My new sofa designed by Bea Mombaers

I previously wrote about the struggle to find the perfect sofa. And realizing I never showed the actual sofa I bought on the blog. I thought of showing you today how it fits my living and how it perfectly matches my wishes at the same time. Being it one of the most expensive and defining furniture pieces in our home made the choice of choosing the right sofa even more difficult. Most of us also have to save quite some time to buy a sofa of a few thousand euros, the pressure is high and the choice is enormous but I found it!

The seating depth, which was the deciding factor for my previous sofa (the Stockholm by Bolia) seemed less important if I honestly looked at how I really use a sofa. Comfort and a luxury feeling seem way more important.

Five important points

When it came to choosing the right sofa I wrote down five points I thought were important for me personally to remember when choosing a new sofa, let me write them down again for you
– Lounging and the possibility to make different arrangements.
– Light in color, different whites and beige are favourite.
– A piece with an open end is a favourite.
– A separate square module to slide on could also form the open end.
– The possibility to form a corner sofa or two opposite each other.


Serax sofa designed by Bea Mombaers

And then suddenly the couch that ticked all these boxes came in sight. The Modular launch sofa designed by Bea Mombaers for Serax. When visiting the showroom of Serax, I got a great insight in all the different options and after receiving some colour swatches and seeing them in my own home, I also could confirm on the colour and choose a two seater, an ottoman and a single one seater.  I love how I can change settings and tried out a few options already.

I think the idea of not being tied to a fixed setup might be the best for me. And I must confess that I love the ottoman placed solitarily in the room, while I can always pull it near the sofa if I want to. The sofa is comfortable to stretch out on. I bought an extra firm cushion if I wanted to sit longer and a little straighter. Compared to all other sofas I’ve had, the powder coated aluminium seat with super comfortable cushions in the colour Ivory is quite low, which only enhances the launch feeling.

Interested in purchasing the same sofa? Don’t hesitate to write me an email at to discuss all possibilities. The rug is available in my webshop 


Also made this little seat on the long bench together with the black painted dining table I saw off the legs

Always moving accessories around as well, here are a few of my all time favourite pictured