A new wooden floor for my kitchen

It has been a few years I changed my kitchen from plain white to a darker kitchen with beautiful wooden Reform cabinets and dark Silestone Countertop. Always dreaming of a concrete floor I then painted the original concrete floor in a light colour, and the backsplash black again and added the beautiful Divar lamp by Anour. I really went for the looks, see here for yourself, but have to admit without floor heating the concrete floor was not that comfortable. Time for a change and lay the remaining floor, while giving the black backsplash an update as well.

With winter really starting, I’m glad I finally found the time to get the rest of the floorboards out of storage and connect them to the floor parts I already placed. When I laid the previous floorboards I was looking for a different laying pattern than the standard or popular herringbone floors. Inspired by Parisian apartments and old dark wooden floors, I laid the planks lengthwise next to each other, with a cross plank each time. The effect is really great and I enjoy how the light touches the floor, and the look from the front door all the way into my living is just amazing.


A rustic dark wooden parquet floor

While I was laying the planks I discovered I was missing some and luckily Fetim group was able to help me complete the picture. I previously worked with them and the Solidfloor floorboards for my stand at imm cologne. The Yampa floor I choose really stood out and helped to set the mood. Bringing it home afterwards and now laid throughout my whole home brings back good memories and is something I am really grateful for.

Solidfloor™ is a brand of the Fetim group, which was founded in 1919 as the Haarlemse Fijnhouthandel. Since then the company designs and manufactures high-quality wooden floors that provide a warm, intimate atmosphere in all living spaces at home, but also in hotels, shops and offices.


Yampa a straight pattern oak floor with a distinctive deep colour

The Yampa floor from the Solidfloor Specials collection is a straight pattern oak floor with a distinctive deep colour. The Yampa floorboards are treated with a reactive stain which gives the floor its signature colour of various grey and brown tints. The floor is finished with a coloured oxidative oil. Because the floor is deep brushed the natural wood pattern is especially prominent in this floor. This is displayed beautifully in grazing light.

The floor has a total thickness of 15 mm including the 4 mm high-quality top layer. As part of the Rustic+ wood selection, which permits more and larger knots than in the Rustic selection, this floor has a lively appearance. If you consider a new floor I would love you to have a look at the different Solidfloor collections and go through the number of options to find the floor that would fit your personal taste and home.


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