Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gandia Blasco | Spanish Design

Where to start when it comes to one of the most amazing blogtour meetings ever... do you recognise this feeling of being somewhere so beautiful you can't really describe the experience, nor the feeling and emotion that came with it.... not even a picture can show and tell how happy we were to be invited over at the private residence of José A. Gandía-Blasco to experience his love for outdoor living, the colour white and paella cooked on the grill. 

Enjoying Outdoor life is what characterises Gandia Blasco, originally started in 1941 by
José Gandía-Blasco and a business partner as a company making blankets and bedspreads. After not being able to find the right furniture for his new build home in Ibiza José A, who joined his fathers company in 1983, asked his architect to design some furniture for him. The result was a series of outdoor furniture with geometric shapes and right angles, just like the architecture of the Ibiza homes in pure white.

It was an honour and a real pleasure being able to share a moment of pure joy together swimming in this amazing pool in the homes courtyard. Lying on the chill beds around the pool under the beautiful ensombra parasol, a brilliant concept when you are looking for the right amount of shadow, and surrounded by old industrial buildings in combination with the striking white and square home of the owners where a great lunch was waiting for us.

Different collections were combined in the courtyard, portable outdoor lamp Esferaschill beds and parasols on the stone floors and an outdoor space at the end of the pool. More flexibel outdoor spaces were placed throughout the courtyard including a Wigwam and the contemporary outdoor winter garden cristal box.

Gandia Blasco showroom
The first time I came across Gandia Blasco was two years ago when I wrote about their rugs collection by GAN: Beautiful naturals | Rugs by GAN in the showroom they were beautiful displayed together with other items of the Gandia Blasco collection. We also had a look around the  older part of the building and learned more about the 75 year old history of the brand, watch the video below for a short impression.

Pictures  1|2|3|4|5|6|11 ©Vosgesparis  7|8|9|12 ©Gandia Bliasco  10|13Susanna Vento

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Walking the streets of Barcelona | Chuck II Taylor All Stars

While travelling around with our blogger team for 'Sunny design days' we were happy to have a small van to drive us around, many of the design company's were located outside Barcelona, in Valencia and even one in Madrid. It was our longest Blogtour so far and we enjoyed every minute of it. As said I had never been to Spain before and I really fall in love and am happy I stayed for another week. Beside going to the beach, see here if you missed it Instagrams from Sitges I have been discovering the different area's, hard to choose which was my favourite though.

Tiles, shoes and shopping
I think the best way to discover a city is to walk around and that is exactly what I did! I stayed in the Praktik hotels and walked from one to another as they are both located in the same part of town. Great area's where it is good to walk around, have a coffee, pop into the indoor food markets and go out for dinner. I don't know if you noticed but the streets of Barcelona have really nice tiles and still being busy with my garden I saw so many tiles I had to take lots of picture from them.

Converse Chuck II
I also bought some new shoes but for the time being and walking around for the whole day, I stuck to my all time favourite All Stars which are always comfortable for long walks... I think I have been wearing All Stars ever since I was a kid, and therefor loved to hear Converse is launching a follow up of the 1970 Chuck Taylor All Star, the, Chuck II

Most fashion stores had sale so I took the opportunity to shop for clothes and sneakers, I visited the New Balance store, and the huge Nike and Puma stores at the Passeig de Gracia  and bought a nice GStar coat, one of my favourite Dutch brands but I couldn't get the coat here anymore, I am really happy with it...  hopefully it will still fit this fall after eating huge amounts of tapas and Paella almost every day. 

pictures © vosgesparis except for the Chuck ll Taylor All Stars pictures

Monday, July 27, 2015

Osmothèque laboratory X Labperfum Barcelona

Osmothèque is a unique place devoted to preserving the memory of scents : a place that could inventory and round up existing perfumes and perfumes that would appear in the future, and that could trace certain great perfumes that no longer existed and bring them back to life. I came across the laboratory through a tweet by designboom telling how Osmothèque laboratory brings whatsapp messages into smell!

Digital communication is fast, a whatsapp message can be anything from a simple message to a sentence as 'I love you', the laboratory wants us to think of how would ‘I love you’ smell like? At the laboratory, Osmothèque enables you to choose a message of your choice and make your own fragrance with the four olfactive families.... This made me think of a quick visit to the Labperfum I had with Em and Susanna in Barcelona, a cute little laboratory where you can buy ready made perfumes but also mix your own.

Labperfum in Barcelona 

pictures via designboom | last picture by Susanna Vento

Metod X Paola Navone | The details | IKEA Temporary Milan

For this years design week in Milan, IKEA opened a temporary store and invited Paola Navone to interpret the big Italian family style kitchen in her own unique way. During a party at her private home earlier that week Pizza and wine at the home of Paola Navone | I had a look in her own kitchen and dining that perfectly reflects this way of living. 

Different kitchen utils hang against the wall, including a big blue fish, shelves with pots and pans, including many from china, all in sight and a huge cabinet with cooking books. In the dining area a large table with different chairs and again an open shelving units showing a ceramic collection and lamps out of natural material.

For Ikea she made a kitchen with metod cabinets, something she was not to happy with at the beginning I heard, but as the pictures shown she gave the rather basic cabinets a twist using different materials and using rare sockets and items that are not always be found in an ordinary kitchen. A bit of humor, mess and drama made it a real Paola kitchen. below you can read more about those special details. The kitchens cement tiles are designed by Paola Navone for bisazza. Find out more about her ideas and details I found out below.

Friday, July 24, 2015

TRAVEL | Instagrams from Sitges

Back in Barcelona I also had to try some of the beaches, it is really easy to reach the beach with the metro but to be honest I didn't liked it so much... I guess when it comes to beaches I am not the city girl I normally am, or maybe it has to do with spending most of my Summers in Sardinia in a little village with the most beautiful beaches nearby. 

When hearing about Sitges, thank you Maite!, a small town just half an hour away with the train, I could not wait to see it for myself. It is touristy and busy in the streets of the small town, there are a lots of bars and restaurants but there is also this quiet beach, the marina and the narrow streets I loved to bits, guess it also brought back some good memories. I couldn't stop making pictures for my Instagram account, but ended up with way to many... so here you go...a sneak peek from Sitges, I think I could live here for Summer! 

pictures ©vosgesparis

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