Rue Verte | 3 days of design 2024

Rue Verte is always one of the stores I visit when in Copenhagen. On the occasion of 3 days of design Rue Verte invited Collection Particulière, Faye Toogood, Meridiani and Destroyers Builders to showcase the best of their 2024 collections alongside their timeless classics, each in their own dedicated space within the store.

And in the renovated basement, Rue Verte Design showed their collection with selected made-to-measure furniture. Although I loved the furnished basement last year, the bare concrete space was a great backdrop for the collection. More about the designers and their work who were invited for 3 days of Design at the end of this article.


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Collection Particulière

Founded in Paris in 2014 by Jérôme Aumont, the French brand built its reputation thanks to a refined palette of materials and a catalog as relevant whether it is furniture or objects. At the occasion of 3 days of design, Collection Particulière and RUE VERTE present NATURAL DISCO, a new collection inspired by materials, nature, and the night.

Faye Toogood

Toogood is a London-based design studio founded in 2008 by Faye Toogood. Her practice encompasses interior design, homewares, fine art and fashion, and refuses to be constrained by a single discipline or defined way of working. Describing herself as an outsider whose work defies categorisation, Faye has created a studio which allows a movement between genres, producing work that is rigorous, poetic and genuinely avant-garde.Faye Toogood and RUE VERTE present an installation of furniture including Gummy chair and Palette tables from her new Assemblage 8: Back and Forth. (txt Rue Verte)



Neat and tidy shapes. Gentle lines and defined profiles. Meridiani shows its versatile elegance through snow white sofas, soft seating, cold marbles, and color balances, creating a visual and emotional connection with the allure of the natural world. The harmony of shades, materials, and finishes makes each Meridiani collection timeless and spaceless, revealing the high power of personalization. The Meridiani Point at RUE VERTE thus launches a clear message of purity and quality craftsmanship that begins in Italy and reaches international heights in Copenhagen. (txt Rue Verte)



As a debut in Copenhagen a specific selection of works is made in collaboration with RUE VERTE. Linde Freya Tangelder presents an insight of her sculptural studio works, her admiration for diverse materials and textures, from rough to smooth surfaces, from mirrored surfaces to lacquered wood. Never shown works together with earlier works come together within the space of Rue Verte. The sculptural, architectural inspired works balance between design art are mainly handmade editions in the studio, embracing the tactile world of Linde Freya. (txt Rue Verte)

Images ©vosgesparis