Friday, August 01, 2014

A monochrome home with copper details

Like I showed you in many previous posts, I am a huge fan of the photography of Hannah Lemholt, I love her style and the way she photographs people and interiors. These pictures are made in the home of Swedish interior stylist Jenny Hjalmarson Boldsen  beautiful monochrome colors, art photgraphy by Hannah Lemholt and Therese Sennerholt and a little copper that goes so well with black and white interiors.

Pictures | Hannah Lemholt via Nordic design

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Anchors & Anvils | Vintage camera's restored in wood

A while ago I came across some beautiful restored camera's on the website of California based Anchors & Anvils, they sell vintage camera's hand covered in real wood and hand crafted genuine leather camera straps. I still have my first camera, an Olympus trip, not a really old one but it always brings back good memories. And some time ago I was trilled to find a box with old camera's on the street, you might have seen them on my Instagram, old camera's always intrigue me!

If you are a photographer you might love to have a look at the webshop of Anchors & Anvils, where you will find a small collection of camera's and different handmade accessories. Austin finds his cameras in all sorts of ways! Yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores, friends, and even online auction websites. "I find that the hunt for cameras is often a difficult one! Especially if you are someone like me who needs something that is free of dents and major wear and tear" he says.  

I found the camera's really interesting and asked him to tell me some more of his background and the restoration process of the cameras, and how he get started with covering vintage camera's in wood... 

I began collecting mid century modern furniture pieces roughly 5 years ago while going to school for photography. Over those 5 years I would spend countless hours researching prominent furniture designers from all around the world. On the weekends I would go to estate sales hoping to find my own designer pieces that I could treasure. Many of the designer pieces that I did manage to acquire needed serious attention and restoration. I began refinishing lots of modern pieces and became very familiar with working with all sorts of woods and veneers.

Over the years I have struggled with my two loves, photography, and my love for vintage modern design. I found that if I was fully devoted to my photography it meant I would have very little time to devote to finding new furniture pieces. I always wished that there was a way that I could combine my two passions.

One day I was looking at my vast film camera collection and noticed that they were all wrapped in the same faux black leatherettes. None of them really stood out from one another and there was no real aesthetic beauty to be found. Being a photographer I found them fascinating to look at, however, I knew others were far less attracted to them.

I began toying around with the idea of putting fun patterned wall paper on vintage cameras, and even using vintage fabric. Then one day it hit me! The answer was staring at me all along. I could borrow what I loved about mid century modern furniture (beautiful exotic wood grains) and combine it with the beauty of vintage cameras. After months of trial and error, and endless hours tinkering I finally managed to develop a way to achieve the look that I desired all along.

I have found that my film cameras really peak peoples curiosity. Every time I take my cameras out shooting I am constantly getting compliments and questions. While some true street photographers might knock the attention and find it distracting to their work. I personally find that reaction is exactly what I wanted! I finally have people who have never even held a film camera suddenly taking an interest in them.

The cameras them selves are beautiful enough to make people want to own one, use one, and experience using film as a artistic medium. If I can make people see film cameras as beautiful as I see them, then I am doing my part to help keep the medium of film around to hopefully see one more generation appreciate its beauty.

Thanks so much Austin for answering my questions!  Anchors & Anvils is on the look for a few more boutiques in major cities to carry the leather camera straps. Visit website Anchors & Anvils

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A green moodboard | Succulents

D.I.Y Rock garden on wheels
Searching for ideas for my patio I came across this tutorial on how to make your own Rock garden on wheels using Echeveria.... I watched it several times 'Love the catchy music' and I could see this idea with pallets as half garden, half table or maybe even half bench at my own patio as well. 

pictures 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 video via  

Monday, July 28, 2014

Hammocks & Summer breezes at Sukha Amsterdam

At Amsterdam we are enjoying some lovely summer days these weeks and with a gorgeous hammock Sukha Amsterdam transformed their shop entrance and window with the right vibe to get you in the mood for long Summer nights. I can't wait to finish my patio and hang my own hammock between the trees and listen to the bamboo moving in the wind... 

Sukha Amsterdam launched its own label: Atelier Sukha, introducing a varied collection of fashion, accessories and interior items. Sukha means “Joy of Life’ in Sanskrit and that is what you will sense in all of Atelier Sukha’s fabulous products. All made out of pure, and natural materials like wood, wool, linen, cotton and cashmere. 

Founders Irene Mertens and Sam IJsbrandy, both designers, travelled to the poorest regions in India and Nepal where they jointly developed the Atelier Sukha product line-up with local communities. Their visits were an instant success with many small handicraft companies now making plaids, rugs, pillows, jerseys, blouses, gloves, but also special items one-off items such as chandeliers.

Atelier Sukha is not about glitter and glamour, nor about bright colors or artificial materials. Only pure and natural elements grown locally following ecological principles are good enough for the label.

      Find Sukha Amsterdam at Haarlemmerstraat 110, near central Station and if you are up for a walk in this area have a look at my Amsterdam City Guide.

Pictures © Jeltje Janmaat for Sukha Amsterdam

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Loft Amsterdam | Must see pop-up store

'The Loft’ is an annual pop-up store ... and different from all other pop-up stores. It's a store with a selection of hand picked furniture, books, art, and many many!! other items all beautiful styled together.... it's an inspiring place, and home to an eccentric person.

Each year organisers,
the Playing Circle will choose a different fictive person with a different character, according to which the collection of furniture, art and accessories will be curated. 

From the carpets on the floor, to the furniture and even the books in the shelves – everything in The Loft will be for sale. I have been here already twice and if you have the change, I think you should go and experience the loft yourself! It's that place where you can wander around and discover new items all the time and where it is hard to leave empty handed.

The Loft will be open till August 15 Check out the page for special events and opening hours: The Loft

Pictures © | Vosgesparis
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