July 18, 2018

A perfect escape by Ark Shelter | Into the wild cabin

With Summer holidays approaching I thought it was the right time to show you this ultra small black 40 sqm shelter designed by Slovak Studio 'Ark Shelter' which seems the perfect solution for your own Summer cabin or weekend home in the wild! Thanks to its smart technology, the house is a self-sufficient unit with solar panel, water collector, glass roof and even a jacuzzi, you could place it wherever you would like your getaway to be!

"We live in a world where we are extremely busy and from time to time we need to escape from it.  Escape from the stress, duties and civilizations back to our roots where it all started"
- Ark Shelter -

Ark Shelter has designed different shelters from small getaways to larger lodges with separate bedrooms for families to pool-houses and extensions of existing buildings. 'Into the wild cabin' is the latest shelter and with its 5 openings all around Ark Studio wanted to create a visual focus of the nature all around. More information on all projects can be found at Ark Shelter.

Photography by Jakub Skokan and Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice
July 17, 2018

Unique kitchen and home design by KBH Københavns Møbelsnedkeri

With a background as a guitar builder and graphic designer, Co-founder and owner of KBH Københavns Møbelsnedkeri Kim Dolva, build the perfect kitchen and storage facilities in his family home. 

KBH Københavns Møbelsnedkeri is a company committed to the craft of making handmade furniture and both the private home and the workshop, studio and showroom pictured above and below, show the beautiful handmade cabinets made by their very skilled and dedicated cabinet makers.

Since the company was founded in 2006 they have designed a collection of new classics and left a strong fingerprint on private homes, shops, offices and restaurants around the world and are constantly on the look to combine the tradition of well crafted design with new, innovative projects.

pictures courtesy Københavns Møbelsnedkeri
July 15, 2018

Exclusive wallhangings for high-end interiors by Milla Novo

With the bohemian and seventies retrieval in our interiors we also saw crafts like macramé coming back. I have never been a fan of an urban jungle and the macrame plant hangers aren't my thing at all but I do love to show you more of the work of Milla Novo. Milla Novo brought the art of Macramé into the next century with her impressive macramé wall hangers, while staying close to her Mapuche roots by integrating traditional symbols into many of her large pieces.

Milla Novo designs exclusive wallhangings for high-end interiors, event decoration, window displays, and home decor. All unique hand made pieces of art. It's not even a year ago I first came across her work during an open house at Lolo Loren last Summer when visiting Ibiza. In September she showed her work at ShowUp where her wall hangings were also displayed at the always inspiring trendpodia of Jantine Benschop & Jan Agelink and six months later I saw her back at Masterly in Milan! 

Milla is based in the Netherlands but her roots lie with the indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile, The ‘Mapuche’ people. She grew up with craft, making macrame bracelets as a kid and learning from her mum.

Her mother who still resides in Chile continues to play an active role in the Mapuche community and practices traditional weaving techniques. She has helped introduce Milla Novo to Mapuche crafts and more specifically the patterns and symbols that have been used for centuries. Milla Novo's work gives her an opportunity to share a small part of Mapuche heritage by integrating these traditional symbols into many of her large macramé wall-hangings.    

pictures courtesy Milla Novo
July 11, 2018

Perspective Studio Shoot for Residence Magazine

Over Summer we will visit Belgium to photograph the workspace of Arno de ClerqI showed his work several times on the blog before and I loved to see some pictures this week showing his work in the shoot by Andy Liffner for Residence Magazine.

This amazing barn is the background for the collection of Perspective Studio and their current Summer residence for the next six weeks. This Summer retreat owned by the nearby located Bakery in the north-east of the island of Gotland is a real dream space with high ceilings and white chalked walls where the selected pieces all stand out perfectly. Definitely worth a visit, find out more at Perspective Studio

Photography Andy Liffner 
July 10, 2018

TRAVEL | A beautiful restaurant in Madrid | La Vaqueria Montañesa

Its been a few years ago now, we had our blogtour team and travelled around Europe. We worked with some amazing brands and furniture fairs for around three years. It was fun and damn! we were good in styling, photographing, partying and reporting all together but I am really glad I can do the same collaborations and even more now with our own w/ Style agency.

Our last tour as the team we were, brought us to Spain! It was the first time I visited Spain and I really loved it and stayed a few days longer cooperating with some hotels in Barcelona and Madrid. I loved both cities and especially Madrid was a real hotpot that Summer, I visited many cool shops and restaurants and today I love you to show another find in the beautiful city of Madrid. 

La Vaquería Montañesa is a small restaurant in the Salamanca area not far from Tatel, a restaurant we visited as part of our Cosentino collaboration. How do you like this all white place with concrete floor! The Flos chandelier by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, the furniture from Artek and the pictures of Pablo Zamoracertainly totally set the atmosphere. 

pictures via La Vaqueria Montanesa