June 21, 2019

Travelling to Transylvania with Tisca rugs

Travelling is something I really enjoy  and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to travel to different destinations thanks to my blog and you, my readers! My latest collaboration brought me to the heart of Transylvania, yes the country of Dracula, but more about him later. Despite being a fan of Vampire stories, Transylvania never had been on my radar, until I met the team behind Tisca two years ago.

As you might know I have been working on the Domotex fair the last two years, where together with a team of international bloggers I covered the fair and took part in our panel talks. One of the brands that really stood out both years, was Tisca, well known for their beautiful hand-woven rugs. We all love the brand and were really happy to be invited to discover their story in Transylvania.

Tisca rugs are made in the district of Cisnădie, a town near Sibiu. I was so impressed by the beautiful green landscape when flying over our destination, you might have followed me on stories, you can still find a picture in the highlights of the landscape. The first evening we spent tasting local specialities, I loved the small hotel and the village we were at. So different from all the fancy hotels and city life we mostly see during these kind of trips. I made lots of pictures, both for the blog and to share in my stories and I hope you enjoy my impression of the factory and our days in Transylvania on the blog today. 

Visiting the factory
The next day we visited the 10.000 square factory where we learned a lot about the different collections.... I must say the traditional rugs of the Olbia collection in different shades of white and structures are my personal favourite, but believe me if I tell you there is a carpet for every taste and you can even design your own!

We met some of the 150 members of staff, during a tour along the process of manufacturing the Tisca rugs. We saw huge piles of wool all from different parts of the world, such as New Zealand, Sardinia and Iceland to name a few. 
had a look into the selection of different wools, Tisca spins almost all of its yarns itself in different levels of thickness. In addition to wool linen, jute, sisal, cotton, mohair and synthetic fibres are used.

Walking through the factory we followed the different processes and saw the mixing, spinning, dying techniques and washing, and got in touch with the different people in each section. I loved how they were all patient to explain and show us their work and most of all touched by their happy faces and to see how proud they all were to be part of their contribution in the process of every rug. ‘Tisca rugs made with hand and heart’ is the slogan of the company and I can only agree after visiting the work floor and meeting all the lovely people.

GOTS, Global Organic Textile Standards

Before heading to the actual weaving plant, where we got to see the different weaving techniques and the actual production of each rug, and not to forget weave our own small rug. We visited a special department of the manufactory. Here the ‘Respect’ collection of rugs from Tisca is weaved that fulfils the requirement of GOTS, according to which the environmental requirements of the entire production chain and the social criteria with which compliance is required are defined at an exacting level.

Weaving techniques and textures
We also got the opportunity to weave a small rug ourselves and experienced that weaving is a real skill that the local people gained over the years and patience is needed to make the many different and unique rugs.

Roughly there are two different techniques for manufacturing a Tisca rugs and I have to quote the Tisca team here: “Tisca rugs are either woven or braided. With braided rugs, the seamstresses make the twines of yarn into plaits, before joining them in a spiral form working from the centre outwards to create a rug.”

“With the handwoven rugs in Transylvania, the classic plain weave approach is used. This technique allows for two-sided use with both flat-woven rugs and pile rugs. The most varied collection available from Tisca, the Olbia collection, also consists of woven wool rugs. The collection has 26 different textures from classic flat-woven single colours to exciting textural landscapes and modern design.”

Seven other facts about Tisca textil GmbH you should know
  • Tisca textil GmbH is one of the top addresses for almost 50 years when it comes to handmade rugs from high-quality wool.
  • With 96 colours, a variety of yarn thicknesses and 26 possible textures a never ending variety of rugs can be designed when combined.
  • Tisca rugs are woven in linen weave and therefore equally beautiful on both sides and can be reversed as often as you like.
  • Tisca is the only manufacturer that offers the ability to manufacture the complete collection in widths up to 6 & 8 metres and in any length! 
  • This makes Tisca the only possible provider when it comes to the entrance hall of a luxury hotel or the rooms in a palace for example. 
  • Tisca does not throw away any leftover yarn and maintains two small workshops near Cisnădie in Bogatu Roman where women make high quality rugs out of the waste yarn which arises during the weaving process in the main plant.
  • The social Bogatu project is run by the women themselves, they stay independent and their rugs are of excellent quality, affordable and very popular.

Transylvanian hospitality
I really enjoyed our Transylvanian adventure, from meeting the team, seeing the different collections and the weaving process to making our own rug and having lunch with homemade specialties at the garden of one of the Tisca team colleagues in Cisnădie. We also got the chance to visit Sibiu, where a local guide told us more about the rich history of the very old town.

On the last day we made a little road trip and visited the famous Bran castle, which is often erroneously referred to as the home of the title character in Bram Stoker's Dracula. There is no evidence that Stoker knew anything about this castle, which has only tangential associations with Vlad the Impaler, voivode of Wallachia, the putative inspiration for Dracula.

The castle is now a museum dedicated to displaying art and furniture collected by Queen Marie and although I expected and maybe hoped for it to be darker, it was definitely worth visiting as the castle is really beautiful and I loved wandering through the many corridors and rooms.

Thank you so much Andreas, Ines, Karina and all the lovely people we met for a few amazing days.

 Bran castle

Last but not least some images from the town of Sibiu, above it's us leaving our hotel 

This post is written in collaboration with Tisca rugs
June 19, 2019

Inspiration cafe powered by Luxaflex | w/ Style at InCoDa 2019

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Terwijl de zomer al lekker op weg is en onze zomervakanties zijn geboekt zijn veel van ons alweer bezig met de voorbereidingen voor de eerste najaarsbeurzen en zo ook w/ Style!

, Interieur Collectie Dagen, is een vakevenement voor woning- en projectinrichting waar de nieuwste collecties op het gebied van vloeren, stoffering, wandbekleding en raamdecoratie centraal staan. Van zondag 15 tot en met dinsdag 17 september 2019 ligt de focus in de Gorinchemse evenementenhal op netwerken, inspiratie en kennisdeling. 

Luxaflex Inspiratiecafé 
Nieuw op InCoDa is het inspiratiecafé in samenwerking met Luxaflex Nederland waar interieur bloggers en Instagrammers in gesprek gaan met retailers en door middel van lezingen en workshops laten zien hoe je met een blogger of influencer kunt werken of je winkel Instagram worthy kunt maken.

Op 16 september zijn wij op InCoda waar wij in twee sessies meer zullen vertellen over hoe je als bedrijf of merk een samenwerking kunt starten en vormgeven met een agency als w/ Style. Wat kun je verwachten van een samenwerking met een influencer en wat zijn de valkuilen, wij gaan graag met jou in gesprek over styling, fotografie en online branding in het Luxaflex inspiratie cafe.

Ook zullen we je via onze Social Media kanalen een sneak peek geven vanaf de beursvloer en je nieuwe collecties, trends en onze persoonlijke inspiratie laten zien. Meer informatie op het InCoDa Blog

Inspiration cafe powered by Luxaflex | w/ Style at InCoDa 2019
While Summer is well underway and our vacations have been booked, many of us are already busy preparing for the first fall fairs and so are we at w / Style!

InCoDa, Interior Collection Days, is a professional event for home and project design where the latest collections in the field of floors, upholstery, wall coverings and window decoration are presented. From Sunday 15 to Tuesday 17 September 2019, the focus in the Gorinchem event hall will be on networking, inspiration and knowledge sharing.

Luxaflex Inspiration cafe
New at InCoDa is the inspiration café in collaboration with Luxaflex Netherlands, where interior bloggers and Instagrammers get in conversation with retailers on how to work with bloggers and influencers or make your store Instagram worthy

On September 16 we will be at InCoda, in two sessions we will tell more about how you can start a partnership as a company or brand with an agency such as w / Style. What can you expect from a collaboration with an influencer and what are the pitfalls, we would like to talk with you about styling, photography and online branding in the Luxaflex inspiration cafe. We will also give you a sneak peek from the exhibition floor via our Social Media channels and show you new collections, trends and our personal inspiration. More information can be found on the InCoDa Blog

picture: Concept w/ Style | Photography Wen van Woudenberg | styling by me
- written in collaboration with Interieur Collectie Dagen - 

June 17, 2019

Rue Verte | High end lifestyle store in Copenhagen

Somehow I never made the connection of the Rue Verte I knew from online and the brick store in Copenhagen, but this last time while visiting Copenhagen I had the pleasure to visit the Rue Verte store. Can you believe I instantly felt at home after spotting the huge black sofa by Vincenzo de Cotiis,  black is still favourite and I loved the dark colours, beautiful fabrics and outstanding decorative pieces.

Established in 2015, RV Design is an interior brand offering handcrafted furniture, lighting and objects. The design is uncompromising, using timeless and long-lasting materials, unaffected by passing trends. In the store many of my favourite designers like Vincenzo de Cotiis, Arno de ClerqHenry Wilson and many more high end brands.

pictures via Rue Verte | last four pictures made in the Copenhagen store
June 14, 2019

A monochrome home with soft and natural materials

Another beautiful home found on Instagramwhich is next to Pinterest [please dó follow me here onPinterest]an ongoing source of inspiration for me while making plans for the home. And I don't know about you but I still have a list with favourite blogs, I love reading where fellow bloggers find their inspiration, how they approach renovations and find new brands. I have them all sorted on Bloglovin, here you can also find all Top blogs in Home Decoraccording to the Bloglovin team.

The pictures in this blogpost are from a semi detached house in Netanya, Israel, created by Zachit Tshuva. Inspired by the idea of slowing down, her goal was to create a calm aesthetic atmosphere by using soft and natural materials and I think she really succeeded. 

Two asymmetric units
I asked Zachit to tell me some more about her design: "The house has two unique asymmetric units. If you pass by, you might think it's a one family house, it's a corner site and has two front elevations, both elevations and units designed in the same visual language from inside out. Due to the orientation of the rooms, each unit has a perfect privacy."

The use of natural materials as mineral plastered walls, reclaimed wood as a threshold windows, bleached pine wood floors and the basalt stones outside, gives the house a timeless quality and the natural look. Surrounded by a wild herb garden and citrus trees, the repetitive steel windows let through the direct natural light and fresh green tones.

The house has a beautiful balance I think, white marble stone stairs and Carrara kitchen worktops add a cold bright balance to the overall warm feeling of the house. "The spaces are clean, simple geometric shaped and minimalistic in terms of architecture plan" Zachit says, "there are local gestures, details and surprising materials and style combinations in a very gentle way as a layer of attention and a character touch. Curved classic elopes railing starts where a mash industrial rail ends. Basic white linnen curtains are a soft filter between the outside and inner spaces"

Show me your home!

This house was her dream Zachit told me, she designed and built it herself and was at the site everyday. It is so nice to see another beautiful home designed and built by a woman isn't it! Are you a designer and do you like to share one of your homes with me and maybe see it featured on Vosgesparis, don't hesitate to sent me your work! Contact details can be found in the side bar of the blog!

Enjoy the rest of this home and happy weekend! 

photography Itay Benit | Styling and Furnitures leeloue home