December 18, 2017

Ceramic crush and hallway inspiration from Ferm Living

When I was in Copenhagen recently I got the chance to visit the Ferm Living apartment just around the corner from my hotel. At the apartment Ferm Living presents it's most iconic pieces and new collection in a real house setting which gives you instantly many ideas on how to use the different products at home.... it even gives you an instantly growing wish list!

There were a few things that really stood out for me, ceramic in many beautiful and right on spot colours and the wall filled with 'antic' mirrors with candlelight reflecting in the mirror, the candles were all lighten, we had a nice coffee and I felt so welcome.

A new still at home
I couldn't bring anything home by then but this week I got myself a set of Sekki scented soy candles while having Christmas drinks at the Miscellaneous store downtown, the small plate is from the Hasami Porcelain collection, also available at Misc-Amsterdam and totally fits the still life I created around the object I got sent by Arno de Clercq, derfinitely someone to have a closer look at as well, find my blogpost and his work here: Bespoke objects by Arno de Clercq 

If you are curious to see the new collection by Ferm Living I would love to invite you to come over and follow me while I will be visiting the imm interiors fair in Januari, find your discount tickets and more info in my previous post 
The new Scandinavian | Trade fair tour for imm 2018 Thank you all so much for making December even more festive, I hope you all have a great time so far.

Aren't the coupled candleholders just to cute, at the apartment the small dark hallway between one of the rooms and the kitchen was magically illuminated with a couple of them. The ceramics salt yars below are part of the same Sekkie collection.

Have a look at the pictures of the apartment by Ferm Living in this foto album

pictures ©vosgesparis
December 13, 2017

The new Scandinavian | Trade fair tour for imm 2018

It has been a bit quiet on the blog over the last weeks, behind the scenes though I have been working really hard on a few major projects for 2018 at the same time. I will reveil more about all these exciting collaborations over the next few weeks, starting of today with one of the fair collaborations I have plannend for 2018.

After designing my dream space and very own stand at the Bloggers’ trend show at imm cologne earlier this year. I have been invited by imm to be part of the Bloggers' Trendshow again to share my personal design highlights and develop a Trade fair tour for the 2018 fair. 

The new Scandinavian
Every tour needs a name and I called mine 'The new Scandinavian' and selected different brands to be part of the tour, I won't reveil all in advance but I love to give you a sneak peek and by looking at the picture you might guess that MENU will be one of the brands I will be working with. 
I have been following them for years and it is one of my favourite Scandinavian brands.

So excited to see how you will like the tour and get inspired by the brands I selected, 
stay tuned for some updates, and moodboards in the coming weeks. I will be around at the fair for a few days, both to discover new design and work on the tour. I hope to see you there, scroll down for a discount code and see you in Cologne!

Imm cologne will take place from Monday 15 to Sunday 21st. The public days are from Friday, January 19 to Sunday, January 21st 2018 // Opening hours: Mon. to Sat. 9AM to 6PM // Sun 9AM to 5PM

Click here to purchase your ticket for the public weekend | friday 19 - Sunday 21st | when using the discount code ‘vosgesparis’ you will get 50% off.

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December 8, 2017

Early Christmas dinner with Iittala | Top 5 wish list for Christmas

Last year I visited Helsinki Design week and Habitare and got the opportunity to visit the studio of Alvar Aalto, a beautiful white building where we got to see lots of drawings and work by the hand of this famous Finnish designer, have a look here for a sneak peek Hello from Helsinki designweek.

Not only did he designed major public building and public homes, he also designed several functional furniture and houseware. Aalto hallmarks include a harmonious relationship with nature, his famous Savoy Vase for Iittala for example was inspired on Finnish lakes.

Alvar Aalto Collection and a Christmas dinner 
Alvar Aalto  created some of Iittala’s most iconic series and additional items inspired by Aalto and created by Pentagon Design such as steel bowls, wooden platters and votives can also be found in the Alvar Aalto Collection. Recently a new Aalto glass bowl is released in five different colours.

A very special Christmas event was organised by Iittala last month where we got to surprise a friend with a present from Iittala at an early Christmas dinner. I brought my friend Muriel who is a real design aficionado and once told me about her wish to possess a real Alvar Aalto vase, My decision of what to choose her as a gift for this special Christmas dinner was quickly made.... nothing better then being able to make a friends wish come true right. Thank you Iittala!

My Top 5 wish list for Christmas

To select the present for my friend Muriel I visited the Iittala store downtown and found a few really beautiful items that I would love to find under my own Christmas tree. I think the copper coloured glass definitely adds a warm touch to the cold December month. The green festive wreath is made by Anastasia Benko

In the picture above:
Leimu Lamp in copper and concrete
Iittala X Issey Miyake plates in dark green
Alvar Aalto vase in colour desert
- Latern candleholder in colour copper
- Nappula candleholders in dark grey

moodboard by Vosgesparis / last picture © w/ Style from our photoshoot for forestrywool
December 6, 2017

A contemporary home with contrast and character | TRNK New York

Some time ago my eye caught the beautiful daybed pictured above from the TRNK collection, I think it actually was the total image that did it for me, the beautiful colours of the daybed, and the industrial window. An image that brought me to the website of New York based TRNKI immediately fell in love with their style and have been following them on Instagram ever since. The other day when reading an article on Decor8 by my friend Allan of Bungalow5 I came across them again and it reminded me of the pictures I saved some time ago. 

The home of co-owner Tariq Dixon is located in Stuyvesant Heights, the landmark leafy section of Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighbourhood and has been shown in Rum magazine before. I think it is a great place and just like their collection shows a beautiful curated selection of furniture from both their own brand, Frama and more, art work, nice photography, amazing lamps, displayed objects and again my favourite rug from Nani Marquina. Check out their website for lots of inspiration and their carefully curated collection.

TRNK Philosophy
Our ideal home is considered, yet approachable. It’s masculine, but not trite. It feels collected, not decorated. We’ve hand-picked a unique assortment that together strike this rare balance - a contemporary home, rich with contrast and character.

pictures Courtesy TRNK
December 4, 2017

SPRDLX | Leather bags and interior goods

Looking for a new tote bag I came across SPRDLX and their collection leather goods which are an unique combination of functionality and style with a tough look. When looking at their home collection I realized I had seen their leather cushions before at Pols Potten, a store near my home.

SPRDLX was founded in 2012 by Anita Stam after falling in love with leather and the work of craftsman at Ibiza where she worked in the eighties. Both bags, cushions, poufs and smaller interior and lifestyle items are handmade in The Netherlands. SPRDLX sells ready made cushions, and on request in any other size for both private homes and horeca. The premium leather and minimalistic designs are significant for the collection.

cushions at Pols Potten

SPRDLX Alkmaar
At Alkmaar you can visit the actual SPRDLX store, a green oasis filled with the leather home collection and lots of plants, plant holders, vases, small furniture by amongst Serax, Pols Potten and more, in Amsterdam you can find their cushions at Pols Potten, more sale points at the website of  SPRDLX Scroll down for an  impression of the Alkmaar store.


Huigbrouwerstraat 5A Alkmaar

Opening hours Wednesday - Friday 11AM-6PM, Saturdays from 11AM-5PM

pictures by SPRDLX | first two pictures by vosgesparis

written in collaboration with SPRDLX