Friday, September 19, 2014

Nordic Design & The shop awards | Win $250 shopping spree

If you are, just like me, a fan of all things Scandinavian, you will love Nordic Design I am a regular reader of the site as it covers great interiors and styling inspiration, all with that Nordic feeling! The latest addition to the site is The Shop Directory, a curated guide to online shopping!

On the look for great content for her blog, Catherine, a self confessed Pinterest addict and online shopping devotee, came across countless addresses of retailers. She made it her personal mission to only collect the best boutiques of the web for her readers and giving some visibility to the entrepreneurs and some of the most beautiful webshops.

In August she launched her favourites in The shop directory. Shops have been selected for their uniqueness, quality, style and products. A great source on discovering Scandinavian products from up-and-coming designers as well as the leading brands. The site makes it easy for you to search by category, shop location, brand, shipping zone or Shop name.

To celebrate the excellence in online shopping Nordic Design & The Shop Directory created The Shop Awards 2014 to find even more of the best online shops. Do you know a webshop that you think would fit The Shop Directory, then why not enter the Shop Awards! 

How to enter the Shop Awards

Submit your favourite online store, you can submit as many entries as you like. Shops of any size from all around the world can be submitted as long as they are in English, and by entering you will be in with a chance to win a $250 shopping spree. 

A jury will make their selection and ask you to vote for the best shops in each category 
at the beginning of October. Voting will also give you an extra chance to win. Don't forget to have a look at the Shop Directory for some inspiration.

Submit your shop(s) here: Shop Awards 2014

Written in cooperation with Nordic design & The shop directory

Bohemian art | Paintings by hannah Kristin

It is not very often I get myself a real painting for my home, most of my artworks are black and white prints or photographs. When Hannah Adamszek presented me her work however,  I thought it was really beautiful. When she offered to send me my favourite painting, I could imagine it looking great in my home, especially on one of my concrete walls.

The painting Hanna
h sent me, "The Pilgrim", is acrylics on canvas, and is a collaboration with Kristin Gaudio Endsley, an abstract artist who contributed to the artwork by adding colour and the background. I chose the blueish one because blue is the only colour I have in my overall monochrome home.

Hannah: “I think a lot of urban art can be visually sharp – I’m not sure if this is due to the male prevalence or part of its makeup but my work definitely brings in a softer female touch with emotion being brought into a sometimes more aggressive world.”

Unlike most artworks of the contemporary street art genre, Hannah's portraits have a clear feminine touch, using earthy tones and soft contours to communicate a sense of calmness. Her main focus is on painting females that are subtle yet strong, bold yet delicate, and it's exactly the balance between these contradictions that make her artworks so unique.

Pictures © Vosgesparis
Thursday, September 18, 2014

Enlightened Design | Elle festival 2014

It has been 2 months since I visited Dutch Elle festival, see my post about the Elle pavilion, and I still have tons of pictures of the exhibitions, installations and different design I saw during the two days I hopped from location to location. One of the exhibitions I visited was ' Enlightened design' showcasing the work of thirteen design studio's and an initiative of Connecting the Dots, supported by Doen, a foundation that supports initiatives for a green, creative and caring society.

I met the guys from Connecting the Dots last year in Milan, where we spent some time at Fuori Mercato, where me and my friend stayed during the Salone. It was also at the latest edition of the International Design week in Milan where Connecting the Dots noticed the attention to the ethical dimension as well as the social and environmental consequences of design products.

"It is notable that sustainable design is not necessarily packaged in a clever marketing story. Man and nature are simply, more than ever, at the center of things and have now become an integral part of the design" A small selection of pictures by Ilco Kemmere, more pictures can be found here.

I thought the work of Floris Wubben was pretty impressive. I loved the raw character of the vases and how they look like sculptural objects See more of the pressed ceramic at the website Pressed Ceramic

Enlightened Design exhibitioners 

Peggy de Bruin, Lilian van Daal, Willem van Doorn, Joy van Erven, Eline Groeneweg, Dave Hakkens, Laura Lynn Jansen, Quintus Kropholler, Isaac Monté, Mosa, Sandwichbikes, Thomas Vailly, Today Designers en Floris Wubben.  
Wednesday, September 17, 2014

NOIR | Our current obsessions

Graphic designer Joachim Baan, owner of 
Another Something & Co and  co-owner of Tenue de Nîmes kicked of with a new project. They call it ‘Our Current Obsessions’ "an excuse for all Jo’s hobbies that went a bit (or completely) out of hand" The project will combine the basic principles of an art gallery with retail and is always based on one particular online and offline theme. One of those obsessions became the first chapter of this new concept: World of Black.

For this first chapter Joachim teamed up wit Swiss lifestyle label Gertrud & George in a show called NOIR. Gertrud & George, known for their beautifully crafted black accessories line, have their full collection of 21 pieces on display in Joachim’s Amsterdam based studio.

On top of that he presents a ‘world of black:’ a diverse selection of curated goods and objects from all over the globe. On the walls (and window) art pieces by Ramon Haindl, Raymond Lemstra & Sybren Karst, Raymond Teitsma and Guido de Boer; on the shelves a mix of products in collaboration with several designers and stores.

Pictures via Joachim Baan with thanks | Last picture by Vosgesparis

Our Current Obsessions
- Schippersgracht 7 -Amsterdam 

Open Thursdays - Saturdays from 10AM-5PM


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