September 18, 2017

A black and white beach home | American Dream builders

In my last post I gave you a sneak peek off the winning home of the 2014 tv show American Dream builders I guess many of my American readers who love interior design have seen the show long time ago, but I just came across it earlier this year. I have to admit that watching real life tv shows like Grand designs is one of my guilty pleasures.

In The Netherlands we have a huge amount of tv shows like this, and I have even been asked a few times by different shows to  show my home or come up with a design for one of the participants, but never felt like getting on public television. Today I love to show you the rest of the winning beach house design, a home Lucas Machnik designed for the home owners. The outside is totally black, and I loved how this was a totally shocking fact in the show, un necessary to tell you I love the home, the art work Lukas' taste in interior design. 

pictures via Lukas Machnik
September 15, 2017

A minimalistic idea for your wardrobe corner

If you read my blog for some time you might know I really love the work of Rick Owens. I regularly search online for new work of him and when doing so I often come across stores, or designers who sell and admirer his work. It is how I found Lucas Machnik who has made a name for himself crafting retail spaces for Rick who recognized a kindred spirit in the architect’s all-black, minimalist interiors. Probably as I wrote in this former blogpost, where I show his home, the reason why his own home caught my eye as well.

Lukas Machnik was also the winner of American dream builders an American tv show where participants build a dream home for a family. I will post the home Lukas build and won with on the blog next week, but today I want to show you one of the pictures already because I really like the idea of these minimalistic blocks used under the clothing rail.

I did something similar with my old besta cabinets under my clothes-rack but took them away pretty soon after as it was not minimalistic enough for my taste
. I really love this idea though, how about you?
September 13, 2017

La Nouvelle table | New dinnerware by Merci for Serax

My favourite Parisian store Merci, designed a range of unique and functional dishes and plates inspired by Russel Wright's famous American Modern Dinnerware and traditional Japanese 'bento' in collaboration with Serax. The collection is made of sandstone and maple wood, in four different colours, and designed as a puzzle of twelve pieces that fit in and match in a variety of ways!

I miss Paris and visiting Merci and can't wait to go back and wander through the store and city and have list of new places I want to go when visiting again. This time I couldn't make it but luckily there are always some pictures to admire of friends who visited Maison et Objet and Merci during design week. Pella made some great pictures at Merci, including these of the new tableware, read her whole blogpost here. What an amazing mix of colours and shapes.... I know what is on my wish list for the upcoming season!

pictures by Serax | picture 3-5 by Pella Hedeby

September 11, 2017

A couple's home with great style | D’Orazio & Kråkvik

All Roads Lead to Rome the say, in my case though it seems everything I come across lately lead back to 3 days of design and Frama. Thinking about changing the backsplash at home and adding something to protect the wall, something with Italian style and lots of olive oil, my eye caught the kitchen wall of this beautiful home. Even after studying the pictures I still donn't understand what they used to protect, so if you know please do tell!

This apartment is the home of Alessandro D’Orazio and Jannicke Kråkvik, an Italian - Norwegian couple working in the field of interior design and styling as Kråkvik&D´Orazio, and owners of Oslo based store Kollekted By. The apartment is painted in smoky blue with washed-out pine floors and a mix of textures, materials and shapes. Some furniture, accessories and also the kitchen is by Frama.

Jannicke explaines how when decorating they start by filling up a room and taking things away piece by piece until it almost hurts and then, suddenly just will feel right! Next to Frama, other furniture used in the home are chairs by Thonet,  a vintage cabinet with a mirror by Dutch Lex Pott & David Derksen, Flos and Knoll.

Kollekted By
The couple first designed a few bars and cafes in Oslo for friends until in 2013, in partnership with Frama, they opened Kollekted By an interior store filled with minimal Danish furniture from Frama and a carefully curated collection of their own favourite furniture, lighting and interior objects from around the world like Workstead, Eumenes, Futagami, Hampson Wood, Guri Sandvik, Menu, Labt, Restart Milano, Karimoku New Standard, MAK Lab, Karin Carlander, and Dutch Mae Engelgeer amongst others.

Photography by lars-petter-pettersen found via NYT Magazine
September 8, 2017

Brutalist design | Trend podia at ShowUp

Last weekend I visited ShowUp, the Dutch trade show for Home & gift, I arrived early which gave me time to look around, listen to some talks, catch up and connect with some brands, and have a drink with friends, I showed my most of what I loved on Instagram stories. One of my favourite things at ShowUp is the always beautiful and inspiring Trendpodia by Jantine Benschop & Jan Agelink

This year we saw four trends: craft techniques that were translated into fairytale-like design in the theme 'New Mythology'. "Democratic by Design" invited everyone to be a designer, while the romantic, futuristic theme 'Regenerate' takes us into the future. My favourite theme obviously was 'Brutalist' showing us the wild and raw side of natural design.

'Brutalist' showcased  some familiar pieces I talked about on the blog before, favourite vases by Floris Wubbe, first discovered in 2014, see here Enlightened Design and also earlier this year when I showed you the amazing pedestals he made for Isabel Marant. Lamps 'Roest' by van Joost for Karven we used in a production for vtwonen: 
Styling van Joost | Bend the norm after discovering his work in Milan some years ago.  

A large tree connected the dark and light side of the Brutalist theme, at this side the real eye catcher was the work of Mrs. NovoI discovered her work earlier last month during an open house of Dutch artist Lolo Loren on Ibiza, check out Stellar Ibiza if you love these and live on Ibiza! 

Mrs. Novo booth at ShowUp.
  New Mythology theme with BLISS rug by Mae Engelgeer for CC Tapis 

Democratic by design theme

the futuristic Regenerate theme

Pictures © vosgesparis