June 14, 2019

A monochrome home with soft and natural materials

Another beautiful home found on Instagramwhich is next to Pinterest [please dó follow me here onPinterest]an ongoing source of inspiration for me while making plans for the home. And I don't know about you but I still have a list with favourite blogs, I love reading where fellow bloggers find their inspiration, how they approach renovations and find new brands. I have them all sorted on Bloglovin, here you can also find all Top blogs in Home Decoraccording to the Bloglovin team.

The pictures in this blogpost are from a semi detached house in Netanya, Israel, created by Zachit Tshuva. Inspired by the idea of slowing down, her goal was to create a calm aesthetic atmosphere by using soft and natural materials and I think she really succeeded. 

Two asymmetric units
I asked Zachit to tell me some more about her design: "The house has two unique asymmetric units. If you pass by, you might think it's a one family house, it's a corner site and has two front elevations, both elevations and units designed in the same visual language from inside out. Due to the orientation of the rooms, each unit has a perfect privacy."

The use of natural materials as mineral plastered walls, reclaimed wood as a threshold windows, bleached pine wood floors and the basalt stones outside, gives the house a timeless quality and the natural look. Surrounded by a wild herb garden and citrus trees, the repetitive steel windows let through the direct natural light and fresh green tones.

The house has a beautiful balance I think, white marble stone stairs and Carrara kitchen worktops add a cold bright balance to the overall warm feeling of the house. "The spaces are clean, simple geometric shaped and minimalistic in terms of architecture plan" Zachit says, "there are local gestures, details and surprising materials and style combinations in a very gentle way as a layer of attention and a character touch. Curved classic elopes railing starts where a mash industrial rail ends. Basic white linnen curtains are a soft filter between the outside and inner spaces"

Show me your home!

This house was her dream Zachit told me, she designed and built it herself and was at the site everyday. It is so nice to see another beautiful home designed and built by a woman isn't it! Are you a designer and do you like to share one of your homes with me and maybe see it featured on Vosgesparis, don't hesitate to sent me your work! Contact details can be found in the side bar of the blog!

Enjoy the rest of this home and happy weekend! 

photography Itay Benit | Styling and Furnitures leeloue home
June 13, 2019

Earth tones and soft minimalism | Inspiration for my home

Belgian designers are definitely on top of my inspiration list while working on my own home, their soft minimal approach in interior design really appeal to me. EST magazine recently showed us Project VV by Belgian designer Pieter Vanrenterghem, and this home is a great example in soft Minimalism. 

My own home is build out of concrete, and I love the thick walls of which I left a few bare in sight. After having a laminate floor for years I now am up for something new, which include adding dark wooden floors to the bedrooms and looking for a solution for the hall, living and kitchen.

I am orientating on concrete floors and new soft colours for the walls, I will soon show you some updates on my colour struggle .... as you know I am not really a fan of colour so finding something that makes the home look warmer without 'real colour' is quite a challenge. Meanwhile enjoy a sneak peek of this beautiful home, more images and the whole story can be found at 
Est Magazine

Images used with permission by Thomas De Bruyne found via Est Magazine
June 11, 2019

DAWN exhibition at Nomad Workspace | 3 days of design

Trying to visit every exhibition or showroom at 3 days of design is as impossible as seeing every exhibition during Milan design week. Some brands and exhibitions are located a bit further then other and unfortunately I had to skip some. The more happy I was I took the time to visit Nomad workspace first. DAWN was an exhibition offering a platform for emerging artists and designers as well as established brands showing the diversity of design, talents, and trends.

Some of my favourite Danish brands like Nuura, Nter and Krisitina Dam were part of the exhibition presented in the many different rooms of the beautiful building. Favourite room was the one above painted by Italian Matteo Bironi with sculptural work of Linda Weimann and Ursula Nistrup and Kristina Dam with her new Japanese Stool collection and ceramic among other.

pictures ©vosgesparis | first picture via Kristina Dam 
June 7, 2019

Natural Cutting boards by bulthaup | w/ Style shoot

With small renovations and some other changes at home going on for some weeks now, cooking an extensive meal is not really on my agenda. I allow myself going out for sushi maybe a bit to often at the moment but overall I still fix a healthy meal almost everyday. Vegetables are still favourite here at home, I mix lots of vegetables when making asian dishes, and I love preparing eggplants in different variations, from a Japanese Miso eggplant to my all time favourite par­mi­gi­a­na.

I can't wait to redecorate my kitchen when finished. After working with the different bulthaup accessories in natural wood, I love replacing a few daily essentials as well. Some new ceramics and linens and a few wooden pieces that will fit the clean and minimal theme I have in mind.

Wood remains the first choice in the kitchen, especially when preparing food using knives. The maple wooden board shown in our pictures is really heavy and has a great size which is excellent for preparing food and cutting different ingredients at the same time. It will develop an individual patina with daily use, at the same time it is said, ingredients within the maple wood have an anti-bacterial effect. 

This post is written in collaboration with bulthaup | Pictures © w/ Style | Concept w/ Style | Photography Wen van Woudenberg | Styling Desiree Groenendal
June 5, 2019

The Audo | Menu's new creative space in Copenhagen

I can't really describe the beauty of the The Audo and the real experience was a thousand times better than the pictures can tell! Definitely the highlight and talk of town off 3 days of design if you ask me. The Audo is Menu's new headquarters, along with 10 guest suites. 

Menu has teamed up with Norm Architects on The Audo and within the concept the brand's furniture, home accessories and lighting collection is presented and can  be experienced in new and authentic ways. Last year I visited the same location together with Jonas Bjerre Poulsen of Norm Architects who showed us the raw space and the huge attic where now the guest rooms are located, see my pictures from last year here.

As Joachim Kornbek Hansen explains: "The new space is a hub for powerful ideas, beautiful design and inspiration. Through openness, knowledge-sharing and collaboration, MENU takes a new approach to running a design business. Our move to The Audo highlights the multidisciplinary, unifying nature of design, while serving as a showcase and testing ground for our new concepts" 

On the ground floor we find a cafe, restaurant and shop, I loved how Menu works together with other brands to create a warm space. The majestic staircase leads to the Menu offices and communal workspace, including a material wall. From her an elevator brings you to the guest rooms, each plastered with walls in earthy tones, Dinesen floors, beautiful fabrics, carpets and furniture, and they all have amazing and different bathrooms.