November 30, 2015

Roest by Vanjoost | Karven

Simplicity in its most basic form is what defines Karven’s Roest (Dutch for rust) collection by VanJoost. Rust is an elementary but beautiful reaction between iron, oxygen, water and time. Simplicity, or the lack of complexity, is highlighted in this series inspired by rough materials around VanJoost’s studio in the Netherlands.  

I loved the raw and industrial look of the Roest collection seen earlier this year in zona Tortona where I made these pictures. How do you like these lamps?    

pictures © vosgesparis
November 27, 2015

Facing Food | Ceramics by Roel Vandebeek

One of the cutest ceramic series I have seen in years! In Facing Food, Roel Vandebeek blurs the lines between applied art and product design. The basic shapes of this 20-piece porcelain service set are irregular circles. The addition of a small black dot suggests a face.

The collection consists of ten basic shapes or ‘characters’. They can be combined with each other, and when combined they appear to be in conversation. In dialogues with the environment, the food and other parts of the service set. See the whole collection here | Facing Food |

These pictures are made in Roel van Beek's kitchen and workspace where I was invited for coffee and cake and a tour through his workspace. Roel Vandebeek is a Belgian designer and artist with a preference for art, industrial design and interior design. He carries out 20 – 30 design projects per year ranging from porcelain, 
chairs, church interiors, and works of art for a hospital.

 pictures © vosgesparis
November 26, 2015

A bright home by interior stylist Josephine Ekström

The home of interior stylist Josephine Ekström is a perfect example of a bright and white Scandinavian home with a mix of old and new. Swedish antiques, 50ties design objects and etnic finds perfectly match together creating an interesting overal monochrome palette. I especially like the huge clay vases and the living as it shows a bit more black then the rest of the 200 m2 home in Höganäs, Sweden. 

pictures ©Birgitta Wolfgang via Elle decorationUK

November 25, 2015

Lumi bags | Finnish accessory brand

One of the great things of the internet is we can get to know brands from all over the world, it is not unusual to fall in love with a bag that's produced on the other side of the world or a bit closer, Finland in this case! Lumi is a Finnish accessory brand, based in Helsinki producing a range of leather accessories. 

Lumi means 'snow' in Finnish and it is the color white Lumi sees as the most colourful of colours, representing honesty, functionality, authenticity, precision, innocence, understatement, approachability, sustainability, equality, independence, and new beginnings. The same qualities they aspire towards their design work and producing of leather accessories.

I simply loved their latest catalog and range of black business bags, which are great for bringing your laptop and notebooks when out door working. I first got to know the brand when working on my Amsterdam Guide and documenting Scandinavian brands in Amsterdam. 

A piece of Finland is a real Finnish experience in the middle of town. And great to stop by for some Finnish drinks and bites and shop for some Lumi accessories yourself, a Lumi keyfob is included with all purchased Lumi bags for the next two weeks.

 pictures © Lumi 
November 24, 2015

TRAVEL | Lysverket restaurant X Københavns Møbelsnedkeri

On our first night in Bergen, Norway we went out for a drink at Lysverket, the restaurant located in an industrial building where the former city power company was located nowadays is one of Bergen's most populair restaurants. The dining room, with industrial brass lamps, smoked oak chairs and tables looked really beautiful.

We didn't had any reservation and spend the night at the banquettes in grey felt and wild black-sheep fleece for some drinks and food. We enjoyed the rather cozy corner in good company with Per Olav and the lovely Siv who I both met some years before during our bloggerstour party at Fantastic Frank in Stockholm.  

Københavns Møbelsnedkeri
At Designtalk I met the makers of the furniture used at Lysverket which is all handmade in Denmark by Københavns Møbelsnedkeri including the huge brass lamps. The chairs in smoked oak with black leather seats must be my favourite. 

Pictures 1-2 Line Thit Klein | 3 Kristofer Johnsson - Styling Per Olav for Kinfolk