September 26, 2016

New collection by Amsterdam based fashion brand AMATØR

I have always loved the name of the fashion brand Eline Starink started up, while working in the business environment, to celebrate individuality and bringing contrast to a world that is dominated by
primarily black ensembles. Eline grew up in Norway and the name of her brand AMATØR is dedicated to her little brother Christian who is born with Down Syndrome.

Eline: "To the outside world he has his limitations, but in his own world, he has his own adventures to experience, things to love, games to play and lessons to learn. His determination is admirable and his optimism is something money could never buy. I can watch him drawing for hours. When we’re together we laugh at the funny faces we make and we laugh even harder at our clumsiness during walks around the lake. We’re not that different, we both have our imperfections and we both see the beauty in them. The beauty of being an AMATØR."

Part of the collection are the recognizable sweaters and t-shirts with the signature logo print, recently expanded with a soft sweater with DIRECTØR print and a short-sleeve T-shirt with "DIRECTOR" embroidery.  Shop the new collection online at AMATØR or at their first boutique at Runstraat 26 at the Nine streets area in Amsterdam. I made some pictures at the boutique but can't find them anymore, you can have a look at the store here though.

pictures by AMATØR
September 23, 2016

Young designers at the Block

As said before when visiting design fairs I am particularly interested in young designer area's, and at Habitare they were presented at 'The Block' where next to the prototype shop with the ideas of 14 young Finnish and Finland-based designers, six designers and designer groups got the opportunity to showcase their work. Read more about the prototype shop here

Northern countries seem to be much more proud on their design heritage and new designers, invited by Habitare we had a full program and I thought our guides were really informative leading us along the different design, not only at the fair itself, but also in town in different galleries, fashion and concept stores and even at some of the restaurants we went, I recognized the work of different designers seen at the Block.

Invited by Habitare me and 4 other bloggers, in case you didn't read about them in my previous post AgathaElisabettaRiikka and Stefan, were asked to choose our favourite design and had a small talk about it on a mini stage together with other Finnish bloggers, great to finally meet Maja of Musta Ovi! FYI I choose the Botanic shelf. I thought the Block was one of the most interesting area's at the fair, here are some of my favourites, first the bar stool above.

Nikari Perch bar stool
Finding a manufacturer is not easy for designers and it was this idea that made Finnish Design Shop, an online store decide to launch the FDS Award, by bringing the winner of the FDS into production they like to help young designers get their design on the shelves. Winner of the first FDS award was the design duo Wesley Walters and Salla Luhtasela, and their bar stool has been brought to market by Nikari, known for its high-quality wooden furniture. Available in oak and black stained oak via Finnish Design Shop

Turnaround Cloth rack and mirror
Turnaround cloth rack is designed especially for small spaces. By turning 180° you can place it behind a door, tiny hallway wall or multiply the space with having more of racks pushed against the wall and open them when ever needed. The turnaround mirror works almost the same, a perfect combo for your hallway or bedroom wall. More info on Turnaroundrack 

Ceramic tiles by Laura ItkonenBeautiful handmade ceramic tiles by Laura Itkonen which can be combined with square tiles, there is another unusual shape that is really gorgeous as well, more info on laura's website Laura Itkonen

Hapero coat hooks
The shape of these coat hooks comes from the mushroom called Hapero (Russula), which are also known for their beautiful color palette. Hapero, designed by Maija Puoskari comes in six different sizes. They can be used singly or grouped to make a wall composition like done at the fair in combination with different kokodame plants. Also inspired by nature is Terho, pictured below, a series of lamps designed for Mater.

Loved this single flower vase in glass by Marjukka Takala 

pictures 1/2 Riika Kantikoski | 3/5 Katri Kapanen | 6/7/9 Vosgesparis | 8 Maija Puoskari 

These pictures were made during design week Helsinki and Habitare 2016, Finland’s leading event for furniture and interior decoration and design, find all my posts about Helsinki under 'habitare' and have a look at this Habitare Pinterest album

September 22, 2016

Hello from Helsinki design week and Habitare 2016

Summer seems definitely on it's return and I am happy I could spend some wonderful sunny days in Helsinki with this bunch of happy people the other week. Tomorrow my last Helsinki post about the young designer area at the fair will be up on the blog and later on I will show you my favourite conceptstore and finds.

Invited by Habitare, me and 4 other bloggers, AgathaElisabettaRiikka and Stefan had a great time enjoying the fair and Design week in the city. Let me take you there where we celebrated the opening of Habitare and Design week the first night together with the international press, and to be honest I couldn't think of a better way to start then at the actual Alvar Aalto Studio.

A wonderful all white building with lots of black and white pictures on the wall, iconic furniture pieces throughout the building and a green courtyard, we had a small tour through the actual studio with the most amazing and funny guide I ever met. A lovely dinner and music and drinks in the garden and much more fun to come.

I stayed in Helsinki for 5 days, and as I spent some time at the fair I came back with lots of press material, I will show of my favourites in the coming weeks and upload some pictures at my Habitare Pinterest album. We had so much fun and Elena and Annika did a great job showing us some of the best stores and factories and wonderful restaurants like the one above called Särkänlinna, located in an old fortress on the island of Särkkä, Kiitos ladies!

Free Time
There was a bit of free time to walk around and do some shopping, Hotel Haven where we stayed was right in the center and had a great view on the Sea and the Food market,  some weird food there... reindeer potato chips... sliced beer in a tan, mmm no thanks! Instead I did enjoy visiting some of the new concept stores...

World of TRE
TRE is a new flagship store for Finnish design, 90% of all things sold at TRE are from Finnish designers, shop at TRE for design, furniture, lifestyle products, organic cosmetics and fashion, in the back you can grab a coffee or have lunch at the small Cargo Cafe

Marimekko store and factory visit
I really felt in 'Marimekko land' a few times, no wonder as the iconic brand is one of Finlands best known brands for home furnishings, textiles and fashion. The picture above I made in the store in Helsinki... please note the amazing Artek chair... more about Artek tomorrow! Although I am more familiar with the home collection, Marimekko is really fanmous for it's fabric and made important contributions to fashion in the sixties.

We had a visit at the Marimekko factory plannend, something I really like as I love industrial buildings. We had a tour along the designing studio, huge rolls of fabric, tons of paint and finally got to see the printing process from beginning to end, from the first small drawing on white fabric, to adding colour after colour and ending up with a bold print. More pictures in my Habitare Pinterest album

In search for coffee... thanks for this picture Agatha ;)

These pictures were made during design week Helsinki and Habitare 2016,Finland’s leading event for furniture and interior decoration and design, find all my posts about Helsinki under
'habitare' and have a look at this Habitare Pinterest album