August 23, 2017

An apartment in a concrete silo by Arjaan De Feyter

Belgian architect Arjaan De Feyter designed this minimalistic concrete apartment in one of the by Axel Vervoordt coverted old silos at the Kanaal in Wijnegem, Belgium. An industrial dream space with exposed concrete floors, concrete plaster walls and brick structure.

Strolling through the article, found on Wallpaper, it were the many sightlines flowing from one room to another that caught my eye. I am not a particular fan of round spaces but I love how the custom made furniture and the carpet beautifully follows the lines of the building while linen curtains soften the space and some walls are build to, as the architect says, create the right visual pauses.

Photography ©Piet Albert Goethals
August 22, 2017

C-More Concept Store | Room for design

With a long Summer holiday in mind I made myself a promise, visiting my friends Conceptstore in Nijmegen was the number one thing I had to do as soon holidays took off. Since a few months Iris and Yske run their brand new C-More Conceptstore in the former Honing factory, a must visit if you are looking for new designer furniture, handmade goods, home accessories, fashion and lifestyle items or small gifts.

Within the large industrial space the work of young designers is showcased next to more established brands such as Loof and Fest Amsterdam. What makes C-More different is that they sell the designs and products directly from the designers, under the name 'Made in Nijmegen' they created a special section that offers a stage for Nijmegen designers. During the year different interior, lighting and colour workshops can be followed organised by the team next to guest work shops.

The Loft

In addition the store has created a Loft in the middle of the store that changes every three months, when I visited the different rooms were furnished with designs of, among others, LOOF, Don Zweedijk | The Possibility Collection [known by X-Bank] Stilst, JK Lomans, Angela Willemsen, Joost Seegers, Fest Amsterdam, Samsung and many more. Bathroom designers Jee-O build a complete bathroom for three months in between fairs, giving them the opportunity to bring their design under the attention of a different audience.

C-More is looking for new designers for LOFT | ROOM NO4. Are you a designer of special and beautiful interior and design items, furniture, fashion, interior accessories or jewellery and do want to sell your items in the conceptstore, you will find all info here.

pictures ©vosgesparis
August 16, 2017

A new AESOP Store in San Francisco | Tacklebox architecture firm

Love to share another Instagram find of mine today, Tacklebox is a brooklyn architecture firm with a portfolio that includes residential housing, retail, interior design, custom furniture, and product design. My eye caught the beautiful shelves at the Aesop store located on Jackson Street, in San Francisco’s historic waterfront district. 

Whenever I am in Paris or Milan I have to visit one or more Aesop store's and same as for the Muji stores I have never understood why there are no stores in Amsterdam. That said and being a huge fan of Aesop and their beautiful and unique store concepts I had to find out more about the store and the design firm behind it. On their website many more projects and Aesop stores

Tacklebox: "In line with Aesop’s customary architectural approach – to work with what is already in place, weaving a discreet presence into the fabric of the locale – fault lines and natural rifts within the area’s geological timeframe were key influences, expressed through a prominent raked wall of plastered texture and form.

Bracing, stitching, and splicing the surface of the wall terrain, forty-one solid copper shelves bridge the in-between, bearing intended reference to the copper stills used to produce the whiskey in A.P Hotaling’s warehouse, once the West Coast’s largest whiskey repository.

This space is situated in one of a handful of structures that survived the 1906 earthquake and fire, owing to the quick-thinking firemen and hundreds of citizens determined to protect the stores of Hotaling’s Whiskey, an endeavor that fortuitously preserved the architecture of neighboring blocks." 

picture courtesy Tacklebox

August 14, 2017

AMBIENT LOUNGE | Soft furniture for interiors and outdoor

Ambient Lounge recently asked me to make some images with their Twin Couch elements. I am always up for a collaboration and love to get to know new brands and especially one that I had not heard of before and launched an in Australia already classic light weight designer couch. Ambient Lounge is a global brand by awarded Australian designers who have successfully transformed the 'bean bag' chair into fashionable designer furniture and can be seen in numerous hotels, cinemas and galleries.

I guess we all grew up with the bean bag, and as a teenager I loved to throw myself on them. As an adult I am more into something I can actually sit on or perfectly lounge in, curled up with my laptop or a magazine. After unpacking the boxes it was easy to connect the three elements with the robust zippers and form a small couch without armrests, something I rather like actually! The pouf consist of two smaller elements and was even easier to connect, elements can also be used individually and more different elements are available to form different lounge area's.

Besides the Twin Couches a large collection of different seat bags for indoors, outdoors and even for pets is available at the Ambient Lounge webshop. I was surprised by the sitting comfort of the couch and have to agree that these bean bags are a paradigm shift in the evolution of soft furniture. Hotels, cafes, lifestyle retreats, residential projects, universities, modern libraries and cinemas all are spaces for Ambient Lounge®.

 pictures ©vosgesparis
written in collaboration with Ambient lounge 
August 11, 2017

An all black Copenhagen hotel | The Krane

When in Copenhagen I loved to stay in the huge black loft across the water, not only did the area reminded me of my own living area the Eastern Docklands in Amsterdam but the almost gothic black loft was totally up my alley to be honest, have a look at it here in case you missed it... STAY Copenhagen Design apartments | 3 days of Design 

Seeing the sky and being surrounded by water is something I love, hence I was born, and spent my childhood near a canal and now live on one of the first harbour islands that was transformed into a residential area, therefor I loved walking around at Nordhavn when visiting the Menu Space last June. 

Located on the edge of Nordhavn 
Architecture firm Arcgency has turned an industrial coal crane in a Copenhagen harbour into a luxury two-person retreatThe Krane has a 50-metre-square Krane Room living space at the top of the structure featuring a minimal all-black interior with built-in furniture and furniture by danish Menu, there is my favourite daybed again! The reception can be found on the ground floor and a spa and terrace on the second. All areas can be hired seperately including a glass walled meeting room o the first floor. 

Photography Rasmus Hjortshøj via dezeen