Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A white apartment in Amsterdam

A huge white apartment in Amsterdam designed by MAMM. A renovation project of a duplex unit in an 85-year-old building. Living in Amsterdam myself I am curious to know in what area this building is situated. It feels like a mix of an old attic and an office building in one.

MAMM opened up the staircase and half of a floor at the upper floor to bring in as much light as possible. i can imagine the view from that roofterrace.

Pictures ©
  mamm design

Monday, August 18, 2014

IKEA contest | Pin your ideal Bed & Bathroom and see it come alive at IKEA

Whenever starting a new project or room at home I have always loved mixing different products to design the kind of room that comes close to the idea I have in mind at first.
I believe that the first idea you come up with is always the best and for me that's always based on a certain atmosphere I want to create.

I love a combination of basic and new sometimes even shiny elements, combined with something raw, such as an industrial piece of furniture, and naturals such as wood, bamboo, rattan or rubber. No need to tell you I prefer things to be monochrome in combination with soft grey tones.

When IKEA challenged me to make a Pinterest board and design my ideal bed & bathroom and asked me to invite you to do the same with some great prices to win, More on that at the end of this post! the combinations above were the focal points for my new Pinterest board: 
#IKEAcatalogus – A new bed and bathroom! 

Today IKEA launched their new Pinterest board showing items from their new catalogus : IKEA zoekt interieurontwerper! |IKEA is looking for an interior designer| From this board and other inspiring pictures I found, I created my own Pinterest board #IKEAcatalogus – A new bed and bathroom! showing my ideal bed & bathroom. I'd love to challenge you and make your own inspiring Pinterest board to join this competition with great prizes to win!

How to join the contest
1: Create a board: #IKEAcatalogus – (your own title) 
2: Pin as many pictures as you want from the IKEA zoekt interieurontwerper!, any other IKEA boards and everything that inspired you to create your ideal bed & bathroom.
3: Don't forget the hashtag #IKEAcatalogus or IKEA will not be able to find your board!

The winner with the most inspiring board will be invited to bring her or his Pinterest  board to live, and create the actual rooms at IKEA Amsterdam together with one of the IKEA interior designers. You will also receive an IKEA gift voucher worth 
€2.500. The contest will run from today till September 12-2014. 

See my own Pinboard here: #IKEAcatalogus – A new bed and bathroom! scroll down to see how I made it, now show me yours! Good Luck and see you at IKEA Amsterdam! 

picture via IKEA
Here is how I designed my ideal bed and bathroom
Having a bright bedroom at the moment I thought I'd challenge myself to create a bedroom with some more darker tones. I guess in the ideal life I should have two bedrooms, one for summer and one for winter! How great would that be!
Here are the wish lists I started with to create and pin the mood board

Bedroom wishlist
* Definitely one black wall - 
I love to write on them and black is a beautiful backdrop for my monochrome poster and photo collection.
* Ribba leches - They are my all time favourite IKEA pieces, great for quickly changing pictures, I'd need some black ones to add at he new black wall!  
* A black clothing Rack - I love to easy choose from my favourite pieces and it is highly decorative.
* An old industrial table or cart as a bed side table, ideal for magazines and candles.
* Some bed lights - for reading  and cozy ness.
A huge mirror - I love free standing mirrors.
* A lazy chair - a lazy chair to drop my clothes on instead of on the floor... 
* New boxspring with a thick mattress - Having a boxspring for years I would love to have a new one and an even thicker mattress for it, I love the luxurious feel.
* A bedhead - ideal when working in bed with the laptop on lazy Sunday mornings and on my wish-list for years.
* Soft bedlinnen - with some darker tones for cold autumn and winter nights
* Knitted blankets - for extra an extra cozy feeling.
* Lots of cushions - the more the better I'd say and preferably in different fabrics. Maybe some velvet for a bohemian feeling.
* Rug - a rug under the bed for a nice out of bed feel.
* Some blinds - I love how you can catch the sunlight with them.
* Curtain rail - a cool industrial curtain rail.
* Linen curtains - an old favourite and I love to see them a bit longer.
* Candles - for a cozy light and a warm touch on cold winter nights. 
* And finally storage - as one can never have enough storage and I love a decorated but uncluttered bedroom at the same time. I'd probably go for a wall with some white cabinets, adding a black marble countertop And display my favourite photo books and some art objects.

Bathroom wishlist
* A light grey concrete floor and soft bath rugs.
* Big white sink - I'd love to get rid of the small sink I have. Wouldn't mind it standing on a concrete countertop.
* White shiny cabinets to store accessories we do not need to see.
* An Industrial cabinet in dark grey to store beautiful bottles and towels
* several mirrors - to make it a bit more playful
* Baskets with plants
* an old wooden bench or stool
* A bath! - because I never had one.

Written by Vosgesparis in collaboration with IKEA
Friday, August 15, 2014

Inspiration for your garden | Cute Amsterdam courtyard with Ferns

When you read my blog regularly you might know I am making plans for a little garden renovation. I have a small space attached to my living and would love to convert this space into a small patio, see the post I made about this here |Outdoor living|

Can you imagine I fell in love with this little outdoor space in the city centre of Amsterdam, furnished by Mobilia and vitra, and for the occasion of Elle Festival open to the public. What really made me fall in love with this place were the many green ferns added by the team of, giving the small courtyard a fresh and cozy feeling.

in collaboration with
pictures © vosgesparis

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Point Yamu Hotel designed by Paola Navone

Last year Como Hotels and Resorts opened two new locaties in Miami and Pukhet, both designed by Paola Navone. It took some time but I finally managed to sort out some pictures from Point Yamu as the hotel in Puket, Thailand is called.
If you are familiar with Paola Navone's style and has seen the homes she designed. | see some of them them 
here | you certainly will recognise some details that characteristics her style, like the way she combines everyday and different pieces in unexpected ways, the plates on the wall in the restaurant and the authentic tables piled in the lobby being a good example.

This is something I really love about her design. 
Funny detail are the huge orange fishes on the walls of one of the restaurants, symbols she often uses, even her business card has the shape of a fish.

This place seems like a dream destinations with beautiful views on the blue Phang Nga Bay and the Andaman Sea, colours you will see back in the bathrooms and in La Sirena, the Italian restaurant of the resort, while the Thai restaurant, the entry and the lobby show more red colours. 

pictures via Point Yamu
Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Editorial | End of Summer

Together with photographer Pauliina Salonen,  Minna Jones made an editorial with the 'End of summer' in mind for Finnish Deko magazine For me the combination of design pieces against the raw walls really makes these pictures interesting to look at. Find some more on Mina's blog Time of the aquarius

pictures © Pauliina Salonon

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