September 3, 2015

Piet Boon Kitchens by Studio Piet Boon | A sneak peek & a lunch

On invitation of Studio Piet Boon I had a first look at their new kitchen line today, together with designers of Studio Piet Boon, Piet Boon himself, Karin Meyn and a small group of press representatives we had a late lunch prepared by one of Gaggenau's cooks.

In the kitchen showroom 7 different kitchens are displayed and what caught my eye were the beautiful ton sur ton colours, and the combination of different and natural materials like marble, wood, copper and messing. Kitchens designed with a great eye for detail and beautiful styling. Soon more pictures .... for now a little scoop and a sneak peek through my Iphone! 

pictures ©vosgesparis
September 2, 2015

A white industrial home at the Lombardy countryside

The home of Monica Rusconi, owner of an Italian fashion label brings back memories of previous homes I posted on the blog, the long white couch reminds me of the home of Paola Navona in Paris and the beautiful branch in the oversized pot of the beautiful pictures in a post I made about Love warriors.

The combination of white walls, concrete and a little black together with some older pieces is definitely what I personally like most. All pieces in the home seems to have a function which gives it a tidy and uncluttered feeling, something else I really like and always try to archive at my own home as well.

What do you think of this home, is it to empty for you? could you live in a home like this, I think it could use some candles and books or magazines maybe.

pictures Morten Holtum
September 1, 2015

VIPP New york apartment and showroom

If you are living anywhere in Europe I guess you are familiar with Danish brand VIPP, I wrote several times about them on the blog, and I am still a very proud owner of the limited edition VIPP Bin made in collaboration with Parisian Store MERCI. You might have seen it in a styling I did back in 2013 in the Copenhagen store | Vipp Styling in Copenhagen | Blogger Competition |

Vipp recently opened a beautiful showroom in NYC and I would love to see this in real life and I can tell you why! Two years ago I have been on a design tour in NYC and I have seen many showrooms on the inside, and I believe this showroom is something completely new and different for NYC. I know people will love it, seeing the amount of trouble this owner of a villa at the Hamptons made to get Vipp to install a kitchen in his home. 

The New York showroom is located in a four story building and former sausage factory and is build and functions as a real home to give visitors a sneak peek into the Vipp world, and how their homes could look using the brands extensive collection. It is a beautiful industrial minimalistic apartment, designed with Danish aesthetic and furnished with designer furniture, VIPP bathrooms and lightning, a large VIPP kitchen where the ceramic line, that is also recently launched in the US is on display.

Vipp Ceramic collection
The ceramic collection, designed in collaboration with Danish designer Annemette Kissow is now also available in the US, and consists of a sevenpiece brakfast range with different cups and bowls and minimalistic egg holder.

Pictures ©Vipp

August 31, 2015

TRAVEL | Essentials wish list HOPE X RIMOWA and This is Ground

Last day of August, I had one of the best Summers for years with lots of Sun and traveling, I hope we will still have some nice days, I want keep my shorts on just a bit longer and am not ready at all for the Dutch rainy and dark days. Luckily I will do some more travelling soon which brings me to the subject of travel essentials.. I am not really a backpack girl and love to travel in style!

Travel wish-list
I have a small wish-list for some time... because after braking my black suitcase I am travelling with another oldie.. it is red, really easy to find back after a flight,  but not really my thing! I am looking into suitcases for a while now, and a silver aluminium Rimowa suitcase is high on my wish-list, if only they were a bit more affordable for my wallet!

For shorter trips a nice weekend bag is on my list, the kind of essential belonging that you miss every time when it comes to making a small trip abroad. This black HOPE weekend bag with a beautiful matte surface looks like the perfect companion for short trips to Paris. 

When travelling I am quite organized to be honest, I love to find my things without searching to long and therefor always use several smaller bags in my suitcase. I have a small Hope Ipad case for daily use and use a simple black toiletry bag with a good zipper for all my cables, as I love them to be protected. 

Nothing worse then finding your Iphone cable broken in the mess of your bag on arrival don't you think, and having everything together is r
eally easy also when checking in at the airport. 

Midori Traveller's notebook
When it comes to suitcases and bags it is a bit like collecting stationery, I love them to be as beautiful as possible and they really have to touch me. I think the Midori traveller's notebook is a great example of being really practical (I love the plastic zipper inserts!) and beautiful at the same time! The picture above is from a former post on my blog, look it up here if you missed it. If you are looking for practical solutions also Muji offers a range of handy travel companions

This is Ground

On my search for the perfect travel essentials I came across something super beautiful and I would love to get my hands on one of the beautiful black charcoal Tech dopp kits by Los Angeles based company This is ground.

Or even better this amazing Mobile office the Mod Laptop 2, a handcrafted piece of beauty that is fitted with high-power magnets, allowing seamless integration of the full line of Mod inserts, while also offering housings for power adapter, cords, pens, notepad, phone, hard drive, battery pack, glasses, cards, and currency.... sounds like my new best friend and perfect travel accessory for a blogger on the go! I would love you to share your favourite bags and travel accessories with me!

pictures 1-3 Hope | 4 by me | 5-6 This is ground

August 28, 2015

TRAVEL | Taturo Atzu | the garden which is the nearest to God

Although it can be really busy in town with the many visitors Amsterdam welcomes every day, I am still deeply in love with my hometown. 
I live in a quiet area myself and within no time I am downtown to enjoy the small shopping streets, or bike along the canals. Did you see the pictures and giveaway of last weeks family boat trip I made? Amsterdam still amazes me from the water!

There is always something happening in town, and I really wanted to show you the wonderful pictures Silvia made of the project of 
Taturo Atzu on the roof of the oldest church in town. Silvia is an Italian photographer and we previously worked together on some blogpost and the article for the vtwonen love blogs magazine. 

These pictures were made during a photo shoot on the roof with Tania, a jewellery designer from Sydney. You can see those pictures on Silvia's website, and maybe you love a photo shoot with her yourself!

Japanese artist Taturo Atzu is internationally renowned for his temporary art projects which transform our experiences of monuments, statues and architecture. Atzu's first public project in the Netherlands centres around the historic weather vane and the small roof turret, with the Angelus Clock, of the Oude Kerk. The project will run till September 6!

Come Closer is a series of public gatherings on the roof of the Oude Kerk. The evening programme, running from August 13 to September 6, brings together thinkers, musicians, artists, Amsterdammers, neighbourhood residents, and the curious up in art installation “The Garden Which is the Nearest To God”

by Japanese artist Taturo Atzu: a panoramic terrace with a spectacular view over Amsterdam. In the midst of a city in motion, Come Closer offers a moment of reflection. For 12 evenings special guest speakers share a new perspective, a unique story or a performance with the public. High above the city in the open-air, a sort of contemporary hagenpreek (open-air sermon), Come Closer invites you to listen, look, experience, think collaboratively and to speak up. You will find more information on the events here | text and info via de Oude Kerk

pictures ©Silvia Falcomer