September 28, 2016

vtwonen & design beurs 2016

It's that time of the year again! To me it seems I write the same every year but I guess anyone who visited the vtwonen & Design fair over the last years will agree with me that it is always fun and a surprise, next to the different brands representing their collections, to visit the vtwonen home where the actual magazine comes alive in a home setting with different rooms and lots of styling and decorating inspiration.

Dutch interiors magazine vtwonen, the same magazine we recently did this styling and photography for, presented their yearly highlight in an XXL setting, with different rooms, a small upstairs area and a huge kitchen with terrace and beautiful green area. Here's a small photo impression... and if you are fast you can still get a glimpse of my Instagram stories.. it will make you smile!
You can still visit the fait until this next Sunday! More info at vtwonen & designbeurs

pictures © vosgesparis
September 27, 2016

Bedroom moodboard

Black, white, brown.... a bit of grey? Do you ever get tired of yourself, I do!  I have been selling tons of stuff lately to make place in my storage for furniture I recently bannend from my living, like the low besta cabinets and the huge black cupboard. For a few weeks the cabinets looked great in my bedroom | A second life for my IKEA Besta cabinets | but I got bored of them already and think it is time to really say good-bye to the plastic fantastic. 

I am getting a new mattress and as always something new asks for a change, my world it does! I think it is what most bloggers love to do, changing our homes, making new corners and still life's whenever we find an excuse, I love it and it is what makes me happy.

Most of the time I have great decorating plans but halfway I 'calm down' and go back to a more minimalistic approach, I actually just love black and white photography and 
a few brutalist design pieces more then creating cozy corners. Creating coziness in combination with the huge amount of concrete and black at home is something I am still mastering!  

photo vosgesparis | last picture by Livet Hemma

September 26, 2016

New collection by Amsterdam based fashion brand AMATØR

I have always loved the name of the fashion brand Eline Starink started up, while working in the business environment, to celebrate individuality and bringing contrast to a world that is dominated by
primarily black ensembles. Eline grew up in Norway and the name of her brand AMATØR is dedicated to her little brother Christian who is born with Down Syndrome.

Eline: "To the outside world he has his limitations, but in his own world, he has his own adventures to experience, things to love, games to play and lessons to learn. His determination is admirable and his optimism is something money could never buy. I can watch him drawing for hours. When we’re together we laugh at the funny faces we make and we laugh even harder at our clumsiness during walks around the lake. We’re not that different, we both have our imperfections and we both see the beauty in them. The beauty of being an AMATØR."

Part of the collection are the recognizable sweaters and t-shirts with the signature logo print, recently expanded with a soft sweater with DIRECTØR print and a short-sleeve T-shirt with "DIRECTOR" embroidery.  Shop the new collection online at AMATØR or at their first boutique at Runstraat 26 at the Nine streets area in Amsterdam. I made some pictures at the boutique but can't find them anymore, you can have a look at the store here though.

pictures by AMATØR