Friday, October 17, 2014

NLXL LAB X Piet Hein Eek

Friday night! After a week of work right after our Blogtour I was so happy with some days off! Being a late night person whenever I get the chance ... I love to sleep in on my days off, something I also really needed. I am looking forward to a weekend that is gonna be so much fun and filled with design again! 

As for tomorrow Dutch Design week starts in Eindhoven and I hope it will be fun and inspirational as always. Before that I am heading to Antwerp for some shopping and a brunch, and, I will use my train ride to Antwerp to read the DDW press mails I received this week to make some good choices on what to see. One of the mails really caught my eye, coming from NLXL and showing the new NLXL LAB. 

NLXL LAB is not just about wallpaper editions. It’s a notebook, a keychain, a printed plywood stool and much more. Designed by established designers or upcoming talents. One of the first new collaborations is with Piet Hein Eek

The plywood print collection is a collaboration between Piet Hein Eek and the Rijksmuseum and designed exclusively for NLXL LAB. The latest addition to the wallpaper collection by Piet Hein Eek is the Black brick wallpaper.

pictures via  NLXL LAB with thanks

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Table setting with Pillivuyt | Blogtour Amsterdam

When arriving at the studio in the afternoon of our dinner event, one of the largest boxes I had ever seen was waiting for us. The box was filled with tableware by Pillivuyt, and contained different plates and bowls in beautiful blue and white tones.

I was really happy their Scandinavian agent Thuesen Jensen provided us with this tableware that perfectly fitted the soft industrial feeling of the Studio. We had a small lunch provided by Bar Moustache and when seeing the several  stacks of bowls and plates on the wooden table I suddenly felt like being back in the south of French during one of my holidays. 

Together we unpacked everything, styled the table with all the different plates and went out to buy some flowers to decorate the table... I think it looked amazing. 

Pictures © Igor and Linda

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The all new Fatboy | Blogtour Amsterdam

On the chair, ‘The Klaid’ an oversized and super soft blanket by Fatboy | size 1,30 x 2 meter, launch 2015

When you say Fatboy, most of us will think, beanbags! And yes of course the beanbag is still one of Fatboy's all time bestsellers. But nowadays Fatboy is more then the brand with iconic colourful pieces only! There is a whole range of new stylish products in new colours which I spotted this summer at several press events around town.

The 'Concrete seats' were in my mind ever since, and when thinking on how to decorate Studio Pistache for our 'Design Bloggers United' dinner and party space I immediately could visualise them on the concrete floor where we would set up a huge table for our dinner guests.... and I love it when a plan works out the way I imagined.

The 'Concrete seats' really fitted the raw industrial character of the studio and our beautiful table with white and blue tableware by Pillivuyt 
soft flowers, candles and glassware. There are different pillows in a variety of colours and patterns, for the dinner we used different blue, grey and black tones. Both, the seat and pillows can be used in- and outdoor.

We also made a small corner with the
 ‘Baboesjka’, new prints will be launched in 2015. You can create your own Baboesjka by stacking the separate cushions in limitless combinations and create a 3-layer pouffe with an also new in 2015 to be launched leather strap.

The Edison lamps gave the room a soft, magical light and we had several Edison The Petit lights on the dinner table. It uses LED technology and has three positions and creates 6 to 24 hours lighting, after which he can be simply recharged. Around the room we used the two bigger sizes, the Edison the Medium and Grand.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Inspiration for your home | A cozy dark bedroom for winter

When autumn kicks in I always feel the need to surround myself with darker colours.... last year I painted another kitchen wall black just for Christmas because I thought it looked awesome with the copper tape I found in Berlin. It did, but I kinda missed my light kitchen after a few weeks and spend a whole day and 5 layers of white paint to get it in it's original white coulour again.

The IKEA press release in my mailbox yesterday makes me wanna paint it black all over again, I think this bedroom looks rather sophisticated and cozy for a dark winter night. Cool black and white bedding and a nice styled corner with some plywood and the transparent closet by Matali Casset from the IKEA PS2014 collection if you prefer some new industrial looking cabinet over some old lockers like these white ones, which I think always rock, I painted my own lockers in a soft grey and it might be just the option for you if you like something in between the very old and the new. 

Photographer Ragnar Ă“marsson
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