October 13, 2017

CLOSE CONTACT exhibition at the Kinfolk Gallery

No better way to start the weekend than with the new exhibition you might have seen sneak peeks of online already over the last days. Pictures just came in and I love to show you them as you might have been as curious as me to see the exhibition up close.

CLOSE CONTACT is an exhibition presented by Norm Architects, Kinfolk and Sørensen Leather at the Kinfolk gallery and an exploration around the sphere versus our human body. 
The exhibition comprises ten large-scale, limited edition artworks finished in glass alongside 100 portfolios of smaller prints. The highly tactile and sculptural series juxtaposes the texture of the skin with leather spheres co-created with Sørensen Leather.

All works are for sale and the exhibit is open to the public Monday - Friday from 10am-4pm until October 31st at Amagertorv 14, first floor in Copenhagen

The Sphere as a form
The sphere is a fascinating form. Consider the Earth, our eyes and the perfect pearl. Or symbolic spheres, like our circle of friends and family. Even the womb, where we first experienced a close sense of contact.

On a philosophical level, many have questioned the sphere and its significance. Dating back to Plato, the origins of humans were described in mythical terms as spherical entities, with men as descendants from the sun, women from the earth and the third sex from the moon. In Greek Mythology, Zeus is said to have split each of them in two, creating an urge in all of us to find our other half for a sense of wholeness. [text: Norm Architects]

Photography by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen  // creative direction by Nathan Williams  

October 12, 2017

Velvet dreams and vintage furniture

Dreaming about the not so ordinary, and special items for my home I love to look at vintage design websites hoping one day coming across something from the past that would perfectly fit my home and wallet.

An amazing velvet couch that I could integrate into my masterplan... including a dark wall of course but I am sure they could help me with that. The Togo by Ligne Roset or some pieces from the Living Divani couch I love for ages, wouldn't that be an amazing statement in your home! It is not there is something I am in search for, hence I am still decluttering!

I think that if you go for a minimalistic approach some outstanding pieces really do the trick in your interior. I have to admit I am pretty bad in remembering the names of designers from the past unlike they are really famous maybe and whenever searching online I just use different search terms.

Sometimes the name of the sofa or chair I am curious about or terms like 'Pedestal' or 'Brutalist furniture' I found some great pretty vintage tables inspired by the heavy works of the Brutalist movement, round marble dining tables from the twenties, industrial gems and even different Togo couches for a reasonable price.

pictures 1 Archilovers | 2 toupatou | 3 thevangifts

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October 11, 2017

FRAMA Studio kitchen | New catalog & Long table gatherings

Frama CPH recently launched their new catalog and I love to show you some pictures of the free standing kitchen elements the kitchen is build off. 
I first came across the kitchen at the Frama studio apartment which is the private home of Frama founder Niels Strøyer Christophersen, he opened his home for the occasion of 3 days of design and I got to photograph his home, have a look if you haven't seen it: A raw and minimalistic apartment | Frama Studio apartment 

I even liked the kitchen more after seeing pictures at the blog of Elisabeth Heijer made at the Oslo Design fair, pictured above and below here. When visiting Copenhagen you will also find the kitchen in the Frama Studio store in one of the rooms where you can have a drink or lunch.
In collaboration with Copenhagen-based chef Mikkel Karstad, Frama is hosting curated dinners at the Frama Studio Store in Copenhagen from October 4-25, more info here.

Frama Kitchen
The Frama Kitchen portrays
the light expression of a piece of furniture within the kitchen environment. Every Frama Studio Kitchen is built upon a powder coated metal grid, providing an industrial but light approach. Within the free standing units we have encased top of the line appliances while retaining a low-tech and analogue expression. More info about the kitchen can be found here in the new catalog. text by Frama

More info about the kitchen can be found here in the new catalog. More of my Frama discoveries and Copenhagen visits can be found under '3 days of design' and in this 3 days of design Pinterest album  

- The kitchen as seen at the Frama store -
pictures 1-2 ©Elisabeth Heijer all other ©Frama 

October 9, 2017

Why follow trends when you've got style | Stijlvol wonen home

Last week I showed you some pictures of the stand build by vtwonen magazine at the vtwonen & design fair, surprising because of it's layout and very vtwonen. Have a look here if you missed it: VT Wonen & Design fair | vtwonen home Looking at my own home and style at the moment I was more drawn towards the home of Stijlvol wonen mainly because of the use of materials and colours, which I thought were all amazing! 

Some great features I thought were the combination of tiles and dark wooden floors and especially the Texture painting and panels on the walls. The outside swimming pool and bathroom with light tiles was just so beautiful as well, I hope to find some pictures of the pool later and will add them to the post. 

I might just have felt really at home also because of the layout with the cognac leather sofa being the focus point of the living, something I tried to incorporate as well in my trendstand for IMM earlier this year where I used modular sofa pieces to create a dynamic room. Here modular sofa 2.0 by Living Divani was used, my favourite sofa for years as you might know and it actually fits the name of my next Masterplan doesn't it!

Surprising was a small pool and the outside shower area, I only managed to make a few pictures in between lots of people walking through the home and hope you enjoy this sneak peek. More of what I saw including the home of Eigen Huis & Interieur and the winner of the Eigen Huis en interieur pin 2017 can be found in my vtwonen & designbeurs Pinterest album  

pictures ©vosgesparis 

October 6, 2017

Frites Atelier Amsterdam by Sergio Herman | Studio Piet Boon

French fries is one of Hollands most eaten snacks and it is pretty common to walk through town with a big bag fries with mayonaise. Most places where fries is served though are, like in most countries, not really outstanding interior wise and certainly not a place to stay any longer then necessary. Sergio Herman, owner of three Michelin stars in his former family restaurant Oud Sluis thought it was about time to have a beautiful restaurant to make fries available for everyone and I couldn't agree more.  

Piet Boon who also designed Sergio's beautiful restaurant The Jane in Antwerp was asked to design the interior for Frites atelier Amsterdam and like most of his projects the interior is worked out into the detail. I have to admit that seeing the huge coat of arms of the city of Amsterdam at the entrance made me proud and I love how there is an actual menu, beautiful written on a huge aged mirror. 

Although they are called Frites atelier Amsterdam  there is no Frites Atelier in Amsterdam, not until the ultimate place to open is found I am told! The first ones are now open in The Hague, Arnhem, Antwerp and Utrecht! When finishing meetings in Utrecht the other week we decided to have a look at the Frites Atelier which is located in one of the main shopping area's and on walking distance from the station where I had to catch the train back home.

Zeeland clay potatoes
The frites are made out of the best Zeeland clay potatoes I got explained, and there are five different sauces to choose from. Each atelier offers a selection of unique mayonnaises specially created by Sergio Herman. I choose truffle sauce and Asian curry, others are Béarnaise, classic, and andalouse served in huge ceramic pots by Cor Unum a famous Dutch art gallery for ceramics.

If you are in for something even more special look out for 'Papas Catalan' with a sauce based on among others almonds and roasted vegetables, 'Indo peanut' chips in Indonesian style! or the Frites Atelier classic the Flemish Stew, all frites are salted with salt from sourced from samphire! It was a beautiful day when I was in Utrecht and I loved the small bistro style terrace, do check out Frites Atelier if you love beautiful interiors and eat frites in style!

pictures by Vosgesparis // pictures 4-5 by Frites Atelier
// Sponsored post written in collaboration with Frites Atelier Amsterdam //