July 26, 2016

PATIO WISH LIST | Outdoor furniture for a monochrome look

Sometimes you only need one picture like the picture below and a home like this to start dreaming of your own white patio even if your own home is way smaller and your garden is just a little frontgarden. After all it is not about having the biggest home or garden, although I would love to live in a place like this but it is what you do with the space you have and if it makes you happy.

After seeing the picture, time passed and I have been thinking a lot about tiles and fences, the stone wall as in the picture is not really something I could do and for some time I have been switching from black tiles, to grey and back to white again. Something I have learned over the years from transforming my home though is that in my case, my first idea is always best.

Just in time for summer we finished laying tiles, more about that soon,  and now the fun part can start. I am looking for pots and plants and of course some furniture. I remember my former home where we had a huge garden and practically lived outdoors all summer and started the day with breakfast outside. The one I am working on right now is more a patio, don't you just love that word! then a real garden but I will definitely add a table.

Choices... choices and a wish list
I already bought an IKEA Viktigt couch and will only need a small table and some chairs to have coffee in the morning and maybe work on, and a lazy chair to catch some sunshine would be nice too. I decided to go for all black furniture and play with accessories later on. There are so many choices and I love to show you my wish list with the many beautiful things I came across. Let's start with the image above, on top the low String chair from the always beautiful Menu, the small round table is by Italian Kristalia and not available yet. The hee dining chair we all know I guess. The planter is by Ferm Living, it would look good with some cacti and succulents and easy to bring inside for winter.

More on my wish list from top left... the beautiful Piknik lamp from LZF Lamps discovered in Spain last year. The Menu candle holders can be used on a piece of wood and are on my wishlist ever since I saw them during our dinner with Menu at Host in Copenhagen.  Next to the candlesticks, the concrete seat and black steal Formitable table from Fatboy probably the best and most affordable option at the moment. 

The square table is by Hay, beautiful as well but I really have a round table on my mind. In ceramic and black steal comes the Botanique flower pot by Bolia. The black chair is from Spanish Actiuthey sent it to me last year as a gift after visiting them in the south of Spain during our Sunny design tour, they are really comfortable and I use them in my kitchen at the moment, I can easily see them on the terrace for summer though!

Another beauty is table Yop by Arper,  really new and elegant but not available yet, they have a new website where you can find more garden furniture next to their regular furniture line. Last but not least, the very first table I came across and still one of my avourites, the Miura table table by Italian Plank and once we are talking saving up a bit first why not dream of the VIPP daybed ? Is there anything you would like for your outdoor area, or do you have any good recommendations, please let me know in the comments?

Picture 2 by Richard Powers | 4 Arper | 5 Plank | 6 Vipp
July 25, 2016

A simple DIY idea to add some beige to your workspace

You really loved last last weeks post showing the South African beach houseI have been looking at the first picture for some time and have to say that probably the beautiful wooden fireplace and other natural pieces in the overall white room must have caught my eye in the first place when selecting this home for the blog.

It's that little beige again as I was talking about in this post The new beige | natural materials and cereal colours some weeks ago where I showed natural materials and fibres such as raffia, hemp and linen. If you love to add some beige to your black and white interior in a more contemporary look, here is an easy DIY idea I collected from the creative space of Emmy.

Living in a real small apartment she has a tiny work desk with some picture ledges like I use in my own office space at home and lots of personal pictures. To add some natural colours to her home she easily painted a piece of linen used by painters, but ofcourse you could also use a piece of thick paper in her Instagram you can see how she often changes this corner with a self made artwork.

 via IKEA Livet Hem  
July 22, 2016

Decorating with fresh Strelitzia leaves

When travelling to Spain last year for SunnyDesign, a blogtour organised by Red, I was really impressed by the different flower shops and as far as I remember it was the first time I actually saw huge Monstera leaves being sold as a single leaf and decoration object.

This week I finally found some stores in Amsterdam selling them and of course I had to buy one to add to a small bouquet, only three flowers actually as I still believe less is more. The picture
 of the Strelitzia plant I made last week at AnoukB and I would love to find some leaves to decorate with like in the picture below. How do you like the idea of using leaves as decoration objects?

photography 1 Vosgesparis | 2 Anders Bergstedt