Monday, July 06, 2015

A mini makeover | Adding some colour to my workspace

The other day I showed you some new pictures of my home studio -have a look here- I am so happy with the small changes I made, and I really believe you don't need a lot to give your room a new look or feeling. The green trend is still going strong and I am finally embracing it, I love the small corner with plants at home but overall I love a more minimalistic approach to bring colour into my home, like here where I added a colourful picture to my clipboards. 

Next to a new table and chair I also got myself this 215cm high vtwonen display (pronkrek in Dutch). It's something I wanted for some time and the good thing is I can play around with it by placing it in any room of the house and use it for books, frames and small objects.

A subtile touch of green
I brought a subtile touch of green to the room by going through my books and magazines. My starting point was the cover of Kinfolk magazine and I thought the New Hotel book cover went really well with it.

The Styling book by karin Meyn has the most beautiful colours, moodboards and drawings you can imagine (also great if you are looking for any other colour scheme) and was just perfect! I also added some cactus and placed some green in a cute candleholder and some copper by using daily objects like this alarm clock and a pair of scissors.

How do you like this something you would like to try at your own home? Have a look at this Pinterest board or
 these expert & inspiration pages for more inspiration to bring the colour green into your workspace and home.

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Friday, July 03, 2015

Opposites attract | Black & white Summer items

With Summer approaching I often ask myself if I should add a tiny bit of colour, or some prints to my wardrobe, or just stick to my all time favourite black & white. Except for some ripped blue jeans, great with a simple white T-shirt, I have no colours at all in my wardrobe!

That said I was really happy to see the 'Opposites attract' campaign by &Other Stories. 'Keep it simple yet sophisticated with the contrast of classic shades' it said, and I couldn't more happier. Here are some of my favourite black & white items for summer and a little extra with a sparkle... and a great opportunity from Daniel Wellington watches.

Clean-cut and Classy with a sparkle! is also the new 34mm watch I got myself for this summer. My wrists aren't that big and I never loved those really tiny watches and with some others being just to big, this one has the right size and is also sturdy enough for my taste. And to fit my Black & White summer wardrobe the leather strap is black of course! 

Shop Daniel Wellington watches with a discount
Until the 15th of July you can choose your favourite Daniel Wellington watch and get a 15% discount on each purchase using the code 'vosgesparis' on  

I have been shopping for some more Summer items downtown Amsterdam and of course popped in at some of the Scandinavian fashion brands, I really love the clean style of brands like COS, Hope and &Other stories. And if I could afford I would probably buy myself some Rick Owens items too! I just found the pictures below showing the Summer 2016 collection at Palais Tokyo... 

Pictures 1-3 &Other stories | 4 Daniel wellington | 5 COS | 6 7 8 by James Cheng Tan/PRConsulting
Expect a summery of promotions, events and press releases on Friday as they happen... Happy weekend! 

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

MY HOME | Playing with colour

Thank you so much for your lovely words about the small changes I made to my workspace this week, see this post if you missed it, I am not ready yet.. I am also experimenting with a bit of colour. Playing around I found these leather handles, I used black ones for a collaboration with Histor and Piet Hein Eek some time ago. Ideas come as you play around and I discovered you can also use the handles to hang a lamp to your wall. Check back on Monday for more colours! 

The lamp is by PuikArt and the white cup with the letter D was sent to me by Design Letters as a Summer present. 
These design series with a typography hand drawn in 1937 by the world renowned Danish Architect Arne Jacobsen really fit my home... thanks guys ;) 

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

minimalism X concrete

It's no secret I love a bit of concrete, and many amazing pictures go around on Pinterest. Buildings can look moody and beautiful at the same time, I simply adore concrete floors and stairs and have beautiful unpolished concrete walls at home. And did you noticed that a concrete building looks even better at places like LA where the light is so much stronger... I collected these pictures because I love them... there isn't really a connection except for the concrete...

The Instagram account of Thismintymoment is one of my latest crushes when it comes to minimalism and beautiful concrete buildings.. go follow them if you love concrete.
pictures 1|2|3|4

Monday, June 29, 2015

Before and after | new pictures from my home

Over the last few weeks I have been re-organising my studio, I love my magazines and books filled with cards, souvenirs... and lists of beautiful things I still love to share on the blog, but after several trips abroad it was time to get through the piles of magazines and paperwork lying on my table. For my next trip I have a beautiful travelers notebook that hopefully will make it easier to keep things a bit more organised.

It might have been Spring or the fact Summer holidays are near but I felt like a fresh start at my studio, and nothing works better then taking everything out and redecorate! I saw this small table at Sissy Boy homeland some time ago and I thought it would be a great side table for books and plants.

It took me ages to buy it though -good thing it was on Sale when I finally went to pick it up-.
Thing is... I love the the 'real thing' and this table is a new made industrial one. Ones home instead of functioning as the side table I had in mind, it ended up at my studio and I think it looks really nice. The Emeco chair I got from Harvest and Company and it certainly contributes to the new and clean look. I also kept the shelves pretty empty which make stand out the old camera's and tools from my father even better. 

The KOTO diffuser from our candle line with Skandinavisk brings in a fresh fragrance of delicate notes of amber, exotic jasmine, mandarin and vanilla. 

Before and After
It seems my studio changed into a more minimalistic look over the years, or maybe I am just really good in getting rid of all things I do not need and only keep what I love most!

If you is how my studio looked before 
Two tables and a room - February 2010
Two tables and a room part two - February 2010

What's that in your studio - January 2011
My new studio in Black & white - july 2011

New pictures from my studio - may 2012
Something black & Industrial - August 2013

pictures ©vosgesparis
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