An industrial basement with Terraformae tiles at Alcova 2024

At the basement of villa Bagatti Valsecchi Terraform√¶ showed a project by Sant’Anselmo furnace, dedicated to experimentation, design, and research in the field of terracotta. It was a beautiful space with an old cooker and a great fireplace. Terraformae Terraformae is born as an extension of the historic Sant’Anselmo brickworks, world-renowned for the production of […]

A modernist masterpiece – Villa Borsani at Alcova 2024

Previously in a former slaughterhouse during last year’s Salone and an abandoned military hospital in 2022 Alcova 2024 took place in two of the most extraordinary villas of the Milan metropolitan area: Villa Borsani and Villa Bagatti Valsecchi. Villa Borsani, completed in 1945, is a Modernist architectural masterpiece by Italian architect and furniture designer Osvaldo […]