Scent through Art by Kaja Dahl for Sprekenhus

When Norwegian brand Sprekenhus launches new fragrances they invite Kaja Dahl to explore scent through her art. In sculptures, photos and a new handmade diffuser, Dahl interprets the contrasting notes of ‘Dark Amber’. Being a true lover of lavas tone as well for the material, as the use in home fragrances. I was immediately intrigued by a picture Katerina Dima posted on Social media. We previously met at 3 days of design and I asked her to tell me more.


The Tears Of The Sun

Resin from trees has during 40 million years been transformed into precious amber stones by the sea. Its nickname «The Tears Of The Sun» is what inspired Dahl to create this crafted olfactory landscape of tactile objects. Sculptures reminiscent of perfume bottles composed in wood, gold leafs and stone speak of contrasting and balancing scents. A photo impression by Katerina Dima of Only Deco Love.



Photography Katerina Dima