Two tables and a room – Part two

Soft hand made paper and industrial wheels Two Tables and a room …. So here are some more pictures… All space behind me I wanted to use for storage. I have lots of interior magazines. I don’t know about you but, some people throw them out after reading them once. I like to read them […]

Two tables and a room

Take a little room, a white floor, lots of white paint, some old shutters from Andalusia, a touch of Ikea and two old tables and you got a brand new work space ! I had lots of fun creating this little space. That is… after I finally took of all the old wallpaper. I live […]

waiting for the morning light

Waiting for sun, time and the morning light to make some more pictures of my new painted room… I finally decorated the room with some furniture and got a really great table to show you I got for my birthday last december. The metal box and stamp above were a present as well. Met het […]

plain white

Apart from some little old plates from my grandmother with black current and blueberry’s (what also happened to be my favorite fruits) on them. Most of my tableware is just plain white… No curves but simple shapes and sometimes a touch of black or silver…. How about you…. is colour a must for you or […]

Great finds from the post office

It does not come as a surprise to me, to see this concrete lamp I like so much in the same picture as the industrial metal rack…. And just look at those black metal window frames and all the different shades of grey. I just love everything in this picture! I am pretty sure the […]