Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bathroom styling by Lotta Agaton

Loving this storyboard with beautiful colours and objects used in the Swoon bathroom below. Styling by the ever talented Lotta Agaton. I am showing the black one on here but There are some more in green and pink at the Swoon website. 

photography by Kristofer Johnsson
Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A white home in Berlin | Fantastic Frank

Have a look at this Seventies apartment, furnished by Fantastic Frank. Located in Berlin, it proves you don't need anything more then a few essential pieces, some design and Scandinavian accessories to create a light and uncluttered studio on 32 square meters only. More on Fantastic Frank.

pictures via Fantastic Frank with thanks

Monday, November 24, 2014

Punk chic green and a Qazqa lamp

Over the summer I worked together with Anki from Zilverblauw on an advertising campaign for lighting brand Qazqa. She asked me and five other bloggers to choose different items from my own home, that would tell something about me and about what I love most, and to choose a lamp from the collection that matched the style. We did a styling and shoot at my home with the items, that is now on the Qazqa website. And this weekend I finally made some pictures of the lamp in my own home, the lamp can be used in different ways and I personally love the light shining upward adding a soft touch to the room at night.

I think autumn is being beautiful this year! With low temperatures and a few really cold moments only so far, I am really enjoying the trees changing into beautiful brown and red and with the green in my garden looking even greener now I thought it was a good moment to also add some green and brown to my home for a change. Last year I wrote a blogpost about brown at home | Is brown the new black? | and although it is not a colour I would use for a large piece of furniture, I do like it in small doses and in combination with black, and in this case some green also.

I used a small poster out of LMBRJK's book I bought and I really enjoyed looking for pictures and colours that suited this forest image.. Being still in love with copper I also added some copper clothes hangers. The brown leather bag was given to my son when he was little and is handmade in Sardinia, a beautiful and treasured souvenir from the past, the lamp is the Rytel black.

pictures © Vosgesparis
Friday, November 21, 2014

Industrial gold trend | storyboard & rooms

storyboard by line

Inspiring storyboards and styled rooms from a group of talented people who followed AnoukB's masterclass in Bergen last month during Bergen designstory#14 Participants were asked to create an industrial gold trend. Quite my cup of tea if you ask me... lots of great and different items in the storyboards, I love that golden cup, and additional word art by I love WRDS in every styled room.

room by line

room by gitte

storyboard by Raghild

room by Raghild
storyboard and room by Kari
storyboard and room by Nina

storyboard and room by Elisabeth Heier-Werner

storyboard and room by Lisa from Room Design

storyboard by Gunn Kristin

room by Anette Brunvatne

pictures by ToveLise Mossestad via Tendens


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