Friday, November 21, 2014

Industrial gold trend | storyboard & rooms

storyboard by line

Inspiring storyboards and styled rooms from a group of talented people who followed AnoukB's masterclass in Bergen last month during Bergen designstory#14 Participants were asked to create an industrial gold trend. Quite my cup of tea if you ask me... lots of great and different items in the storyboards, I love that golden cup, and additional word art by I love WRDS in every styled room.

room by line

room by gitte

storyboard by Raghild

room by Raghild
storyboard and room by Kari
storyboard and room by Nina

storyboard and room by Elisabeth Heier-Werner

storyboard and room by Lisa from Room Design

storyboard by Gunn Kristin

room by Anette Brunvatne

pictures by ToveLise Mossestad via Tendens


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Inspiration for your home | Tiled workspace

Did you know Dutch Interior magazine vtwonen has it's own collection of furniture and home accessories, you can see the whole collection in their recently launched webstore. And if you read the magazine or their website, you might know they regularly run competitions to win something from their own collection. You might even know I once was a happy winner of one of their competitions and won a floor for my whole home, more here if you missed it.

the picture above is from one of their latest competition winners, how do you like this tiled workspace, ain't it amazing? Tiles are from the vtwonen tiles collection, more pictures from the winner's home can be found here. And for even more workspaces look here!

picture by jansje klazinga | Styling frans uyterlinde
Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Inspiration from vtwonen | multifunctional bedrooms

One of the 'best' covers of the year if you ask me! With the bedroom as the main theme for an article in the latest vtwonen, stylist Cleo Scheulderman created four different and multifunctional bedrooms. It might be having the same black & white photos at home this room feels so comfortable to me but there is more.... what really caught my eye is the paneling behind the bed creating a cozy spot for different frames, pictures and other collections.

When talking with Cleo, I found out that she designed the headboard together with Dutch company Combitex whith who she works often on furniture for her styling projects. The pannel above includes a small bench, making the headboard multifunctional and creating an extra spot to sit or to have your stuff at hand. The size of the headboard is about 120cm high and 8cm deep you can make it as large as you need. The bench is made out of pine wood and painted white. What is your favourite room of these four?

' Sleeping and bathing' themed room

'Sleeping and storage' themed room
'Sleeping and work' themed room
Want to know more about Cleo and her work, read an interview with her (in Dutch) on BoulevardB

Fotografie Alexander van Berge | Styling Cleo Scheulderman

Monday, November 17, 2014

Greens at home | Kalanchoë

Thinking of adding some shelves to my kitchen, I went to my local IKEA store the other day. I didn't find anything that came close to the idea I had in mind, and spent some time drinking coffees and wandering around looking at the different styled rooms. There are always some clever solutions and ideas that inspire me and I can use at my own home in some way.

At the kitchen department I bought one of the black boxes I had my eye on for some time. Originally a washing-up bowl, it looked to me like it would be a great and sturdy pot for some plants
. I'm not usually a fan of single plants in pots, and and I thought this big, and most of all, black, bowl would really add something to the small plants.

At IKEA I chose some Kalanchoë with deep green leaves from the 
collection of new in-and outdoor plants at the greens department. Not the first plant I would go for as most are really colourful, I picked out the white flowering plants as I loved the green and white in combination with the large black pot.

The small flowering plants are the Kalanchoë Calandiva and the larger one on the table Lucky Bells, a newly designed type with pale green flower clusters that resemble lanterns at the end of their stems.

The good thing is that they can be kept both indoors and outdoors, where they will flourish even more. If you like colour you should have a look 
here at where you will also find a new DIY idea for your plants.  

pictures ©Vosgesparis in cooperation with

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