Karimoku Case Study x Norm Architects in New Mags Copenhagen

As you might have seen on my Instagram I was in Copenhagen for 3 days of Design, I stayed in the city for four days and I have seen a lot, or enough I should maybe say, of the 290 installations and projects. Whenever visiting a design event or fair I experience a slightly feeling of fomo as there is so much to see. Most of the time however I manage to stick to my plan and give priority to the brands and places that inspire me most while quickly popping in and out other places.

Karimoku Case Study x Norm Architects

At the New Mags Bookstore [you might remember them from one of my collaborations] Karimoku Case Study took over the space and turned it into a residential interior that showcased a selection of the Karimoku brand designed by Keiji Ashizawa, Norman Foster & Norm Architects. Furniture, objects, art-pieces, literature, and even a bespoke scent were showcased.

ENO Bowl & EMI Tray

Two designs – ENO Bowl & EMI Tray – which Norm Architects initially did for the Swedish Michelin-starred Restaurant ÄNG with Bonni Bonne, the lovely designer I met in Stockholm a few months ago. Now, they are put into production and are available for purchase at their website


Images Norm Architects