Sculptural design by Alicja Strzyzynska

Alicja Strzyzynska is a designer and interior architect who completed her Masters of Arts Degree in Product Design and Visual Communication at Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. After working in Tokyo with Torafu Architects she is now based in Amsterdam where she previously worked with Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein.

I discovered her sculptor work during Glue Amsterdam when visiting Contempera, an inspiring combination of an interior design shop, a design studio and a high-end contemporary art gallery, located in a former cinema.


The functionality of sculpture

Her sculptures are an effort to engage in a conversation between the spirit of fine art and the purpose of design to create intimate art pieces. Her work shows different vases, lighting, wall sculptures and furniture.
Alicja: “In art and design, I am searching for the experience of intimacy – a metaphysical exchange between human and object. The idea was born after deciding to reconnect with my roots and my grandfather – a sculptor artist. Learning to sculpt and being a designer inspired me to combine the two principles. Experimenting with the functionality of sculpture and the meaning of furniture”

A few examples on the blog today, visit the website for more, Alicja Strzyzynska




The forms of the lamps are the result of the intuitive approach of modernist philosopher Henri Bergson. In his methodology, intuition is a product of our organism and, thus, of nature, contributing to the primal human senses being understood. Built pieces are made of organic, abstract shapes that seem recognizable even though they have never been seen before. Their form and materials engage with the senses on a primal level.

The collection is made of pigmented plaster while experimenting with traditional carving techniques to create distinct finishes. Using this method, I was able to create textures similar to natural patterns, which are diverse and unpredictable.


Living Forms

Living Forms is a limited collection of unique handmade pieces creating contemporary collectible design. The presented objects are an attempt at a dialogue between the essence of fine art and the functionality of design, in order to create intimate objects which bring humans closer to nature.

Organic Side Table No.001 is initially cast in plaster and then carved by hand and sealed with linseed oil and/or matt varnish. Colour options are available upon request.



Kadō is a collection of unique, hand-made vases, exclusively sold at Rosanna Orlandi. All elements are the result of experimenting between the shape and the various possibilities of plant arrangement. The main idea is to allow a spiritual exchange between man and plant.
Vases are fired in bisque ware, without glazing. It gives the richness of true ceramic texture. Glazing and different colors available upon request. Beautiful sculptures that are recommended to use for dry plants only.



The Buddy sculptural pieces are carved by hand and fired in bisqueware to create a unique look and feel. Buddy is a close friend, says Alicja, who is always around, reminding you that you’re not alone.


All images courtesy  Alicja Strzyzynska