October 13, 2015

TRAVEL | Music Essentials by Bolia X And a Weekend bag by HOPE

When travelling I always try to have a short break after a busy day just before dinner, a comfortable hotel room of course is really important but I am not at all into televisions and hardly never put them on, instead I love to listen to some music, read some mails or do some writing in advance.

With two short trips coming up this month I was really pleased to receive some beautiful travel essentials. The small JOY music box by Bolia I found in the goodie bag, is really cute and handy for travellers. Not only is it small and lightweight, it has a beautiful white rubber surface and next to playing your favourite music it can also charge your mobile phone. 

Remember I wrote about my old red suitcase and showing you my travel wish list? | Essentials wish list HOPE X RIMOWA and This is Ground | I am really happy to try out the beautiful Weekend bag by HOPE for my trips to Belgium and Norway. I love to travel light and this bag will be big enough for the most essential things and my laptop. 


Like most of you I love to collect beautiful magazines and when being abroad I always have a look at the bookstore. I not only buy them because of their great images, I love to find some cute new coffee and shopping places I can try out as well. In Norway we will also do some trips to the Fjords, I can't wait to see them for real and be surrounded by nature again... because reading beautiful magazines is one thing, but nothing can beat the actual experience. 

pictures & styling by Desiree | with thanks to HOPE and Bolia

October 12, 2015

Paris design week | Visiting Mad et Len

Being a huge Mad et Len fan for some time, visiting their temporary showroom during Paris Designweek was one of the only wishes I had while traveling to Paris last month... looking at the one or two products I can find in Amsterdam and writing a blogpost about Mad et Len with some borrowed product pictures does not even come close to the heaven I found in Paris.

In a small completely white gallery near Centre Pompidou Alexandre Piffaut, founder and creative soul behind Mad et Len made an magnificent installation with his (some soon to to launch) furniture and his collection of scented candles, ceramic, stones, and parfum bottles... a little serene Rock & Roll heaven in the middle of a busy neighbourhood.

I spent a few hours in the gallery with my friend Anouk of AnoukB Creative studio with who I visited Paris and who luckily shares my love for these products and soon will be selling them in Haarlem. All product are made by hand, so if you love Mad et Len as much as we do you might want to pre-order yours at AnoukB.... I can't wait to see all the beauty styled by her hand and available at her studio any time soon! For now enjoy the pictures I made and let me know  your thoughts!

October 9, 2015

MEDIA | Libelle magazine | Minimalism isn't boring

In the Netherlands, October is know as the 'Woonmaand' it's the month of the vtwonen & Design fair, and magazines are paying lots of attention to the home and home decoration in general. Many stores launch extra catalogues with cozy autumn homes and the first Christmas mails are hitting my mailbox already.

Libelle magazine is the largest magazine for woman in the Netherlands and for the October issue we worked on an article about minimalism, it turned out pretty nice with photography by Holy Marder and myself and a nice interview and a small 'shop my style' guide by Libelle. Click on the image for a bigger size if you read Dutch. 

October 7, 2015

Multifunctional wall desk in black | Norm Architects for MENU

I came across this multifunctional wall desk by Norm Architects for Menu, a great example of a small piece of furniture that can be used for different occasions, I like this tiny hallway concept in the picture above but it can also be used as a small desk to work on. I think there might be a nice hidden compartiment also for electricity, not sure about it but I noticed a cable coming out of an opening in the wall desk, available via Menu 

pictures courtesy of Menu.as
October 6, 2015

Minimal Magazine rack | AD Design

Instagram is such a great medium don't you think, I love to discover new people to follow and when new followers turn out to be great photographers, or designers or simply inspire me with their style. When Alvaro liked one of my pictures and started following me I discovered his work and had a look at his website to see his other work.

Alvaro Díaz Hernández is an interior designer, currently studying Industrial design, and specializing in furniture design. I selected three of his products because I love how you can use your imagination and interpreted them as you wish, and I think they are also great styling objects!

What is your favourite? Mine is the wall magazine holder, it reminds me of the ladder I used some to hang my magazines. See this old post here | 2 concrete bulbs + a ladder makes a loft | I still don't get this tiny sheepskin on my floor then! Are you on
 instagram .... I would love you to follow me.

 'Add' wall magazine holder
 'Linea' Magazine rack and coffee table

'Atom' in black or marble style
pictures ©
Alvaro Díaz Hernández