MIThjem by Kim Greena for 3 days of Design 2024

Last year it already was one of my favourite exhibitions, somehow I did not wrote anything about it on the blog. Even a better reason to show you this year’s Mithjem – My home curated by Kim Greena, creative director of Grenaa creative. Kim invited ten creative and talented women he has been following for years to an exhibition in his home.

His apartment, located in an old factory is amazing by itself already and filled with the works of the different women it was a pleasure to come back this 3 days. I made a few images I showed you on my Instagram already. For this post I also received the images made by Birgitta Wolfgang



picture by vosgesparis – light by Nuura – 

An apartment in a former factory

The apartment is not even that big itself but just like my own home it has a cute little patio and the large  industrial windows and concrete wall in the living make it so different from all the apartments you visit during 3 days of design and therefore already worth the visit. In the first picture we see a large island with modular elements from Sofacompany,

I’ve always loved such an arrangement with modular elements. a lovely island that you can sit on from any side, which always gives you a different view of your apartment and the opportunity to use different functions in one and the same space.

Thank you team Greena for the nice welcome again!

3 days – 1 man – 10 women

Inspired by the creative women he followed for years, the apartment was filled with beautiful furniture, rugs, art and lighting. There was one piece that really stood out for me, which I will show at the end of this post.

Women participating in this exhibition:

Trine Guldager – Autumn CPH / Maja & Ellen Dixdotter – Cappelen Dimyr /Kristina Lula Broen – Lula Studio / Josephine Akvama – File Under Pop / Louise Roe / Sofie Refer – Nuura Lighting / Camilla Reyman – Art / Josefine Hell – Art / Rose Eken – Art / Stinne Bo – Art

This is an image from my own webshop and not made at Kim;s exhibition – picture vosgesparis shop

Curated for the curious

Seeing all this beautiful objects I thought I show you some objects you can find in my webshop! Visit the vosgesparis webshop to purchase beautiful decorative pieces – Pick up in Amsterdam available.

Next to the work of ceramists you will find a selection of handmade products for your home made by artisans from all over the world. from Iceland to Uganda and Nepal.


A beautiful object by Kristina Lula Broen

I have seen a lot of objects over the years but do not fall in love that easy, but the stool made by Kristina Lula Broen blew me away. A beautiful object made from hemp hurds, sawdust and lime. And polished with Marseille soap and carnauba wax. If there was anything I would like for my own home it would be a stool like this.

picture by vosgesparis

picture by vosgesparis 

Pictures by Birgitta Wolfgang unless written ‘by vosgesparis’