Tuesday, March 31, 2015

GIVEAWAY | AUPING bedlinen for a fresh bedroom makeover

March was pretty much all about travelling and celebrations. Celebrating my blog anniversary and celebrating life! Flying to Iceland on invitation of the DesignMarch 2015 Festival was, next to our London blogtour, certainly one of the highlights, and next to lots of design, I enjoyed some beautiful wonders of nature in a to me new part of the world.

To be honest I kind of enjoy sleeping in hotels, I love the comfortable beds with lots of cushions and clean bedlinen, the bathroom just one step away, and maybe the fact living from a suitcase with noting else to do then enjoying my work and going out for a lunch or dinner makes it even more attractive. The Icelandic Natura hotel was a real treat and back home in my own cozy bedroom, I decided it is time for something new! So my goal for Spring will be to shop for new bedlinnen, cushions and maybe even a new bed!

A new bed
I have a soft spot for Auping, not only because they are a Dutch brand with a rich family history that goes back to 1888 but I also really enjoyed working with them during our blogtour in Stockholm where we had two Auping's in our apartment. And most important I prefer to sleep in a boxspring and would love to have my own Auping some day! Auping Original boxspring is the latest addition to the collection and can be personalised with a fabric of your choice, thanks to a collaboration with Danish Kvadrat, have a look at the new fabric collection on the Auping website.

Giveaway - New Bedlinen for your bedroom 
Would you like to fresh up your bedroom with some new bedlinen as well? I teamed up with Auping and we are giving away a set from their new collection to one of my readers.
For this giveaway I have chosen the Chambray Blue bedlinen, I think this blue bedcover is a beautiful addition to your bedroom. Simply leave a comment below this post to make a chance to win this new bedlinen by Auping. A winner will be announced next week.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Terrarium workshop at West Elm

It was a pleasure to hang out with the at{mine] girls, Helena and La, and I think they did a great job showing us some of the most interesting places and getting us to meet the designers behind some of the best UK brands... London is a big city and I was really happy the Addison Lee’s cabs took us to a number of the tour’s destinations.

One of the stores we visited was West Elmafter a small tour through the store, I loved the metal box frame coffee tables with marble top, and some delicious coffee and cake at the West Elm cafe, we were invited to play with the large collection of new season terrariums and the many different succulents and cactuses during a terrarium workshop.

I choose to build mine in la a cool shiny box, unfortunately it was impossible to take the whole terrarium home but the box is a nice memory of a well spend and creative afternoon during our London tour, don't you just love it!

London blog tour is sponsored by: at{mine}B&O PlayBuster + PunchFolkloreNest.co.uk and TiipoiPhotography © 1-2-4 Desiree for Vosgesparis | 3 Susanna Vento for #BloggerstourLDN 
Sunday, March 29, 2015


Hope you enjoyed this week of Celebrations... and please remember you may join all 7 giveaway's! Lets finish with Ay Illuminate! A brand I have been talking about many times and that you probably will know best for their amazing Lamp collection

Ay Illuminate is the name behind the creative trio of Ay Lin, Nelson Sepulveda and Marc Eden Schooley. Together they travel around the world to find inspiration, translating this in beautiful design products with a natural feeling. Most of their work has a natural look and is made out of natural materials by local craftsmen.

Be it eye-catching lights made from bamboo or hand woven sisal pillows, the designers of Ay illuminate always work with what they find in nature and cultures around the world. In close cooperation with artisans in Asia and Africa they explore the natural materials and traditional skills at hand. This results in contemporary, organically shaped designs, created by local techniques in natural materials. Ay illuminate's products celebrate the unique beauty of traditional handicrafts around the globe. 

7 Pieces giveaway
Today's giveaway probably has one of the best names to celebrate 7 years Vosgesparis...  Designed by Nelson Sepulveda and handmade in Tunisia this matt black pottery is one of the eye catchers in my home. I love the look and feel and am really happy to be able to let you experience this beautiful ceramics.

We are giving away 7 pieces, consisting of a large black ceramic tray, 3 medium bowls and 3 small bowls...simply leave a comment in this post and we will announce a winner next week.

photography ©vosgesparis
Saturday, March 28, 2015


We are nearly at the end of the Birthday week and I hope you joined all the giveaway's that you loved so far! Today's giveaway is another favourite item of mine!

You can never have to many candles at home, and I am always on the look for beautiful candleholders. T
he ByLassen Kubus Candle has been a favourite of mine for years. With a sharp sense of contemporary Functionalist style, Mogens Lassen designed the iconic Kubus candleholder in 1962, a piece once reserved solely for family and close architect colleagues. The Kubus is still crafted in Denmark, and among architects and design connoisseurs it has achieved the status of a modern international design icon.

ByLassen Kubus candle giveaway
I have a small collection of black iron cast candleholders and am the happy owner of the small kubus 1 and the Kubus 4 This is definitely a price I love!

Today we are giving away a
Kubus 4 to one Vosgesparis reader. Simply leave a comment in this post and we will announce a winner next week.

Friday, March 27, 2015


I am madly in love with all the inspiration I find in my favourite magazines and online on the many blogs I follow, I actually started this blog after discovering a French blog early 2007. Before that I posted pictures from my home and flea market finds online and was a member of an online forum where I used to hang out with like minded people who loved decorating and talking about design. My nickname used to be Vosgesparis and after discovering blogs it looked like a great way to show my pictures and some description at the same time.

I simply called it Vosgesparis because I thought a name wasn't that important and it was just for the people I used to hang out with... and here we are, 7 years later, the nickname became a brand and I still love to blog and celebrate my 7th blog anniversary with you!

Giveaway's in collaboration with vtwonen & MTB
In case you love to start a blog as well or like to improve your online skills or maybe..... just like to read interior magazines, we have some great giveaway's for you to win today. Simply let me know which of the three prizes you would love to win and we will announce the winners next week!

Giveaway #1 Six month vtwonen magazine subscribtion + the vtwonen loves blogs special
Do you like vtwonen magazine as much as I do, or would you love to finally get the chance to flip through one of Hollands oldest and most read interior magazines? Then this first giveaway is the one for you.

You can win a 6 month subscription to vtwonen magazine and a copy of the vtwonen loves blogs special, covering all your favourite bloggers.


Giveaway #2 A Meet the blogger Masterclass of your choice + the vtwonen loves blogs special
This second giveaway is for all of you who love to learn tips and tricks on how to start a blog, or want to start vlogging [making short video's for your blog or your own YouTube channel]

In collaboration with Meet the Blogger, the Dutch organisation for International blogger conferences you will get the chance to win one of their upcoming Masterclasses taking place in Amsterdam.

The next one will be about Vlogging on May 9 - read more here
On May 23 there will be a new 'How to start a blog' Masterclass - more info here
We will be giving away 1 free ticket for each masterclass!

With this free Masterclass ticket you will also receive 
a copy of the vtwonen loves blogs special, covering all your favourite bloggers. Simply leave a comment and let us know which Masterclass you would like to follow! 


Thursday, March 26, 2015


Hope you are enjoying our giveaways so far. Today I love to introduce you to WRDSThe concept, founded in 2014 by two sisters from Amsterdam, is a combination of design, music and words. All things I personally love and could not live without! 

I asked the sisters..where is WRDS about....
"Together we create unique designs with positive 
song quotes of international bands and singer-songwriters. The designs consist of text creations and photos that fit the song quote, which we print on special materials like hard foam and brushed aluminium. We call them Artwrds; art with a message, that bring a positive vibe into an interior. Although every Artwrd is a one of kind, we do have a scandinavian look & feel"

In the wrdsshop, they offer a collection Artwrds with more than 20 different song quote designs, a de luxe version on aluminium and several postcards Words, music & designs are very personal, that’s why they also enjoy designing custom-made Artwrds.

I personally find it really hard to choose my favourite Artwrds, not only is their art work amazing and really my style, also the photography with their products is amazing!

For this giveaway we give one Vosgesparis reader the chance to 
win their own Artwrds design. Surf to the Artwrds gallery and let us know your top choice(s)!

Leave your personal choice in a comment in this post... and as always leave a contact email or your blog address. We will announce a winner in about a week... and don't forget to have a look at our previous giveaways, you can still join those too! 

picture 4 © WRDS | All other pictures Photography Simone van Rees | Styling AnoukB  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


photograpy Rune Lundø | styling by me

Today another beautiful giveaway from Denmark! London designer Samuel Wilkinson designed the Hoof SW1, a stylish and unique table for &Tradition. The word "hoof" originates from the protective part of the feet of ungulate animals. In contrast to most tables, the leg ends of Hoof are sharpened like pencilses and left in natural wood to avoid the paint from chipping off from being knocked when cleaning. 

The stable of designers that &Tradition work with are connected by a desire to push manufacturing techniques and to find innovative uses for materials. Although &tradition is influenced by their Nordic heritage, they handpick design talent and production facilities internationally and across the ages. This is part of their remit to reshape, redefine and reinvent materials, techniques and forms, helping them to find a unique position in the international design market.  

Hoof SW1 table by & Tradition
Today we are giving away a Hoof SW1 table in grey. To win this Danish design table, simply leave a comment, and your contact details in a comment in this post.

Photography Jonas Bjerre-PoulsenIn collaboration with &Tradition and Fonq

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