2022 A New year full of promises

How did you all passed these last few days? If you celebrate Christmas, I hope you were able to celebrate with your family or friends. 2022 sounds like a new year full of promises to me. I am blessed with a good dose of Dutch common sense and can always see the bigger picture of things and I truly believe that eventually everything will work out fine. We will be happy and free to go wherever we want again, and hopefully this will be the last year of this awful pandemic.

I feel blessed to have build this blog which I started almost 15 years ago and still every month is visited by so many of you. And of course your never ending support for new projects, like my webshop that I launched this last year. Thank you for being here!

Together with my Instagram account, you are a great online community that has always been there to inspire and distract. I appreciate every dm or email you sent me with your appreciation and questions about the stories on the blog. It really makes me happy to interact with you and receive your kind words.

Nevertheless it was hard going through 2021, there were many personally ups and downs. I can only hope 2022 will be the year things will normalize again. Meanwhile let’s continue to love and support our family and friends in all ways possible. Continue making your homes the safe haven and surround yourself with loved ones and the things you really love.

2022 sounds like a new year full of promises and I wish you all the luck and health in the world!

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