Such an amazing beautiful restorated place with still enough raw and untouched elements where I could feel the love for beautiful aesthetic objects and real craftsmanship. Because of the size of the apartment making pictures was not really easy but I hope they will give you an impression and curious to learn more about the designers.



Yoonədē is created by three designers, each with their individual approach to process and design. Sofie Østerby is a product designer whose passion is driven by curiosity and experiments with natural materials. Her practice encompasses product, furniture, and interior design. Line Øhlenschlæger has been working for more than 15 years within the design industry as an art director, mainly working from intuition, balancing an aesthetic eye and a gentle mind. Maaria Repo is a Finnish interior architect living in Copenhagen. With a versatile experience in retail design and working with strong identity brands, she transforms things from basic to beautiful.


A dynamic experience for both exhibitors and visitors

What constitutes relevant design? This is just one of the questions asked by the three designers
behind the exhibition concept Yoonede, as they seek to explore the harmony in the meeting
between artistic disciplines. Yoonede is the pronunciation of the word unity, which describes being one in aesthetics, purpose and mind.  “The exhibition is built around the wish of bringing creatives together – learning from each other’s differences and sharing a passion for design, art, and objects”, tells product designer Sofie Østerby.

“We’re aiming to create a dynamic experience for both exhibitors and visitors, where the individual designs step out of the spotlight and rather participates in an entirety.

Each element contributes to one unity”, says art director Line Øhlenschlæger. “We’re showcasing inspiring individualism while letting a strong and curated cohesiveness stand out”, interior architect Maaria Repo concludes. Yoonede will present work from both new and established artists, designers and brands, as well as a selection of the three designers own work, including beautiful products, objects and interiors – thoughtfully curated with both diversity and aesthetics in mind. txt by Yoonede

Pieces by Caia Leifsdotter, Antrei Hartikainen, Kusiner Carpets, Birgitte Due MadsenSee a full list of participant here: Yoonede participants


images ©vosgesparis