Saint. Ouen…Puces a Paris

Still in Paris ….. my little black Moleskine of Paris in my hand (apparently we Dutch love those black note books and agenda’s)…. it has a map of the city in it and lots of space to write notes.

I had written some places I wanted to visit at the St Ouen market in it as I did not wanted to waste the little time I had in Paris walking around at markets with heavy antiques or paintings I am not interested in. St Ouen has many markets, all with little streets and shops. The one I thought would suit me best was the ‘Paul Bert Market’. Around the ‘official’ market it is full of little shops and people selling on the street. Shop owners eating and drinking together in front of their stands… an amazing and chaotic place.

The next stands were definitely my favorite on the whole Paul Bert Market…. And I am happy to share the addresses with you! You can imagine when I saw these blue metal chairs I had to have a closer look… they were in front of the stand of antique shop of ‘Les 2 font la paire’, when I complimented the owner of the shop with the beautiful furniture she asked me where I came from and she happened to be Dutch, just like me and living in Paris for 30 years already.

And so I found myself in the middle of the Paul Bert Market in front of her shop, we sat in some really comfortable chairs. We had a laugh, a tea, she told me some stories and we talked for like two hours about our lives and interests… Merci Marianne, I really enjoyed your company.

101-103 alleé 2 – Marché Paul Bert ‘Les 2 font la paire

View a the little streets at the Paul Bert

The stand next to Marianne’s (105, alleé 2 –Marché Paul Bert)

And here some more random pictures
from the Paul Bert Market