Thursday, April 16, 2015


Great styling and photography can really make an ordinary chair look almost perfect. These pictures of the ESBJÖRN chair with padded upholstery are found on IKEA Livet Hemma. In my opinion one of the best sites to get some inspiration with IKEA furniture.

photography Ragnar Ómarsson for IKEA Livet Hemma
Wednesday, April 15, 2015

NORR11 X Paper Collective

I still got a few things to show you this week from DesignMarch in Reykjavik. With different parties and exhibitions going on at the same time there was so much to choose from and I hope you enjoy these posts and my selection of different designers and shops. I thought you might like NORR11! a store we visited after a long day of really interesting design talks.

With showrooms in Scandinavia, London and Berlin NORR11 offers furniture pieces and home accessories, all designed and developed in collaboration with young, ambitious designers, who base their products on innovative Scandinavian design and modern furniture architecture. I couldn't keep my eye of the large black vases made out different materials like palm wood, 
fiber-reinforced concrete and terracotta 

At NORR11 Danish Paper collective presented their graphic prints in a pop up exhibition. They recently launched the Terrazzo series with Danish designers of the year Norm architects and Laura Faurschou for paper collective and Menu.

Graphin Grain 02 by Quote The Future (Atelier Copenhagen)
Pine Cone by Form Us With Love (Sweden)
Graphin Grain 02 by Quote The Future (Atelier Copenhagen)

pictures 1 -5 ©vosgesparis | 2-3-4 via paper collective
Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Addiction X Obsession | Paola Navone & Daniel Rozensztroch

Dutch wallpaper company NLXL launched 2 new collections today in Milan “Addiction” by Paola Navone and “Obsession” by Daniel Rozensztroch, art director of Merci in Paris. The collection is based on Rozensztroch’s Obsession with collecting everyday objects and Navone’s Addiction to the color blue, especially a vibrant indigo shade.

Rozensztroch has been obsessed for many years with everyday, ordinary objects and has not only collected a vast number; he has written several books about them in a series called “Everyday Things” as well as staging exhibitions. Some time ago he had a beautiful exhibition at Droog which I wrote about on my Amsterdam blog.

Paola Navone uses the color blue constantly, be it for dinnerware or tiles, sofas or sconces. Her collection “Obsession” is an ode to the hue. As for pattern, her logo, and a symbol she uses frequently, is the fish, which seems only logical since Pisces is her astrological sign.

Naturally, it is included in her collection. “I decided to put my fish on a large scale,” she says. “It’s three meters high. I love things to be big! Big is beautiful. Most wallpaper is usually done as a repeat. My fish is one-off in the middle of a wall.” 
I have showed some of Paola's projects on the blog before and I think hotel point Yamu and her Milan home are great examples of her love for the color blue. More images and different design can be found at the NLXL website.

pictures ©NLXL
Monday, April 13, 2015

How to create a light and serene Spring home with Couleur Locale

craft paper bags and happy lights

It seems like a match made in heaven.... when your
favourite stylist and friend, and a really loyal blog sponsor team up together to photograph the collection of one of your favourite brands, Love Warriors. Some time ago I showed you Couleur Locale's new autumn collection in this post |
Inspiration for a cozy autumn home| and today some beautiful inspiration for a light and serene Spring home.

I couldn't think of a better way to get inspired for Spring then looking at this amazing pictures of the new Couleur Locale collection. The soft colours of the Love Warrior collection with the greens give your home a beautiful and serene look. 

Couleur locale offers a great selection of Love Warriors products both in their online webstore and two physic stores, located in Antwerp and Knokke. You know I am a huge fan of Love Warriors and the somewhat dreamy photography by Hannah Lemholt and paintings by Sara N Bergman.

The craft paper bags are now available at Couleur Locale, they have a bit of an Indian vibe, and this project by Love Warriors is called 'LW Warriors of the world' and was inspired by strong characters they met on their journeys around the globe. Sara paints and Hannah shoots, sold in a set of 4, really see the whole collection 

Just like the owners of Couleur Locale, who love to be on the road in search for new treasures in far away country's, remember this blogpost with the authentic wooden gourds from Senegal, also Love warriors travel a lot and their finds really fits the Couleur Locale collection! And good news for all fans of the very populair carved longhorn it's back in stock!

Moodboars and the carved longhorn

pictures: 1-2 Photography Marjon Hoogervorst - Concept & Styling AnoukB  | 3 Photography Jeroen van der Spek - Styling Cleo Scheulderman | 4 Photography Renee Frinking - Concept & Styling AnoukB
Friday, April 10, 2015

Vinyl records and modern record players | Let's talk about music

Let's talk about music... and vinyl! I still got nearly all my vinyl records, maybe even more cd's and of course music on my phone for on the go! I believe our records tell us who we are and where we stand for, I grew up with Pink Floyd and me and my best friend used to close the curtains and listen to her brothers records in the dark, we thought it was a kind of scary music, but later on I started to really appreciate it... and many more! I was in love with David Bowie, T Rex and the Sweets... but also Lou Reed and Led Zeppelin used to be one of my favourites. I still love Bowie, and many other and newer bands!

Every week we went to the record store to pick up the Top 40 list of best sold records. And when a new record came out we loved, we listened to it in the recordstore. In this special room we sometimes even secretly taped it on our cassette deck, something that sounds probably hilarious to those we grew up with online streamed music. 

But hey! vinyl seems to be back and I recently got myself a new record player to listen to my old records and even got myself some new ones. The Crosley Cruiser Record Player has a cool briefcase design and build in speakers and is as portable as your Iphone.

With the 3 velocities I can even dust off my old singles collection. 
For an even better sound at home I connect the record player to the Marshall Stanmore speaker, which also has a connection for my Iphone! I bought both at fonQ, a great online store where you can find almost everything you are looking for.

Pictures ©Vosgesparis | In collaboration with

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Shopping downtown Reykjavik | DesignMarch 2015

Between exhibitions and openings there was some time to discover some of Reykjaviks best fashion and concept stores downtown. I found the Eyland flagshipstore, after seeing a catalog at Suit. In case you did not read my former Iceland post |Reykjavik Fashion Festival 2015 | Cocktail dresses & white sneakers| the main inspiration for Eyland is the Tomboy and for the AW15 collection there's a little flirt with the 70s glam rock.


I thought the store really rocked with the overal white painted interior and little white details. How do you like those cute little suitcases functioning as storage and the white painted disco ball! in combination with beautiful black leather jackets, trousers and funny t shirts and accessories! I made some pictures with my Iphone at Eyland, and the picture above is made at the Eyland show during RFF, the picture below is from the catalog.

Shopping in Reykjavik is really different and many times I was surprised by the view on the beautiful mountains covered in snow in combination with the sea. Iceland really stole my heart and I regret I didn't stay longer to see some more of this beautiful country.... I want to go back and discover the black beaches, the horses and all wonders of nature Iceland has to offer. 

Shopping is also one of the best things to do when it is cold outside, you pop into a store just a but faster to escape from the cold and discover all kind of cool places. Kiosk, is a co-op shop owned by 9 different designers, we met some of the designers as they all take shifts behind the counter. The sweater above is made by Milla Snorrason, more Icelandic designers at the Kiosk blog and website.

I also loved the interior of SUIT, this department store of the Danish fashion brand is selling both mens and woman clothing. The store is designed by Icelandic designers Hafsteinn Júlíusson and Karitas Sveinsdóttir of HAF Studio. I especially liked the use of the different materials, the concrete - tiles corner is really nice and I love the sturdy black staircases.

My Conceptstore
Seeing  a shop called my My Conceptstore of course made me curious to see the Icelandic twist to the definition of a conceptstore, I loved the dark and moody atmosphere, the music coming out of the Crosley and Marshall speakers (more about those in tomorrows post) and the dark furniture the owners found in Belgium and other countries. I bought myself a silver skull as a souvenir that perfectly fits the styled corners at my home.

pictures 1-2 via Eyland | 3-10 ©vosgesparis | 11 via Kiosk | 12-17 via Suit 18-22 ©vosgesparis

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

TIIPOI and The super normal

While in London I visited Tiipoi, a London based lifestyle brand founded 2 years ago by Spandana Gopal. The brand believes in a common sense attitude to consumption; an all encompassing design ethos of the Indian subcontinent – where nothing is wasted and where innovation and improvisation come from the lack of something rather than an excess of it. 

Through Tiipoi, Spandana wants to engage a wider audience with concepts of good materials and astute ergonomics as part of daily life – something she feels has always existed in India, but has somehow been overlooked. “Rather than say, I am creating contemporary Indian design, which I may or may not be doing, I am going back and looking at where Indian design already exists in the everyday. To me, good design is invisible to the eye – it’s taken for granted because it’s so effective".

The Super normal
Before our visit we were asked to sent in a picture of something super normal, an object we use in our daily life and really love, I sent in the bottle with a piece of black charcoal, a simple and beautiful object. Tiipoi printed out our pictures and placed them on the wall where their design was on display.

The idea was based on the 2006 Tokyo exhibition of Super Normal objects, curated by Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa. They brought together designs which, in a contemporary context, have become somewhat invisible or ‘atmospheric’; possessing intuitive qualities these objects have unconsciously evolved to be at the centre of our daily lives.

London blog tour is sponsored by: Tiipoiat{mine}B&O PlayBuster + PunchFolklore, and © 1-2-5 Tiipoi | 3 Susanna Vento | 4 Desiree for Vosgesparis | 5 Anna Gustafsson for #BloggerstourLDN 
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