Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A white loft in Amsterdam

When having a look at the pictures Amsterdam based photographer Barbara Iweins sent me I was immediately in love with the way she displayed the art and books in her overall white home. You might have seen some of her work in last friday's post! If you missed it have a look here: A photographers project | Au coin de ma rue

Having seen lots of homes from the inside in Amsterdam I can perfectly imagine the layout of the three floored house. I have runnend up and down stairs like the ones above for many years when living in the Vondelpark area as a kid.

I love how many details of the construction are uncovered, showing all beams and on how everything is painted white, to let even more light in and making it the perfect family home for her and the kids. The cabinets in the large kitchen where they love to hang out, are made of the old wooden floors, while the metal tube is the laundry shoot! The last pictures show the third floor, which is for the kids. 

pictures ©Barbara Iweins

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Room on the Roof at the Bijenkorf

You might have noticed the little tower on the roof of Amsterdam's most famous and recently modernised store "De Bijenkorf " Over the last 100 years the tower has never been used, but things are changing and from today the sixteen square meter tower room will become the workspace of different artists, writers, musicians, architects and designers selected by The Bijenkorf in collaboration with the Rijksmuseum. The Artist in Residence project  ‘Room On The Roof’ will start with Maarten Baas being the first artist using the studio...  

The wooden installation, designed bij i29 interior architects contains several all functions designers will need, while the other side of the room is left totally white.

pictures © i29
Monday, January 26, 2015

i29 interior architects | Single-family apartment in Amsterdam

Awarded i29 interior architects designed this family apartment in Amsterdam. The thing with those pretty perfect places is that each time I post a home like this on the blog, I don't feel like exactly copying but it feeds my imagination with ideas on things I could do in my own home. 

My home is situated at the corner of a building, it has a square block in the middle where some cupboards and the bathroom is build in. You can have a look at it from 3 sides and I often think of covering the walls with wood or another material, making the block stand out, this home certainly shows how it could look like.

i29 believes in simplicity and contradiction. The result of being selective is that you have to push each choice to the limit. It also provides a field of tension, and energy to a space. But more importantly it leaves you with a charismatic environment. i29 stands for a work ethic that leads to design solutions dependent neither on expensive materials nor on technical show.

Friday, January 23, 2015

A photographers project | Au coin de ma rue

Love to show you some of the pictures of Barbara Iweins project 'Au coin de ma rue' today. Barbara is an Amsterdam based photographer and her project is based on her obsession with strangers and her drive to find out more about each individual passer-by. She decided to embrace this obsession and capture some of these people 7 years ago. She bought a camera and a 50mm fixed lens and simply started to ask and immediately realised that it would not be as easy she thought.

Barbara: 'What I had not realized- lacking any real photography experience- is that a 50 mm lens didn’t allow me to shoot a full body and keep the details of a face. Instead I took two pictures, one of the face and one of the legs and thought I would photoshop them together. I quickly realized this was a pretty bad idea. But when I placed the head and the body side by side I loved the result. And so AU COIN DE MA RUE was born ! Each day I walked around Amsterdam for  two hours to make pictures of people" The stranger eventually became a friend and Barbara followed 30 of them for 5 years, and each year she made a picture of them with a different theme.

If you look at year 1, you might recognize some people from the "Street Style memory Game" The name was given to the game by her publisher and sold over 10.000 copies to date and is still loved by the international fashion and style press.... If you ask Barbara though... she says "In real I didn’t want to detail the dressed person I wanted to “undress” them and as a voyeur, enter his life and thoughts as much as possible" I was touched by the beautiful black and white pictures of year 3 visit Barbara's site for more inspiring pictures.

Pictures ©Barbara Iweins
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