Friday, May 22, 2015

From Milan to New York City | Moooi Presentation & carpets

While being in Milan during this years Salone I was lucky to stay right in front of the Moooi exhibition, one of every years most spoken presentations! Being totally impressed by the breath taken pictures by Rahi Rezvani in combination with the new lighting and furniture collection I visited the huge hall almost everyday.

New collections by Marcel Wanders, Studio Job, Bertjan Pot, Arihiro Miyake, Atelier Van Lieshout, Raimond Puts and Jonas Forsman were presented in 9 home environments, which inspired the public with their sense of style and 12 poetic haiku compositions, which revealed in an instant how Moooi’s furniture and lighting products can be combined to complement each other perfectly.

The 4,5 meters high pictures were perfectly combined with the launch of Moooi carpets, offering a wide range of carpets for all tastes. 
I hope the exhibition, like last year, will find its way back to Amsterdam where it will be rebuild on a smaller scale in the Moooi Showroom & Brandstore...

Moooi arrives in New York
I spotted already some of 
Rahi Rezvani's pictures in the new Moooi Showroom and Brand store in New York where Moooi will introduce a 'brand' new world of design opportunities in Manhattan’s Nomad area! More at the end of this post... but first enjoy the beautiful Milan presentation... 

New Collection Presentation during Salone del Mobile 2015 - Italy, Milan, art photography by Rahi Rezvani, photographer: Peer Lindgreen 

Moooi Showroom and Brand store New York
Moooi is the very first Dutch design brand opening a store in the upcoming Nomad area, which is known for its fine architecture and central location next to the iconic Chrysler and Empire State building.

Having developed at a quick rate over the last years, Manhattan’s Nomad area has rapidly become an attractive commercial hub for stylish brands and Moooi is delighted to take up residence next to luxurious hotels, quality restaurants and cutting- edge mono and multi brand stores. 'New York is the capital of the US and Manhattan is the place to be for an upscale design brand. | text Moooi may 2015

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Thursday, May 21, 2015


Hope you are still enjoying my posts about Milan Designweek, there is so much to share and besides the many new designers I could easily make another few posts about all the projects where Paola Navone was involved with this year. She is a real busy lady and she worked on so many new collections and installations in collaboration with several brands like Gervasoni, Cappelini and Dutch Linteloo. Besides her work as a designer she is also an amazing art director and I can't even think on how much fun it must be to come up with a concept and bring it to life. 

Her new collection 'Take it Easy' was part of this year’s Linteloo presentation in their showroom in Tortona, where they presented Delicatessen: Furniture, Food & Fun, all set up by Paola Navone and based on food and delicatessen, a real marketplace where the finest Italian and Dutch food and furniture met. Have a look at the video below to get a 'live' impression of the showroom. 

The love of food and cooking, along with travelling to other countries, turned out to be just some of the things Paola and Jan Linteloo shared when they fist met around 6 years ago. Next to her new collection for Linteloo called 'Take it easy' the showroom was decorated with several iconic pieces like huge blue fishes, and funny carpets based on Salami and Mortadella and a wallpaper series, all made especially for this presentation. The new 'Butcher' collection by Dutch designer Sjoerd Vroonland perfectly fitted in! As an additional element hundreds of plastic 'tiles' were cut in order to enhance the butcher concept.

Take it easy
Paola Navone's new collection 'Take it Easy' for Linteloo was introduced during the Milan Design Week. Take It Easy is a simple and refined collection of sofas and side tables that is dedicated to bring people together in an informal and playful atmosphere. The sofas for the new collection are dressed with soft linen in powdery, plain colours as well as bright colours full of energy.

Butcher collection by Sjoerd Vroonland
Dutch designer Sjoerd Vroonland has translated Linteloo’s feel good factor and passion for food into the Butcher collection. Inspired by artisan bakers and butchers and their tools as a baking tray or a chopping block Vroonland designed this collection consisting of the Butcher Table, Butcher Stool and Butcher Bench. The dining table, the central piece, is made from crosscut material from the ends of wooden planks. 

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pictures ©vosgesparis | 2nd picture via Linteloo | video by Alessandro Swainston

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

No.5 by Abstracta | Styled by Lotta Agaton

My first ever modular shelving system after some really affordable ones from my local DIY shop was a Lundia system, we designed it ourselves and I remember it had blue drawers and red doors... it was some sort of a compromise, I liked blue and he liked red. After some years it was banned to the garage and years later, the week after I throw it out I came a cross a wall filled with black painted Lundia shelvings... and I kind of regretted.

The thing is that sometimes you have to see the possibilities of a simple shelving or modular system. In an earlier post: Bathroom dreams in Black & white  I used the cubit system and I loved experimenting with the different sizes. I think the pictures of the N0.5 modular storage system by Abstracta tell exactly what I mean. By showing the system in different settings and with the styling by Lotta Agaton (who still can make me look at pictures just a bit longer) you really get inspired on how to use them in your own home. 

photography © Petra Bindel

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Himmee | design lamps from Finland

Some time ago I received an email from Timo Niskane who recently launched his new Finnish lighting brand and eight new products. The Himmee collecton consists of three pendant lamps formed using different shades. You can see indications of flying saucers in the lamp design. The Lento lamps have got its inspiration from the world of old UFO cartoons and toys. The result suits the Scandinavian interior perfectly.  

Filly has a  concrete cast base that is left rough to give contrast to the finished oak and metal parts and it comes in different sizes and in black and white. More lamps on the Himmee website 

pictures 1 -3 by Himmee | 2 by Susanna Vento 

Monday, May 18, 2015

IKEA X FASHION | Walter van Beirendonck cooperation

June 2016 Ikea will launch a new collection made in collaboration with some well known fashion designers, and I love to see Walter Van Beirendonck creating five prints for IKEA, which will be rolled out on a whole collection of interior design objects. I loved to learn more of his work, the Antwerp Six, and meeting him in Reykjavik where we both visited DesignMarch, shared the same hotel and bumped into eo a few times, only discovering the last night we both speak the same language. In a video released by IKEA, the Antwerp Six designer says that his textiles are based around a concept he calls Wondermooi |Flemish for "beautiful"| 

Walter:"I came up with a story about characters living in the clouds," he said, "and the sun and the moon which were very sad because there's so much going wrong in the world. They're crying and big tears are falling down and the clouds get big holes. The cloud people really start to panic, 'What's going on? Our clouds are broken! And that story, in fact, became a story with different characters and also by the end, different patterns. Every character had a very specific pattern and specific look; I used this to create different ranges of prints and fabrics."

Van Beirendonck's collection is the first in a line of collaborations with other fashion designers like Katie Eary, a London 'street wear' designer who will create a line of cushions and bedding. Martin Bergström balances between fashion, art and dance music. He is able to design something unexpected and innovative like the current Svartån collection showed in these pictures.

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